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  1. Olmed

    G3 Helmet

    I certainly understand why some will say to stay with an open face until you've gained more experience and I do not disagree but it appears you may be at the point to start considering other options. In my opinion I can actually see better with the G2 or G3 even with the lens closed because I don't have goggles that distort my vision. I've tried every goggle out there and none of them work for me in part because I wear contacts and I can't seem to find goggles that seal up on my face. Plus- the G2-G3 helmets actually have better peripheral vision than goggles. When you look peripherally with goggles you are looking at the part where they curve and distort your vision. I don't get this with the Cookie helmets. When I look to the side and actually try to see the edge of the helmet I can't see it. Even sunglasses limit your peripheral vision. I also do not like anything in front of my eyes when I come in to land which is why I flip up the lens. As for fogging - the Cookie helmets initially had a fogging problem but Cookie found a different supplier for the lens and anti-fogging treatment. Now to keep the lens from fogging you simply keep your lens clean with water (and nothing else) and the lens does not fog. As you gain time in this sport you will come to realize that many people will have very strong opinions about things especially gear. I don't doubt someone will respond to this and tell me I'm full of shit but for me, I believe the helmet I jump is as safe or safer than any open face. Be the canopy pilot you want that other guy to be. . Thank you for the sincere reply. It will add to my decision
  2. Olmed

    G3 Helmet

    maybe not for this thread? But what happens if you have a malfunction?? Fogging or any other less favorable things due to the full face helmet? Is an open face helmet an advantage when you deal with a malfunction?
  3. I think those skills have about 100% transference to skydiving. Tunnel time for skydiving is a good investment, I feel. The AFF students I've seen with tunnel time tend to do very well.
  4. The tunnel is useful to build some confidense in freefall before AFF. I have 4,5 hours with coaching and made some tunnel progression. At the same time I am still not sure how much I directly have so far been able to transfer my skills into a skydive. But I plan more tunnel time and it is great fun.
  5. It will take away some of the stress in free fall. At least it did for me. And its fun!
  6. I am very happy with my Pulse and Vector 3. Also liked very much rig from Mirage which I rented for some jumps. Pulse is predictable and not too aggressive, quite easy to pack.
  7. I truly admire the passion OP obviously has and who knows if he is a supertalent.. But Is it time that someone told him about a proper mindset instead of encouraging him to bypass "accepted" safety guidelines which are preached to everybody else learning to do this sport safely?
  8. I have about 90 jumps on a Pulse 210. Also have some jumps on Silhouette and Navigator. Not sure if I would say that Pulse even has a snivel. At least not compared to the Navigator. I think the openings are very quick but at same time soft. Had the first hard opening the other day. No injuries. Do not know what caused it. Pulse is a great canopy but it is not a racer.
  9. I was thinking about the Silhouette at first. Now I am glad that I was recommended to buy a Pulse (210). I have also tried the Silhouette for some jumps (230). Silhouette/pulse are quite similar but some how I found the Pulse more "smooth" in flight..and I did not experience the Silhouette as more reliable (my first twin came with the Silhouette and I also had my first off heading with it). But with the Pulse I also have 95% off heading openings and so far have not been able to detect why. Except from the off headings it opens great and how you expect it to, the same goes with toggle input. I am about 8 years younger than you so I was also looking for a conservative canopy. My student canopy was a Navigator 260. Good luck with choosing a first rig/canopy:)
  10. Olmed

    Aerograd kolumna

    Thanks for all the replies. Very helpful!
  11. Olmed

    Aerograd kolumna

    Anyone with experience from the 12 ft tunnel in Kolumna/Russia. Speed/force/size of tunnel; good place to get some FF coaching?
  12. Surrealism. Think I experienced similar feeling, especially the first time around when I did a static line course. My impression is that skydiving has more simplicity to it than what our expectations might be. And it is very real..but does not give too much time to think it over once you are out of that plane. With more jumps the awareness gradually increase. Other important lessons: DO what instructors say, be critical to your own skills, practice emergency procedures and take care of your gear. Perhaps tunnel time would reduce some tension in free fall..?
  13. "I'm confident, an egoist & one who advocates self-preservation & living life to the fullest". Yes..but that was before skydiving!