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  1. I jumped with Tall Paul at Skydive Sac. I flew him on more loads than I jumped with him. Paul was a great guy and will be missed. RIP.
  2. If you ever get a chance to read Devereux's book it is very good. It talks about the battle and his time in Japanese captivity, 44 months. Had Cunningham not ordered Devereux to surrender there would have been a lot more blood spilled. Yes the Marines would have inflicted greater loss upon the enemy. They already had a huge score. VMF-211's four operational Wildcats gave the enemy quite a licking. The shore batteries and AA guns also devastated the enemy. On the enemy's second invasion the Marines also made the invading troops pay for the land they took. This place is holey ground for me. I've also been to Midway, Iwo Jima, stationed in Okinawa and was briefly on Corrigidor. I just got back from a SCUBA dive a moment ago. I brought my Hawaiian sling spear with me. The visibility was crap and the only fish I saw worth doing about was a Barracuda something like 50 ft below me as I was already at 90 feet, well be better hunting next time. Also we have grouper and ulua when you can get a shot off.
  3. No indigenous population here. The population is made up of contractors and USAF personnel. Yep, we are out in the middle of nowhere.
  4. Absolutely. Personally I have found a .30-06 casing, a .50 casing and a .50 slug and a blade to a propeller in the lagoon. There is also a wing of some large airplane in the lagoon. Recently a 16" or other large round was discovered and an EOD team have been dispatched to see if it safe or not. In the last few years several bits of human remains have been unearthed...there is speculation they are part of the 98 murdered by the Japanese in October 1943. There is a lot of cool history out here.
  5. My rig is sitting in a box in storage... When I get back it will require a major inspection and repack. Blah.
  6. Hey Folks. Its been awhile since I sat 'round the bonfire. Brought a case of Sierra, its over there... I'm at Wake Island, haven't jumped in seven months and its starting to get to me. I SCUBA out here, but we just go out swim around and that is about it. Kinda miss the skydiving family, especially after being around the military and corporate business people. I work for a contracting company to the Air Force. It is all about contract deliverable products. Government inspections of our operation. The people here are always at each others throats, he did she did, he did not, etc. I do my job, my boss does his, our section, the Air Field had no answerable discrepancies on our most recent government report, ZERO. However people with several write ups want to try to tell us how to do our job and then get upset when we call their hand on it. I sort of miss the days of working in the skydiving industry. After the day was done. We drank beer, watched each others awesomeness or follies on the TV, ate pizza and generally had a good time. I've got 5 months left on my tour here. Thinking of blue skies and what in the heck do I want to do when my time is over here...
  7. Howdy. Its been awhile since I visited this forum. I am sitting out on a remote island dreaming of working in the skydiving industry. I worked their before and by circumstance I ended up here. I am not really current in a lot of my ratings or experience. So far I have accumulated~ 300 jumps, with an expired coach rating. A Commercial pilot ticket with 750 hours, 400 flying in a 206. A rigger's ticket a guard crew chief on C-130s and just finished bachelor degree. I can do most things at a dropzone. The job I have now is good, I am a ramp supervisor for an Air Force contractor, it is just out in the middle of nowhere and I miss the dropzone. I wonder if working at one is a viable choice. Cheers!
  8. Some of us aren't math inclined.
  9. Got rid of that thing like a bad canopy. Too much crap going on right now to effectively concentrate on a college algebra. I did that so I can concentrate on my two other classes.
  10. So what you are telling me is PISA is supporting PISA canopies? I thought they were not in the business any more.
  11. Who supports PISA canopies? I read on here Aerodyne did, so I call aerodyne up and ask the question and they respond like I was try violate their dog! Rude! I told the individual I know Aerodyne merged/bought out/ acquired PISA, and was informed they support their canopies, but no... Does anyone have any suggestions? I have a Hornet 170 that needs a reline soon
  12. Anyone know of a SL/IAD rating course in the next couple of months on the lower west coast? Hoping to get this for employment this up coming season.
  13. Since I started flying jumpers, I've made very little progress as a skydiver. Just did a hop and pop out of a 206...just trying to stay current...
  14. I am a poor jump pilot, trying to become a ramen eating CFI...well, already ramen eating, just trying to become a CFI (Flight instructor). :) Racer! "Because it works" lol
  15. I agree you should be banned, south park is the no holds bar truth that is wrong with our society, covered by the first admendment, paid for in blood.