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  2. thanks i might need to make a trip to tennesse. hope i find one a bit closer lol. now shes all giddy
  3. does anyone know of a dz that will tandem a 16 yo. it baby girls 16 birthday soon and shes been bugging me for years for a tandem we live in south east tx and shes making me ask around running me nutts thanks for your help.
  4. shouldn't dropzone have a member search so you can find jumpers in your area and contact them if they allow it.so we can get more jumpers to your local dropzones and newbies can get info about local dropzones
  5. thanks popsjumper, just an update iam still waiting weather has been crapy on the weekends here. and we are at a temporary dz since hurricane ike took out the normal dz and the planes. so it all has to be right because there ferrying a plane from houston to make our jumps until the planes and the hangers repaired. supose to be in full swing in a month heck might half to wait that long lol. well at least ill have enogh money to start buying my own gear when all is said and done.