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  1. Once you get off of student status make friends with other licensed jumpers that have cameras. Their videos will be much more useful to you than your POV. Oh, and go jump more.
  2. What part of NJ are you in? I believe CrossKeys is open on the weekends right now. In fact, I just looked at a facebook post and one of their staff members posted on 3 Jan that they will be closed on Tuesdays and Wednesdays.
  3. I just wish they'd make one big enough to fit my Sabre 190 and a 190ish sized reserve.
  4. I'm not saying the verging degrees of politeness were OK or not, but I assume some may not have been polite because similar questions are posted on a regular basis. People come here and post similar questions without searching to see if it has been covered or not. I'm sure they get tired of answering the same questions over and over. Get the outside video, forget about getting your own camera (the footage won't be that good anyways), and most importantly, enjoy your jump.
  5. Scotty, I'm not trying to argue here either. If you look at my profile you will see that I am not yet able to fly any WS yet so I would defer to your experience. If you think the Swift should not be used in FFCs then you should try to convince Squirrel to change their product literature instead of arguing with everyone here as to what a "beginner" is or is not. Again, not trying to start an argument here. Hell, I am sure I would enjoy discussing which WS would be best for me over a beer sometime. Tim
  6. "Although its primary purpose is to be a beginner suit for talented new wingsuit flyers in the skydive and BASE environment, its capabilities are not limited to beginner flying." This is the second sentence in the first paragraph on the Squirrel Swift page.
  7. I live in PA and work in NJ. I don't really have a home DZ since where I learned shut down last year. Crosskeys is closest to my house and work, but most of my friends jump elsewhere so I generally bounce between Crosskeys, Maytown (PA), and Sky's the Limit (PA).
  8. A "great addition" to a failed exit thread should include a video that actually shows the failed exits.
  9. Talk to your instructors and listen to their advice for now.
  10. Have you tried to contact Crye Precision and ask them if they have any EU vendors?
  11. You're barely causing a blip on the mods radar by doing juvenile stuff like this, but it is an annoyance for the rest of us. If you have a problem create a new thread instead of doing crap like this.
  12. I'm glad you had great customer service with Contour. I had the exact opposite with GoPro. During a deployment my copilot was setting up my camera with the suction cup mount when one of the large knobs fell off and couldn't be found. Since they don't sell the knob itself on their site I contacted their CS department inquiring how to buy a replacement knob. I was informed that I would have to buy a new mount since they don't sell the knobs individually. I'm thinking my next camera may be a Contour.
  13. Boomer10

    iFly Dubai

    Adam, Thanks for the info. I was able to spend 8 minutes in the tunnel today. As luck would have it, I did have the black guy as my instructor (I'm terrible with names so I forgot his shortly after I got in the tunnel).