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  1. I really can't help you with the specific problems you list here, but one thing I can suggest for any new Mac user is to take the time to run through "Mac 101" and "Switch 101." You can find both tutorials at the bottom of the support home page. Mac 101 is just that, a basic intro. Switch 101 is an "I can do this on my PC, how do I do it on my Mac" tutorial. These aren't going to help you at the level you are trying to work with video editing, etc., but it will help keep all the little frustrations (like taking a screen grab) from building up and frustrating you even more. Killing threads since 2004.
  2. Hopefully a quick and easy to answer question for some of you Excel folks. I created several drop down boxes in Excel that point to a list on a different sheet in the same workbook. I can click the box and choose an entry, but I would like to be able to tab across the row, begin typing the name and have it select from the list depending on what I am typing. I've run a blank in searching as I can't figure out how to phrase what I'm trying to do without Google showing me every page that mentions Excel. Please lead me in the right direction oh wise ones! Thanks! Jason Killing threads since 2004.
  3. They are pretty cool until they chew their way into your attic and eventually chew through the ceiling above the bed your visiting grandmother is staying in and fall directly on top of her. That was not a happy grandma! Was my parent's place. Now my mom keeps a low power bb gun in the kitchen that looks out the back and shoots them off the fence, etc. Only enough power to sting them, but they seem to learn. They have one or two a day show up now vs. piles of them all around at all times. Killing threads since 2004.
  4. Geeeze Louise! People need to freakin relax a little! This thread quickly turned into exactly what this rally was supposed to be about. Correct me if I'm wrong, but my understanding is it's whole purpose was to make fun of the people that can hardly get a full sentence out of their mouth without jumping into obscenely partisan view points about everything. I just can't understand people that appear to exist for the sole purpose of arguing. I don't understand how that can lead to a happy existence. For the love of...crack a beer amongst friends and ask if anyone has a good fart joke. Killing threads since 2004.
  5. When I lived in NYC I had a co-worker from Cincinnati that was as diehard as they get. For every opening day of a Cincinnati sports team he would invite all the folks with a connection to the town over and have Skyline and Graeters, etc. Always a good time. On my last day he gave me 3 pints of peanut butter chocolate chip (which he knew was my favorite) and I forgot it in the freakin freezer at the office. It's a little pricey to order a dozen pints on my own, so alas, I've never had it since. Killing threads since 2004.
  6. Jean Valjean Killing threads since 2004.
  7. Couldn't... taste... difference. I think you meant to say Blue Bell Blue Bell and Graeters are barely the same product, so it's hard to compare. I LOVE Blue Bell and would pick it over any other mass produced ice cream. Graeters is on a whole different level though. Mmmm...Peanut Butter Chocolate "Chip" Killing threads since 2004.
  8. Another one here that thought he meant Skyline Chili. I went to UC for college. I thought it was horrible for as long as I was comparing it to what I knew as chili, however, once I just took it for what it was I really started loving it. Killing threads since 2004.
  9. Yup, the epitome of "code brown." We ran call a few months back. The guy was in his bed, full rigor, but something was definitely off as the lividity and body position weren't right for someone that died in bed. Apparently he had vagaled himself down on the toilet. His friend found him obviously dead but moved him to the bedroom before he called because he was afraid of the embarrassment of everyone knowing what happened. The tell tale sign was the toilet ring still on his ass. Killing threads since 2004.
  10. I'm pretty sure he was talking about playing dominoes. Definitely. Killing threads since 2004.
  11. Who doesn't like a little sunshine on the junk once in a while? Killing threads since 2004.
  12. Nope, no coverage of the sort. OtterBox specifically states that they do not make such coverage, and I don't know about Apple, but I can't imagine they would. In my case, I had called them to initiate a $200 replacement via AppleCare. The first person I talked to took all of my information. They needed a $600 hold on a credit card until they received the damaged phone back. My card didn't go through because of some kind of fraud alert on it I wasn't aware of. After figuring out the card problem I called back the next day to give them my card number but talked to a different guy. He had everything the previous guy had written but asked me to repeat what had happened. He said that he'd worked at Apple for 10 or 15 years and had never heard of someone replacing one of their products because it had been run over by an ambulance. He put me on hold a minute and then forwarded me to a manager. That manager asked me to repeat everything again and then he forwarded me on to someone else. I was getting pissed...all I wanted to do was pay for the new phone and get off the phone. The third guy put me on hold for 10 minutes and eventually came back and asked me to send him a few pictures of the damaged phone (and specifically of the lack of damage to the phone other than the screen). I did so and 15 minutes later he called me back, took my credit card number for the $600 hold and told me that I would have a new phone the next morning free of charge and that the $600 would credit back as soon as they received the damaged phone. I can only assume they made the offer only because my damaged phone likely needed just a screen, but who knows. I sure wouldn't want to be the guy getting a refurb phone that had been run over by 3 or 4 vehicles, including the rear dualies of an ambulance. Killing threads since 2004.
  13. I "lost" mine a few months ago. Looked everywhere, backtracking my day. Finally ended up at the mechanic's shop. Apparently it had been sitting between my legs in the passenger seat of the ambulance when my partner dropped me off to pick up my Jeep. I stepped out and the phone ended up on the ground. The ambulance ran over the phone at the edge of the parking lot and bounced it out to the street. According to the guy working outside across the street he saw/heard something get run over by two or three more vehicles before my mechanic walked out to see what was getting run over. It was an iphone in an otter box. When I drove back up an hour later he just shook his head and said "let me guess, you lost your phone?" He had taken it out of the case to see if there was a name on it. Nope. Screen shattered and I thought it was toast. Turns out it still worked, ringing, dinging with text messages, etc. The only problem was that there had been a rock on the ground under the screen when it was run over. Other than the cracked screen there wasn't a single scratch. Apple was so impressed that everything still worked that they sent me a completely free new (refurb I assume) phone to replace it and expect that they put a new screen on mine and resold it as another refurb. Needless to say, my new iphone is still in an otter box. The previous otterbox was undamaged structurally except for a divot in the plastic screen protector that made it difficult use. Killing threads since 2004.
  14. One of, if not my very favorite is The Alienist by Caleb Carr. Historical fiction based in turn of the century NYC. Serial killer loose in NYC during a period while Theodore Roosevelt was president of the police board. I LOVE the writing, and reading that for the first time got me interested in Roosevelt. After starting to read more about him I realized just how historically based much of the book was. I have since read into several other figures mentioned and really gained interest in that period of history. There is a sequel called Angel of Darkness. Killing threads since 2004.
  15. If you like Tom Clancy, how about Ted Bell? Someone just gave me one a couple weeks ago and I'm working on a second one now. I too love Clancy and have been happy with Bell so far. Killing threads since 2004.
  16. FlyingJ

    Pandora One

    Can you define a "skip" for a non-Pandora user? Killing threads since 2004.
  17. Hahaha...Nope, I got your reference. I replied to you, but I was referring back to the hanging of predator cutouts, etc. I definitely think the work to meat ratio would be slightly less than desirable. Killing threads since 2004.
  18. Hola chica... This stuff is completely foreign to me, and this might be more $$$ than you want to spend, but I know someone that used this system and was happy with it. He even got to see the beginnings of his office burning down from the inside after an electrical wiring issue started a fire. Killing threads since 2004.
  19. If it is a potassium/sodium issue, give V8 a shot. I sweat like nobody I've ever met and on fire assignments got in the habit of carrying a handful of the small (4oz maybe?) cans of V8. They don't weight much and they contain a PILE of sodium and potassium. On a daily basis it probably isn't the kind of sodium intake you want to be getting, but it's a different story when it's a matter of keeping your body in equilibrium. Hypertension runs in my family and as a rule I work hard to limit unnecessary salt intake. That said, every doc I've talked to has said it's all about moderation and getting it when you need it and avoiding it when you don't. One of the things I like most about it is how much you get in such a small quantity of drink. I never stop drinking water, but for me to keep up with what I'm losing I have to drink an uncomfortable (sloshing in the belly and peeing constantly kind of uncomfortable) amount of water. It's nice to take a couple shots of V8 and much of the same result as a much larger bottle of something else. Killing threads since 2004.
  20. I had two different Blue Cross Blue Shield policies when I was jumping and neither of them excluded skydiving. Make sure not to just assume you'll play the fraud card and say "I fell off a ladder." I'm pretty sure when the helicopter comes and picks you up their report (and their bill) is going to mention more than falling off a ladder. Killing threads since 2004.
  21. Unfortunately we are very limited in the type of stuff we can hang or post around as we have a frequently used helipad immediately behind the station and any type of potential debris is a big no no. That said, we've tried a few more options, including hanging some shiny stuff, and they still manage to find their way in. Of the 30 or so we had in there the other day though it seems about half either found their way out or died and never made it to the ground where we could find them. I hope they managed to get out vs. the latter. I'm not sure if there is something different about the migration this year but we've seen an increase in how many have found their way in compared to prior years. Unfortunately I think it might have something to do with a new truck we received that has a LOT more red on it than our other trucks. That said, in the last week it seems we are finding a smaller percentage dead on the floor, so like above, some are either finding their way out or they are dying in a more stealthy manner. I'm surprised we even see any birds over our way with how many hundreds of feeders (maybe even a thousand or more) folks have up in the RV resort behind the station. If only the birds knew how much tastier those feeders are compared to the red paint on a truck! Killing threads since 2004.
  22. Unfortunately capital improvements are out as any expenses would be out of individuals pockets and I don't believe it's a big enough issue for anyone to be ponying up enough change for that. Keep in mind we are talking about thousands of square feet of space and 10 bay doors (5 front and back). The ceiling is 20-30 feet high. Occasionally when one has made it to the ground we have moved it but everyone I know of has died from either exhaustion or starvation (which can apparently happen in as little as an hour or two of constant freaking out without any food). I'll be honest. This really isn't my thing. I'm all for Darwin, etc., but I'm tired of people constantly whining about all the dead birds but not doing anything about it. I thought I'd come here and see what messed up advice the dotcommers might come up with! We frequently get larger birds stuck in here too. That is usually solved with nerf guns. One good hit with the soft dart usually stuns them just enough to be able to pick them up and move them outside. Those always get back up and fly away! For the person that asked...the birds don't usually cause much of a sanitation/stink issue. They are so small they dry out pretty quickly. Lots tend to die in our wash bay though which is always damp and the ones in there do tend to stink a bit if they aren't found promptly. Hmmm...thinking of the wash bay. I'm wondering if spraying the pressure washer up at the ceiling would force them down to the ground. That high up it would only be a strong mist hitting them. Wonder if it would weight them down to the point of landing. That will have to wait until tomorrow morning when all of the trucks are pulled out to wash. Will update then! Killing threads since 2004.
  23. I read an article a couple months back about some group (a major producer or studio of some sort) that had just signed on to allow their movies to play. It was supposed to be some HUGE addition to the netflix library, especially the instant viewing. Can't remember the specifics, but I'm sure as more studios see netflix as the future we'll start seeing more movies/shows sooner. Killing threads since 2004.
  24. Good luck if the occupants were heavy smokers, especially if you are really sensitive to the smell. Of course the carpet, but even the drywall, etc. can retain the smell. I have an extremely sensitive nose and have run into the same problem. The first time or two I just found a different place. Once I talked the place into a first month trial period before signing and found that nothing they had done worked, including replacing the carpet. Killing threads since 2004.