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  1. Well now you great big UBBER CONSERVATIVE MACHO man.. get down to the border and PROTECT US okay libs , word association , ink , get it wrong , and you're racist...
  2. my shirt says...
  3. i find it bizarre that when a lib get's caught red handed in bigotry, it's inoperative, and a conservatives fault !
  4. at dz friday , reserve still not packed . couldn't bring myself to use the rental gear. at dz saturday , got rig back with reserve packed around 2pm . about the time the duggars showed up. had to fly the beech . michelle , and her daughter who just turned 18 , TM's , videos , and onboard video. needless to say no jumps saturday . at home sunday vegging , could have jumped if i got motivated ! 0 . 0 . 0
  5. they're piled up under my bed. now libs , FOCUS , not border security , OTM's !
  6. excellent article , 1mil viewers , Anemic , 250k target group , apalling !
  7. i'm not so scared , according to some the underneath of my bed is overflowing , so there's no room for any more , besides , Texas is considering adopting Arizona law !
  8. Dont think I missed it You just got called on it and you dont like it now the point is repeal...
  9. i just find it bizarre that when a lib get's caught red handed in bigotry , it's inoperative , and a conservatives fault !
  10. You say that like it's a bad thing. sex offenders will do this job for free !
  11. a lawyer , a banker , and a doctor fall off of a cruise ship , the banker, and doctor get eaten by sharks , why not the lawyer ?
  12. it's bonus time...
  13. Don't forget, according to you in another thread, if they do not speak English they can not be trusted. they cannot be trusted , AND they're under beds ! ________________________________ "1981 to 1988 is 7 years"-Kallend (oops, it's actually 8 years Kallend) The decade of the 80's was from 1980 to 1989. 10 years. If you remove 1980 and 1989 you have 1981 to 1988. 8 years.
  14. I believe Darius was granted his citizenship here in the US a couple years ago. So "his country" is the US. Just because you are a citizen of the US doesn't make it "Your Country" Here is a perfect example. WOW... just wow. i know , you liked her outfit ! but is islam being twisted...
  15. Boxers or briefs? let's ask an incompetent appointee of an incompetent administration , janet neopolitano...