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  1. that looks like a 26' navy conical. they were made with the closed apex. i used to have a 24 ' reserve that a previous owner had prifessionally dyed FUSCHIA. it survived several openings at terminal.
  2. i use my molar strap as a belt. that way if my pants fall down i know i left it in a rig. LOL
  3. there is one on ebay rite now tho it has a 6'' dia top, not the 9''
  4. at a Mid Eastern Parachute Association meet in the early 70's... Al Itenson cutaway his malfunctioning Para Plane Cloud(1 + 1/2 shot capewells)deploying 26 ft lo po reserve hung up on one of the open releases.Al grabbed his hook knife and hastily hacked thru the radial seam+tape where it was hung up. reserve opened ,LOW with tons of line twists. lived to jump another day.
  5. " its soooooooooo boring!"... thats why i LOVE NHRA NITRO TOP FUEL and NITRO FUNNY CAR!
  6. it DOES indeed happen. i studied the phenomenon in some detail back in the mid 70's as it pertained to static line direct bag deployments. Manley Butler studied it in great detail including wind tunnel tests done for Para flite around 1982.the result of his work was the invention of the safety stow which was designed by Manley/ Para flite and released to the industry.his work was the result of a fatality involving a ram air reserve bag strip. at the time reserve free bag locking stows were held with "O" rings made of Buna N compound
  7. as i recall , Lyle Cameron reviewed it in skydiver magazine and said to" save your money and buy a connector link screw.''
  8. interesting picture. is that a nomex/pbi fabric wrap around the leg?
  9. ever see the ones that Steve Snyder Enterprises sold"back in the day"?any opinions on them?
  10. thanks for sharing your eyewitness account. i posted a published account from(i believe) bill ottley that was in either parachutist or the MEPA newsletter.tho i knew Mac Macgraw, i never asked him because i figured that it was probably a too painful event that he would rather not relive. we lost Mac in 2008 after an emergency landing(helicopter).as he exited the damaged helo, the skid collapsed and he was killed by the rotor.
  11. Walt Santman rocked! i remember him from my days at Ripcord. R.I.P.
  12. how about some used colostomy bags left around his room? i can supply all you need.
  13. as i recall, poynter had removed the tensionometer.
  14. odd that you should mention this today.Ray Kirst, former para flite test jumper, died on march 12 1978 trying the nose deployment streamered, he played with it trying to get it open and he lost altitude awareness . pulled his round reserve (without cutaway)at approx 200 ft which appears that he may have fought even after the entanglement as one of his R3"s was released
  15. Ahh the teenage years. i remember mine mom used to chase us with a loaded gun when we misbehaved.(true)
  16. that is the picture i took for snyder for the cover of the para plane manual. it is Dick Morgan ,snyders para flite partner taken on labor day 1970. copyright 1970 charles mack
  17. how much of a distraction were the lights in freefall? and what other jumpers were in the movie?
  18. aside from the lighted jumpsuits,how did they light you guys up in freefall?did they use a Kreig light?
  19. i use to work with Cary at Air Affair in cal city. any updates?
  20. what is the history of The Flying Elvis's?any of them post here?