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  1. has anyone looked on for photos of the area from back in the day?mite help
  2. so i guess we can call you hot dog because you are on a roll?LOL
  3. 377 , i doubt that there would be much nylon left after all these years, but possible. i would be looking for any metal parachute hardeware, pack stiffeners(the nb6 has TONS of metal stiffeners in it in its stock form) locking cones etc. also when cossey packed it, did he pack it with a kicker plate for the pilotchute? if he did then that is one artifact that could be found if he did get the rig open(it would have been freed upon pulling the ripcord and would have come down independent of where cooper landed. also the nb6 /nb8 ripcord is somewhat different from a b4/b12.while they are both trapezoid shaped handles, the nb6/nb8 ripcord has an extra piece of tubing that sort of runs diagonally across the handle.
  4. Sluggo, i assume by "went in " you mean as in a no pull?(thats what it means to us jumper types)
  5. send her to me. i will turn her out. always need another HO for my stable LOL seriously tho, did she actually leave? good for you , putting your foot down
  6. jerry is a great photographer.known him for MANY years.
  7. okay, so cossey identified itas a pilotchute. the nb6/nb8 has a very distinctive pilotchute(if the container was stock,not modified)so if it was a pilotchute, was it an nb6/nb8 pilotchute?did cossey get to see it?
  8. i wish we could get cossey on this forum.
  9. Pound your round, and flare your square!
  10. what year was this found? it does look somwhat like ripstop nylon as to the multiple "pulls (or runs)" in the fabric adjacent t where it was ripped away from whatever it was.also is that LONG piece that goes to the ground a piece of seam?
  11. i agree with 377. but if i recall , the canopy cossey supplied in the nb6 was unmodified(?). if that is the case, the canopy will oscillate quite a bit. and that could could affect rate of could even change the direction the canopy is drifting in to some degree(mostly in VERY lite to no wind conditions)
  12. when Duane was in the navy, was he ever stationed at lakehurst nj? the navy parachute rigger school was there and one of the requirements for graduation is each candidate must make a jump witha parachute that they themselves had packed. THIS would most definitely put Duane in a parachute and at rather high speeds (exiting from the RD4D aircraft) there are pictures at in Lee guilfoyle's photostream taht show some people and exits from that aircraft for thr rigger could also account for why the NB6 was chosen , since a navy parachute rigger most definitely would be familiar with it.
  13. looks like a building of some sort to me.
  14. we stopped Pete 1 less time than he actually misrouted it.
  15. MAD DOG-WHALE-SOSS photo did anyone else happen to note that the jumper on the left does NOT have his bellyband(with pilotchute)buckled,and that both are flappin in the breeze??
  16. WOW. i grew up at snyders dz in jersey. Jerry was one of the first guys i remember from there. GREAT bother and i used to get rides in that old STINSON MULE when we were like 10 . two open doors! and no parachutes...
  17. those are deep V rings, which are used on the navy NB6/NB8. HMMMMM pioneer used them as the attachment point for the reserve on the super pro i cant scan a pic of them ,but they are on the paragear website # H425 triangle ring
  18. the nb6/nb8 harness does not have a normal type chest strap,like todays rigs(straight across the chest)but rather a piece of webbing that comes from the buckle(there is NO canopy release on an nb6/nb8 harness)at the shoulder then runs at a 45 degree downward angle to either a v ring or a quick ejector snap,then reverses direction and continues at a 45 degree downward angle the the main lift web near theleg strap.if i recall it then becomes one of the back straps. when both sides are hooked up it looks like an X across your chest.BUT all this is a moot point because the rig could have had a b4/b12 harness on it. only cossey would know for sure.
  19. didnt the top secret also have the pack closure problem tho?
  20. OMG i thought everything related to the R&J"classiflier" was burned (or should have been!) countless stories of jumpers pulling the reserve and NOTHING!in one case (at united i think) the jumper actually reached around his back groping trying to open the reserve and ended up with the kicker plate in his hand!
  21. guru, you are thinking of snyders Valley Forge Skydivers in (of course) Valley Forge pa.when he closed that up (its now the valley forge country club)he moved the operation to lumberton nj circa 1962 i remember cause i lived rite next door to the airport.
  22. you are thinking of woodbine maryland. guru owned the dz at woodbine nj
  23. actually i think its from the wonderhog manual,could be wrong tho,dead brain cells ,ya know?