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  1. ripper0289

    The shakes

    Thanks guys, I guess I just needed someone else to tell me that. Nobody I hang around with on a regular basis has ever jumped, so their advice usually consists of that perplexed look. I like the just hang out idea. Time to get a cooler full of adult beverages and just enjoy the scenery and company again. You guys are the best.
  2. ripper0289

    The shakes

    It's been so long since I've gone skydiving, every time I even think about it, all I can see is myself getting hurt or worse. I suppose it doesn't help that much that my family has had quite a few deaths recently, natural causes, illness, etc. Has this ever happened to anyone else? I'm worried that I'll never get the nerve to take the plunge again. I still have all my stuff, what little of it there was. Helmet, alti, good gloves, log book. I really miss my friends who probably don't even remember what I look like anymore. I still wear my closing pin necklace every so often, and I still want to call myself a skydiver, I just can't get over the fear.
  3. ripper0289

    The ground Goblin!

    I feel your pain, my last jump was in October. I've been reading the hell outa the SIM, I'm waiting for my copy of Fly Like A Pro to arrive, and have been drinking many fine adult beverages. Winter can suck it!
  4. ripper0289

    Arm dislocation in freefall

    My best advice would be to talk to your doc and get a referral to an orthopedic doctor, some people do suffer from recurrent shoulder dislocations, and there is a possibility of suffering nerve damage from a dislocation. A good orthopod might be able to help with some exercises to strengthen the supporting structures around your shoulder to minimize the risk of this happening again. (IMHO, of course
  5. ripper0289

    Isn't it time you went in?

    I agree, statistics aren't cumulative.
  6. ripper0289

    230 - 210 difference...

    Sounds a little familiar to me. My first jump was a 260 sq ft canopy, then I got downsized to a 230, the only way I knew was by looking at my logbook. I went from a wing loading of ~0.77 to a wing loading of 0.87.
  7. ripper0289

    aerial views

    Skydive Pa.
  8. ripper0289

    Stupid Student tricks....

    Always two there are. No more, no less. A master and an apprentice.~Yoda
  9. The only thing I worry about is annoying people with my constant questions. None of my whuffo friends will even consider jumping out of an airplane, so I can regale them with tales of my all-too-few AFF experiences, and they're still impressed. Seriously, walking away from a landing is enough for me, the only people I want to prove anything to is my JM's, prove that I can be an attentive student and learn from their experience.
  10. ripper0289

    AFF 5 and 6

    I'm sooo jealous, both of the weather and the landing! Congratulations are in order!
  11. ripper0289

    Good Full Faced Helmets?

    I wish I would have thought about the Bonehead before I went ahead and bought my Z-1, really stinks not being able to wear my glasses, but other than that, I love my helmet. Now I only need to find a good artist to airbrush it.
  12. ripper0289

    Your ambition?

    Stay safe, do a HALO jump, and of course, get good enough to be a professional skydiver and ditch my current job
  13. ripper0289

    NEVER JUMPED A 182?!??!?!?!

    I only have six jumps so far, five from a KingAir 99, one from a C-182, I loved the Cessna jump, something about standing out there was just too cool not to love.
  14. ripper0289

    Student skydiver and the winter weather

    Ok all, I have a question. I live in Pennsylvania and the winter is rolling through here. I jump from Skydive PA, I'm still an AFF student, and my question is this: If I make a roadtrip to a DZ, do you think that they'll let me jump at my level? Will I have to do some kind of proof jump? Edit: I have my USPA membership card.
  15. ripper0289

    Which Audible?

    I went ahead and bought a Z1 helmet after my first jump, so unless I sell it (unlikely), I'm stuck with the Skytronic, I knew when I bought it that I wouldn't have an audible for a long time, but I went ahead and got the helmet with the Skytronic option. I really hope I like it