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  1. I'm going to have to go with New England. They are just too tough. I feel the Eagles are outmatched. Pats are just that fucking good. Forty-two
  2. I have never watched South Park in my life so excuse me if I paste something everyone else has seen but I just saw this and about died laughing. Pretty hysterical. http://homepage.mac.com/sthompson/iMovieTheater13.html Forty-two
  3. Hmmmmmmmmmm. Look what I predicted in the first post of this thread back in 9-9-04. I should start charging for my advice. Forty-two
  4. Eagles go to the SB. Forty-two
  5. Horrible idea. And to Monkey's comments...women in provocative clothing has nothing to do with anything. I almost snorted beer through my nose when I read that. Forty-two
  6. BAD call by the Eagles to call a timeout. Should have let the Falcons kick the long field goal with the wind. Now the Falcons get the 1st down and have a chance at tying the game. Gonna have to make better calls than that if they want to win this game. Forty-two
  7. Vick looks extremely off. He's not in his game at all so far. Forty-two
  8. I wouldn't put him in the top 4. Forty-two
  9. Wow. That was a bad national anthem. Seems like a great kid but he butchered it. Forty-two
  10. 2 hours until kickoff. Weather conditions should be poor for both games. Workers at both stadiums shoveled and removed the tarps this morning. Forty-two
  11. Well this is it. Conference Championship weekend. I'm going to go with the Eagles (although I'll be rooting heavily for the Falcons) and Pats. You know what's funny? If you look back at my original post on this thread you'll see a little prediction I made before the season even started in regards to who would go to the Super Bowl. And guess who I predicted? You got it. Pats and Eagles. On paper the Falcons secondary matches up extremely poor against the talented Eagles passing game (even without TO). However, weather is going to be a HUGE factor. They are expecting heavy snow with a 30% chance of rain. Makes the passing game almost obsolete. The Falcons have a great running game which is crucial in poor field conditions. I, however don't see the Falcons walking into Philly and taking this (although nothing would make me more happy). Falcons do have a chance though. I do not like a rookie QB against Bilichek and the Pats. Roethlisberger looked bad against a soft Jets D. Wait till you see him against the Pats. Hell, look what NE did to the best QB in football last week. If the Pats held the most explosive offense to 3 points what do you think will happen to the Steelers? Look for a heavy dose of a ground attack by Pittsburg. Here are 2 other loose random predictions....don't hold me to these - Rich McKay will be the next commissioner of the NFL. - Moss will be in a Raiders uniform next year (this one is a stretch but I'll grow some gonads and make it). Forty-two
  12. If you're referring to the one by Roger Corman...rofl. Not even close to being a fair comparison. First off he is the king of 'B' movies. Secondly that was back in 92. You can find bootleg versions around of that. And lastly, it wasn't shelved before final edit. Didn't make it that far. Forty-two
  13. The full trailer has now posted. Here it is. Looks bad-ass. Can't wait. Oh, and not sure I believe CBS in regards to what he said about this being the second movie with the first one being scrapped because it was so bad. Maybe if he posts a link I'll believe. Forty-two
  14. I heard this gentleman on the Jim Rome show today and was blown away by his story. His life is amazing in so many aspects. Check out his website. http://www.michaelfranzese.com/main/home.aspx Forty-two
  15. I'll go with these two quotes...both from the same poster. Forty-two