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  1. What should I be doing with my snap toggles other than make sure there is no corn/grass/dirt hanging out before I stow my brakes? I've never had a problem with them, so far. I have had a lower control line break at the cats eye but the toggle stayed put. If I'm missing something please let me know. I do miss being able to put my toggles back on velcro when I am feeling lazy on those high clear and pulls.
  2. I don't think talking and driving should be a primary offense anywhere. Texting and driving, for sure. Hell I talk on the phone, e-mail (with a full size laptop in my RAM mount) when driving. Of course I'm not in a city or have any traffic close to me when I'm e-mailing (or surfing the web). If I get a work call or any other call that I may need to use a little brain power I PULL OVER. I'll make the person wait or call them back. I have a bluetooth headset, sometimes I use it, sometimes I don't. That depends on the state I'm in and if it's charged up or not. So far the only accident I've been in is when someone hit me from behind when I was sitting at a red light and I drive about 1000 miles a week for work and another 2-500 personal miles. Really it's all about risk management. What's around me? Can I talk? Can I press those keys while still looking at the road? Can I change my XM channel? Is that dumb ass going to pass me before I get to the back of that semi or will I need to slow down because THEY are not paying attention?
  3. 2007 Honda Shadow VLX Deluxe (VT600CD), wussy bike. Been riding a little over a year with about 3000 miles under me so far. Mostly to the dropzone and back.
  4. I like the velcroless risers / snap toggles that Jump Shack Makes. Toggles
  5. create a CSV file with Lat,Lon,Name,Address Easy was would be Exel then save as csv file. Get the Garmin poi loader software to convert to GPI file and load onto your device
  6. Most of those NAS devices have auto switching ports so you really should be able to use a regular cable. All of the info I got on that device said you should try http://storage but with the way I keep my network setup that would never work, I'd have to go to the IP address of the device and I'd find that by checking my router's DCHP lease table. Anyways, good luck.
  7. It's been years since I could use the spell checker with IE. Just to add on, it does not work with Windows 7 and IE 8, winxp ie6, winxp ie7, winxp ie8 on 3 or 4 different machines over the past few years. I forget about it because I use Firefox sometimes and it does work there.
  8. What all have you tried to do? I assume that you need to find out what IP your router gives the device then go to the web page and setup the unit.
  9. The next step would be to go voip. If you work it right you can get free inbound calls the only investment would be a $40 analog telephone adapter. (Grandstream HT-286) Look at Gizmo5, SipGate, Inphonex, IPkall, MagicJack,, and things like that. Example, I have a Gizmo5 account attached to an ipkall number (425 area code) that is my Fax line. I have a Sipgate account attached to a sipgate one number (415 area code) that my Magic jack (614 area code) number is forwarded to. Result, Free inbound calls and faxes, outbound for a pretty cheap rate when I use outbound. But I'm a geek and have a free software based IP-PBX installed at home, softphones on our laptops and the ATA at home running all of the phones.
  10. Ok, back in 2003 BEFORE I started jumping I did an internet search for skydiving and one of the first links that came up was for a skyride website. I looked at it and even thought about calling them but I did a little more research and found that the 2 (at the time) local skydiving centers offered a MUCH cheaper rate and BOTH had a warning about Skyride posted. Since I've been jumping (and traveling) quite a bit I've gotten Ad's from my different hotel programs about using points for things like skydiving, airplane rides, ballons, stock cars, rafting and such. It seems to me that anyone that looks can find a better deal (and see the complaints about skyride). Personally, my work keeps me pretty busy, then I'm beat when I get off so the chances of me jumping out of town are pretty slim BUT I would pick the next closest DZ that did not take skyride GC's just because I see that they maybe could have taken me for more money than I should have paid for my first jump. I have heard stories of people showing up at a dropzone that did NOT take skyride GC's, the DZO told them about Skyride, then actually gave the person a free tandem. There are lazy (or dumb) people out there that will always click on the first link, or maybe it's easier to call a 800 number, the people that run skyride know that but they could have taken a few minutes and used their own pictures and maybe posted locations. (one of the reasons that I did not use them. I want to know where I'm going and check a place out BEFORE I spend my money.) Everyone else, I know that there is SOOO much more to it than that, BUT, that was my story.
  11. I just wanted to say that metadata is useless (sometimes). For example, my company uses Microsoft Sharepoint Services and no matter what I put in the metadata or just whatever the camera information is, is GONE after I upload the images to the server. I never looked into it, maybe it's the program or maybe it's just a setting in the program but that data is removed after upload. BTW, we use Microsoft Picture Manager to upload the images, so maybe IT removes that data when it resizes the image for web? Regardless, I think my point still stands.
  12. pwln

    Adult films

    Yeah, The story line is the part everyone fast forwards.
  13. I've taken my rig as a carry on on pretty much all of the smaller aircraft in the US. ERJ's CRJ,s Saab 340 Dash 8 (DHC-8) and a few others that I don't remember what they were. The only problem I've had is the past few weeks I've had so much crap crammed into my laptop bag that it would not fit overhead. Usually I put my rig under my seat and my laptop in the overhead. It is tight when you put the rig under the seat in front of you but for some reason I like it better there.