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  1. Has anyone out there used this? I am going to be doing handcam this summer and I need to get a good mount for the go pro, so I am looking for opinions before I order one.
  2. I had to send my 8 year old, 2000+ jumps, protrack to L&B for repairs... it was turning itself off in the plane... and I just received a replacement... just over 1 week after I sent them the old one! Once again, there is no doubt in my mind who in the skydiving business has the best customer service... actually in any business! You guys ROCK L&B!
  3. Hey Folks! I wanted to let everyone know that the Rainbow Boogie 2006 DVD set is ready to ship! Sorry for the delay. I waited to get Nigel's footage before putting it all together. It turned out great! Lots of good skydiving, formation loads, a 10-way record and some of the funniest exits I have seen in a long time. You can order it at www.skypeople.ca/1.htm. Donna and I had a great time at the boogie and look forward to 2007! Ross
  4. I got the USPA because it makes it easier to go places in the states. Just fewer questions. And I get a pretty good magazine every month too!
  5. Sheri is getting paid for her first published article, so she owes BEER too So next year... 80way, 100way?
  6. Hey Guys, I was flying camera for the record, and Sheri packed my rig for the whole time, and I had awesome openings, and talk about quick... I only missed part of one dirt dive because one of my team's rigs wasn't quite packed in time (we were running pretty tight on that one), and I waited for it. Sheri, you rock! And the whole team of packers were great! Thank you all. The whole staff at Skydive Burnaby were great with us all week, everyone was friendly and helpful, and all of us learned a lot. Bigways are a huge team effort, and I can say this success was due to a great team effort! Special thanks go out to Guy, Bruce, TK and Jeff for all the great work organizing and coaching. Also, Tara and Mike for hosting the event. What a great facility (and the wiew isn't bad either). And one special one to Mark, for helping me learn how to fly camera on a big way! It's a lot harder than it looks! Thanks buddy!
  7. Hey Chris, I haven't had any trouble in the few places I have gone in the States, but some do require a USPA membership. Alot offer a temporary membership good for the duration of your vacation... I can talk to you more about it this weekend. Ross
  8. Thank you so much... that is exactly the kind of input I was looking for. Don't mind if I quot you?
  9. Yup, but that is covered off in the Tandem training courses. I have only taken the RWS training, and guidelines are pretty strict, so this would be to let the folks who are qualified to make those jumps, aware of the possible dangers. I was not aware of some of them until I took the training, and then started reading these forums.
  10. I am putting together a list of guidelines for our DZ with regards to safety during a Tandem for the video guys. Here is what I have so far, but I would welcome any additions from some of the well seasoned videographers. I have done mostly 4-way camera, so all input is welcome! 1. SAFETY FIRST, GET THE SHOT 2ND! 2. Stay close on exit, but not close enough that drogue entanglement is possible. 3. During drogue fall, try to stay in front and below the pair, flying on your back if possible. 4. Tandem Instructors, wave off 500 ft before deployment 5. Video guys, at wave off, back up and as they deploy, you can flip to your back to get the shot, while you are tracking away. DO NOT, under any circumstances, “pop up” to get the cool shot. This has already killed at least 1 Tandem Instructor recently. Even if you believe you are being safe, a Tandem pair can easily slide under you during deployment. Blue Skies Ross
  11. Thanks for the input.. I have been jumping since the procedure was done 6 months ago and have had no trouble with landing/timing of flare etc. If anything my vision seems better than it was wearing contacts. I will let you know what Transport Canada comes back with. Ross
  12. I had the same thing happen. Still not sure what caused the PCIT, and I wish I could say that I thought about how to react to it, but I didn't. I acted on instinct and the only EP I had practiced was red then silver, which is what I did and lived (one of the scenarios). The main deployed a fraction before the reserve, and actually entangled with the reserve PC and freebag! Looked more like a skyhook deployment. The scenario was first jump of the year in February in Canada (a little cold), hop & pop from 3,500, 5 second delay and rock solid stable when I deployed. Did I do the right thing.. hmm... I'm alive... would I be if I hadn't cutaway first... hmm... not sure and will never know. Sure wish I had video! Ross
  13. I am in the process of getting my Class 3 medical done so I can take the Tandem rating course and had an interesting question come up. Six months ago I had corrective laser eye surgery and they have a procedure called "Mono Vision" where they under-correct one eye. Well, here in Canada to pass the class 3 medical you need 20-20 vision with both eyes (I have that) and no worse than 20-40 in one eye. Well, this surgery has given me 20-70 in one eye (so I can read without glasses) and 20-20 in the other. I am wondering if anyone out there has had this procedure done, and how it affected the class 3 medical? I haven't heard back from Transport Canada yet, but I am curious to know if anyone in Canada has tried to put this through, of if anyone in the States has tried through the FAA? Blue ones, Ross
  14. Is this for a Windows or Mac platform? ON Mac, I started with iMovie and am now playing with Final Cut Express. iMovie is really easy and comes with every Mac. Burning a DVD is done with iDVD, also free with any Mac. Blue ones