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  1. Their Facebook page says it is due to operational requirements. I'm upset. I already had PTDY orders and a room reserved. I was looking forward to the weekend. They said maybe spring 2011 they will do something. Here's to keeping fingers crossed.
  2. Wow.. talk about in-depth. As a professional photographer I fully understand the polarized filter analogy. Thanks for the input.
  3. My experience is with HAM radio transceivers. I figured that since you can affix an external antenna to a car and plug a GPS into it (or sat radio for that fact) there could be a way to do this with an antenna for a hand-held GPS. I admit you sound much more educated than I on the matter. I was just curious. Could you explain more?
  4. I was also thinking the longer antenna would pick up the signal in thin-skinned aircraft better than the loaded antennas in the GPS housing. When they are short and wound they are less sensitive; hence the idea of adding the longwire antenna in a suit's seam.
  5. Has anyone thought of threading a thin copper braid through a seam in their jumpsuit and soldering a connector on it to plug it into a larger GPS unit (like a Garmin Vista). I'm thinking something along the seam in the sleeve with the connector right at the inside chest pocket. The long-wire antenna should provide better reception in general and solve the location problem of the GPS since the antenna is in you sleeve.
  6. I can relate to the guy. I live 2 hours from any DZ. When I was new to the sport I would hope that I could ask a question here and get some informative feedback. Of course a person has to be able to filter out the nonsense. Hopefully most jumpers are offering what they think is good advice; even if it is misguided.
  7. Would not the best answer have been: Maybe or sometimes. It all depends on your equimpent. There are a lot of different systems and the best we can say is ask your instructor. But in the meantime you can start reading the SIM about malfunctions and procedures. It will expalin a lot.
  8. It also has to do with DZ location. I used to jum in El Paso, TX and they got strong Dust Devils in the afternoon. They can collapse just about anything. It also has to do with flying styles. The more aggressive you fly your canopy the more likey it is to fold. In the end it is a factor of weather, pilot activity and parachute type/design.
  9. Again... Skydiver not Doctor. My Mom... Heart stops; gets device to keep it in rhythm.
  10. Hey, I'm a skydiver... not a doctor. Really. My mother's heart stopped when I was in H.S. and she has had a defib since then (since about 1988), what I know is her heart gets of of rhythm and the device puts it back into rhythm - PCVs or PVCs. I know pre-vascular constrictions. Now that you have chided me I remember the correct wording. I just could not remember if it was that or pre-cardiovascular constrictions. I'm hoping you mean PVC's, otherwise she might need a new device :p~
  11. Make sure you talk with your doctor about the settings. My mom has one and the Dr had it set way low. My mom kept getting the crap knocked out of her by the device. The Dr finally admitted that he saw mostly 55+ old men that sat on the sofa and drank beer - never got their heart rate up or did any kind of exercise. My mom walks a lot on the beach and the normal heart patterns were being mistaken by the defib as PCVs and hit her with the juice. Sometimes she got it more than once in an event. In the end the Dr upped the tolerance for it to deem an emergency.
  12. Velocityphoto... Obviously you did not read my posts. Go back, read them and then post a reply. Do I jump a camera? You tell me. I said if I did or didn't earlier in the thread. I also stated my view on jumping a camera.
  13. Wow... So how do you really feel about the topic?
  14. Correct me if I'm wrong, but as Douglas Spotted Eagle pointed out, camera flying is written as a recommendation in the SIM not a basic safety requirement. A jumper can wear a camera when he wants to. There are some very valid points and reasoning made by jumpers; especially Johnny Markovich’s. But in the end it is up to the DZO to approve a jumper wearing a camera helmet – regardless of 100 jumps or 1,000 jumps. And as jumpers we all have the option of getting off a load that has a jumper we feel is unsafe. Are there naturals out there that could jump a camera with sub-200 logbooks: probably. Does everyone think they are in that category: probably more intermediate jumpers than we wish over estimate their skills. Like it or not there are jumpers exceeding skills every day. Look at the causes of injury/deaths at DZs. The large portion of them is jumper error under an open canopy (hook-turns and downsizing). I wish I could jump a camera now; I’m just a little over 100 jumps. And not long ago I seriously thought about asking if I could. But the arguments to wait make sense. As a photographer and journalist the temptation is always there.
  15. How will you activate something that is inside your jumpsuit? It could be manually activated by unzipping a jumpsuit before you get close to the water and having it ready. It also has an automatic feature that if the device is sumberged in water it sets of the CO2 cartridges. I was just thinking that having it under claoting would protect it more. But the new version of the military wings looks pretty solid. And not much more expensive.