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  1. What should I be doing with my snap toggles other than make sure there is no corn/grass/dirt hanging out before I stow my brakes? I've never had a problem with them, so far. I have had a lower control line break at the cats eye but the toggle stayed put. If I'm missing something please let me know. I do miss being able to put my toggles back on velcro when I am feeling lazy on those high clear and pulls.
  2. I like the velcroless risers / snap toggles that Jump Shack Makes. Toggles
  3. It's been years since I could use the spell checker with IE. Just to add on, it does not work with Windows 7 and IE 8, winxp ie6, winxp ie7, winxp ie8 on 3 or 4 different machines over the past few years. I forget about it because I use Firefox sometimes and it does work there.
  4. Ok, back in 2003 BEFORE I started jumping I did an internet search for skydiving and one of the first links that came up was for a skyride website. I looked at it and even thought about calling them but I did a little more research and found that the 2 (at the time) local skydiving centers offered a MUCH cheaper rate and BOTH had a warning about Skyride posted. Since I've been jumping (and traveling) quite a bit I've gotten Ad's from my different hotel programs about using points for things like skydiving, airplane rides, ballons, stock cars, rafting and such. It seems to me that anyone that looks can find a better deal (and see the complaints about skyride). Personally, my work keeps me pretty busy, then I'm beat when I get off so the chances of me jumping out of town are pretty slim BUT I would pick the next closest DZ that did not take skyride GC's just because I see that they maybe could have taken me for more money than I should have paid for my first jump. I have heard stories of people showing up at a dropzone that did NOT take skyride GC's, the DZO told them about Skyride, then actually gave the person a free tandem. There are lazy (or dumb) people out there that will always click on the first link, or maybe it's easier to call a 800 number, the people that run skyride know that but they could have taken a few minutes and used their own pictures and maybe posted locations. (one of the reasons that I did not use them. I want to know where I'm going and check a place out BEFORE I spend my money.) Everyone else, I know that there is SOOO much more to it than that, BUT, that was my story.
  5. I just wanted to say that metadata is useless (sometimes). For example, my company uses Microsoft Sharepoint Services and no matter what I put in the metadata or just whatever the camera information is, is GONE after I upload the images to the server. I never looked into it, maybe it's the program or maybe it's just a setting in the program but that data is removed after upload. BTW, we use Microsoft Picture Manager to upload the images, so maybe IT removes that data when it resizes the image for web? Regardless, I think my point still stands.
  6. I've taken my rig as a carry on on pretty much all of the smaller aircraft in the US. ERJ's CRJ,s Saab 340 Dash 8 (DHC-8) and a few others that I don't remember what they were. The only problem I've had is the past few weeks I've had so much crap crammed into my laptop bag that it would not fit overhead. Usually I put my rig under my seat and my laptop in the overhead. It is tight when you put the rig under the seat in front of you but for some reason I like it better there.
  7. There are already vests out there for Horses and motorcycles. I wonder how high you would bounce with this guys suit? Here is a link to the horse/motorcycle vest web site. It's one of many.
  8. When my gear is not in my locker at the DZ, I have it in the gear bag and strap it to the back seat on my bike. I have worn the gear bag on my bike but I get tired pretty fast that way. Just like anything make sure it's not going to move around and you will be fine. I ride a 07 VT600CD (Honda Shadow VLX Deluxe). Last Saturday sucked pretty good with that 30+mph crosswind the whole way to the DZ.
  9. I've had this happen a few times and I've always told them it will fit under my seat just fine, it is a little tight but it does fit, just does not give me crap for leg room.
  10. I DO have a gear bag, and it is ALWAYS with me, but to answer your question, I'd rent a car and drive it. If I fly somewhere, more than likely my company made me. If it was a personal trip I would rebook with another airline at a different section of the airport or different airport all together. I know that they cannot show me their manual or procedures, but I've made them look/call others until someone ended up saying it was ok. Mind you the rig NEVER left the gear bag. I just very nicely ask them to keep looking or call someone that knows what is going on. I get paid by the hour, so I'm in no hurry. There have been new procedures put in place since the date on the letter that most of us use, but after 30-40 minutes looking at their book, they usually find something that makes it ok. Then they tell me that they are sorry for the delay and I tell them no big deal that is why I am here so early, better safe than sorry. and I thank them for taking the time to look it up (even if I had to push the issue.) I'm glad that I try not to fly very often.
  11. Every time I fly on an airline I carry my rig with me. I have NEVER had a problem. I have had a few minor delays. I Always have my Cypres Card AND the TSA document printed out. I walk up and tell all of the TSA agents within earshot that I have a parachute and reach my cypres card across to the person behind the machine, even if they do not want it I keep handing it in that direction until they take it (or call a supervisor). Here are the minor delays that I have had. Keep in mind that when I travel with my rig I allow 2 hours before my departure on domestic flights. I've never done international. 1. Leaving Lubbock, TX after working all week. They did not have X-ray for checked bags so they hand search everything. No big deal. I let the TSA agent searching my checked bags know that I had a parachute and was heading for the machine for carry on bags in a few minutes. She said great, I will let everyone know so they can come over and take a look. My rig was x-rayed about 6 times as ALL of the agents took turns looking at it and comparing to my cypres card. My Rig is a Racer (2 pin) so it does not exactly match the card but they were surprised at how close it was to the card. That has happened at other airports on a smaller scale, a few came to look. 2. Leaving JAX after jumping in town and rushing to the airport with my rig NOT packed, just shoved in the gear bag. The TSA agents were not going to let it go. I followed my procedures of handing them the card, then I handed them the document. Still no go. I TOLD the supervision to get out HIS manual and look up the information about parachutes as carry on items. (There was also someone with a big gun standing there). After a few more minutes and some radio calls someone came up that was X-military and a rigger, told them to swab the gear bag and let me go. 3. One time an agent wanted to open my gear bag (may have been at JAX) and the supervisor told them they were not allowed to, to just swab it and if there was a problem I was to open it for inspection. I've always been nice to them, but firm, making sure they follow their procedures. If anyone has problems with the TSA they should tell them to have a supervisor look in the manual. I have no problems having them look more than once, I hope it helps the next jumper going out of that airport. At some airports they just look for that red box or alarm on the screen, I don't think they even look at the stuff because the belt is moving too fast. A shoelace works to repack the main, and if requested I would repack the system right there in the middle of the way (as they are required to give me room to repack it) after I made someone vacuum the floor in the spot that I would be packing. I really hope that never happens.
  12. Yeah, those too. The C-206 really did not seem any different than a 182 as far as door size went, but it's been a few years since I jumped one. You didn't put down any sizes, I guess I'll have to go and get measurements from every jump ship I come across. I figured people would know at least some of them.