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  1. douwanto

    60" drogue

    It bucks because it's out of round. They should take it back. 60 inch drogues dont fall any differently than 54 . They are a bit slower and softer openings.. call Simon Wade to get a good drogue..
  2. The question is perfect. It allows the respondent to set the tone of their response and thereby expresses through their answer their attitude concerning the danger of Skydiving or lack there of in their perception. Adding any more context would stear their answer. The first question I ask when teaching a FJC is how Safe or dangerious fo you believe Skydiving is and why do you believe this? I'm amazed at the answers.. millennials believe it is a safe sport and that they are immune to its dangers. It is an attitude from trophy getters not trophy earners. They need to know they can die at any moment and that their actions can kill others. In 21 years I've been to as many Skydiving funerals as car crashes and bike crashes and suicides and drug overdoses.
  3. douwanto

    Tipping your AFF instructors

    Horse shit some of us work hard in AFF and Tandem.
  4. douwanto

    Criss Morgan

    Blue Skies Criss
  5. douwanto

    Blue skies Marianne (blueskyserenity)

    Blue Skies Mariposa you made this world a Brighter Better Place.
  6. I've known 2 skydivers who's shoulders dislocated in freefall. Both took time and PT before returning to sk6d8ve again. Both had subsequent locations within weeks of returning and eventually both stopped skydiving due to this problem. One with a broken ankle because he could not fly his canopy with both hands..
  7. douwanto

    101 years old passenger

    PG Paulo Silvia has taken a woman in Brazil every year since her 100th birthday. She is currently 106 or 107 I know she jumped at 103.. link below
  8. douwanto

    Sigma/Icarus/A2 mains

    sigma 340 is the most stable tandem canopy out there. \
  9. douwanto

    Tandom baglock

    All the way to the ground??
  10. douwanto

    Age of active TIs

    +1 32 when I earned my TI. 51 currently
  11. douwanto

    Tunnel to AFF training BSR change

    We had 2 tunnel wufoos this week. Both from s as me tunnel and trained by skydivers. Both did well in freefall to a point then both put their feet on their ass and arched excessively at pull time both Put their feet on their ass and rolled their right shoulder at deployment despite extensive ground training to counter. Both also chucked an instructor mid skydive by arching extremely hard and extending the instructors armed suddenly. Weird exact 2 jumps 4 different instructors. My point is had these been one instructor jumps the students both most likely would have been alone and on their back while deploying.. student safety is first priority and evaluating them with 2 instructors seems prudent..
  12. douwanto

    Goodby Skinnyshrek

    Been a while just stopping by.. Be rude not to..
  13. douwanto

    Top 5 Tandem Scams

    Here are the Big offenders owned by Luther Kurtz. They all sell weather insurance priority booking $50 and $100, slots never go to full altitude. I used to work for him. My job ended over a pilot flying an un airworthy airplane and hiding it from me with Luthers knowledge and approval. His ethics are less than moral for someone who is a Lawyer and holds public office. Or maybe just perfect. Aivcon's skydiving centers: Skydive Harbor Springs Motor City/Capital City Skydiving (literally the same place, but sometimes one has a "sale" but not the other) DC Skydiving Center Miami Skydiving Center Skydive Coastal California Pacific Coast Skydiving
  14. douwanto

    Does this sound right?

    Confused students can go a hell of a long way with a radio. It happens all the time... the essential part is Instructors and coached present and watching the canopy ops to make certain they know the location of every student especially when there is an equipment failure.