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  1. Cathy I always enjoyed chatting with you. BSBD.
  2. Best estimate is 4000 to 5000 world wide across all manufactures.
  3. As a 53 year old instructor who jumps regularly and consistently who is also in above average physical condition my first recommendation is stop doing 15 minutes of tunnel time the day prior to your skydive. 15 minutes in the tunnel if you are tight is only making you tighter the following day. Even experienced athletic young skydivers find this to be true unless they are tunnel rats.
  4. Where did you get the camera mount. I have the pivot glove and really like this gopro 7 setup.
  5. Last saw Jack at Skydive Daytona/Flagler.. Blue Skies.
  6. It bucks because it's out of round. They should take it back. 60 inch drogues dont fall any differently than 54 . They are a bit slower and softer openings.. call Simon Wade to get a good drogue..
  7. The question is perfect. It allows the respondent to set the tone of their response and thereby expresses through their answer their attitude concerning the danger of Skydiving or lack there of in their perception. Adding any more context would stear their answer. The first question I ask when teaching a FJC is how Safe or dangerious fo you believe Skydiving is and why do you believe this? I'm amazed at the answers.. millennials believe it is a safe sport and that they are immune to its dangers. It is an attitude from trophy getters not trophy earners. They need to know they can die at any moment and that their actions can kill others. In 21 years I've been to as many Skydiving funerals as car crashes and bike crashes and suicides and drug overdoses.
  8. Horse shit some of us work hard in AFF and Tandem.
  9. Congrats. 7.5 years for me. Still clean and sober and skydiving. Love life.
  10. Blue Skies Mariposa you made this world a Brighter Better Place.