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  1. Thank you for that link. I just read a decent portion of that link and now understand where the problem with my instructors vs The Master Rigger at the DZ. As I mentioned earlier, I will be piecing a rig together and renting in the meantime. I only mention that as it will take me a couple of months (4-6 im guessing) to possibly find the best deal I can, and If I have to shelve the rig until my skillset is where it needs to be, then thats what Ill do. I'm renting a rig for the season, so its not any more money to keep jumping the same rental rig. Even if I find it earlier, I'm very respectful of the sport, its mandates and a lot of the jumpers who have far more experience than I. My exit weight now is between 220-230 depending on gear used. If following Brians chart, that puts me right at the border between the 210 and 190 (within 50 jumps of each other). Which is why, I would love to hear from jumpers and their experiences.
  2. Hey All, Looking for some outside info. Ive just recently got my A license and Im looking to start piecing a rig together. I am looking for info on growth into gear. I would like to purchase gear that I wont have to replace in a year. Im 6' 200 lbs. Im thinking of getting a 190 main as I believe that will ultimately be where I end up. I know thats more than the 1:1 wing load they say for beginners not to cross. Im not looking to be Johnny swoopsalot. Just looking for solid gear. Im getting mixed opinions from my rigger and instructors. Thanks guys
  3. Hey All, So I just began my AFF journey and I had a question on proper etiquette? I know its a nice thing to do but is it customary to tip your AFF instructors? Or is it cooler to just buy them a beer and a burger at the end of the day? Thanks guys John