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  1. Trump could make a televangelist blush!
  2. b1jercat

    2017 Eclipse

    I'm in Baker City now, the smoke from all the fires in the region is thick. Hopefully it will clear up in the coming week. The forests are shut down, so no camping in the sticks. We are all ready seeing people show up here. It's going to be epic! Blue sky's Jerry
  3. You got to love it, the shoe is on the other foot! If you lived here you would understand! Blue skies Jercat
  4. They aren't transsexual,it's a bunch of transvestite. And this was like 8 months ago. The guy ran them off because it was distruped his bissnes. Blues. Jerry
  5. You can away with head down on the hill, in fact it looks cool.
  6. Be careful 377 your showing some kind of progress. Blues skies Jerry
  7. I'm going to run with Jerry on this, I'm willing to bend over backwards to support our POTUS, How ever you want to bend forwards. YMMV good luck. [:) Blues Jerry
  8. Quote Jo between you and bevins this is the gift that's keeps on giving. Blue sky Jerry
  9. Put me down for number three please, oh number one just arrived. Blue skies Jerry
  10. Right now I,m thinking about my wife's uncle, Ben Martin USMC he is the family hero. I suspect ever famile has one he is our's. Thank you uncle Ben. Blues skies Jerry
  11. Get over yourself, really,really? Blues skies Jerry
  12. Here I am on Saturday night no hope of pussy in sight, looking at a whatfo cat fight. Blues Jerry
  13. I see guys like you at every festival I've every been too. You set your both and sell your snake oil. Blues skies Jerry
  14. More he said she said, want to guess who the bitch is here bobby. Just my take on this. Blues skies Jerry
  15. Oh look the panty waist has to go to bed, can't run with the big dogs Robert ? Blues jerry
  16. Jo, I hope if they ever make a movie of your story, and I have only seen one picture of you, they get Linsey Lohand to play your part. Because LILO has the look of a woman that just screams trashy sex!
  17. Granted, I am a new jumper and have no experience on round parachutes, if he pulled off the step, and I would in this situation because 10,000 feet means agl , over terrain how high? He could land anywhere . I don't think this has been really been looked at. Blues Jerry
  18. About moving the flight path, please remember a skydiver under a canopy, could wind up anywhere. My two cents. Blues Jerry.
  19. Got to remember Jenie these guys are woffo's. blues jerry
  20. I hope that she isn't depending on the State Department to provide adequate security for her. Look on the bright side, if the embassey get's tourched, you can always blame Kerry. blues jerry
  21. Good job robert, but you didn't include where he lives. thanks jerry