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  1. I want mine too!!! Mirage called me today "about my order" but i didnt get home in time to call them before they were gone.....maybe that means it is being shipped.
  2. posting while sitting in traffic.......what will bill invent next?
  3. welcome to our world. I too now live weekend to weekend, counting down to my next jump each week. Many of my wuffo friends havent heard from me in so long or seen me on a weekend, I was told it was rumored i moved away.
  4. me and my sister at the house in Fl, and sorry about the black and white, her camra, she likes that old look...bla bla. DP edit to say damnit it is too big, let me try some things
  5. Happy Birthday, Cheers..with a Shiner of course. Blue Skys Holly. Watch over us from up there, I need help from all the angels I can get.
  6. dave610


    I thought I was, but didn't get it. I will go to the website and add myself.
  7. dave610


    aw only 2.....that is more than I got in all weekend. I did 1 hop and pop, but it was free. So will Aggieland be officially or unofficially open for memorial day / monday?
  8. dave610


    Only?? rub it in AggieDave, rub it in. some of us have to work for a living. see ya this weekend and counting down til my new rig gets in, I'm ready to freefly!!
  9. dave610

    First 4stack

    Damn I wish I would have gone up there Saturday when I left Waller, I would have liked to see that. Congrats guys, see yall this weekend. Pablito or Dave,can I make a reservation for the tent or AggieDave's sofa?
  10. I would be willing to bet the kid was a big fan of The Fast and the Furious. Someone should explain the concept that movies are not real. Dont try and recreate them, stupid kid.
  11. Noice....calender on the wall, what is that the SI swimsuit calender? congrats on the rig too.
  12. "Go Blow some mudd." or "Talk to a man about a dog" But I have no idea what it means, just heard it.
  13. My last final was May 4th, in 2000!!!!!!!! Bwahahahahahahahah, but now I only have a week of vacation a year. damn i miss that about school.
  14. I posted and have said many times, I will never surrender my guns or even register all of my guns. I too will soon have a CCL, waiting on the state to send it back. To own a gun, much less carry one, is a great responsibility it isnt something I take lightly, and dont think anyone should. I would like to know of those of you"Opposed" to gun ownership by everyone, did you grow up in a gun owning environment? Most likely not is my guess. When you learn the respect a weapon deserves, you keep it, and you dont have to learn it the hard way, Just like being a responsible skydiver Countdown to AggieDave post...5,4,3,2...