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  1. Peter, That 's a super idea, count me in for a couple too
  2. You 're right i don't know how to do the clicky but there is a good post on Pilote chute defect and what causes it .date is Apr 20, 2002, 8:16 PM Forums: General: Talk Back: PC in tow... for real this time From "Pilot Dave"
  3. you know ever since it happened i keep asking myself should i have tried ? the answer is i didn't try, but when i get my rig back i will probably see if my arm is long enough to reach , just to know. i know soem people have fixed a pilot chute in tow by pulling on the briddle but there is also a few potential problems associated with doing that like having a deployement on your back , but to tell you the truth i don;t know which is worse between that and getting the reserve entangled!
  4. sunday after it happened i think i was a bit under shock still, but i did talk to Tim and i was planning on having more talking once my head got back to thinking. That's a very good idea, one of the thing i told myself is that i need to learn much more about my gear, i jump it i can fly it a bit but i don't think i know it well enough. and that is my responsability to know these things. QuoteThird...what was the problem with your pilot chute? Who found it? How were the openings prior to this? Brad found the problem. if i understood correctly the lines that connect the top of the pilot chute (where the hackey is) to the bottom (mesh part) was a bit too short which could cause it to marginaly not catch air properly so not have enough pull strenght or collapse too quickly. i have to ask again, on sunday i wasn't fully there i think. prior to that i always had decent opening although very slow but i have a spectre.. S-
  5. when the main is not deployed yet , it won't actually cut away. but the release of pressure from the reserve opening allowed the main to get out of the bag and float away from me unfortunatly it floated a bit too close and entangled itself in the reserve. when i say i waited, i mean about 1 or 2 sec ~ 500ft to make sure i don't get my reserve out when the main is about to deploy ! S-
  6. for the last 2 days i've been turning it in and around in my head, i'm very very lucky to be writing this.. 30 jumps ago, i got a pretty good scare with a pilote chute in tow with just enough time to cut away and open the reserve, to be in the saddle at 1.1k. i had pitch too low after a long track to get away from the formation. We checked the pilot chute (which was cocked!) and nothing seemed wrong with it... Now sunday, my first jump of the day, did a solo freefly and pitched high (4.5K) . my main opens slowly (spectre) but when i feel nothing in my back i look back and see th pilot chute about 3m above me collapsed !!! With no lines, no main out !!! again ! so i wait a little,i'm high and hoping for my main to open, but when nothing happened i go for my cut away and then reserve ! i think i'm out of the woods, reserve out when on my left side i see my main entangling itself in my reserve left risers !!!! that's when you think to yourself: "i'm Fucked !!!" the main starts to inflate and starts to dive down ,and i spin faster and faster... in the meantime i have both hands on the opposite rear risers (of the reserve ) to try to counteract the turns, i may have slowed it down a bit, i had the main collapse for 1 sec which stoped the spin but it reinflated and dove down right away...all i could do was pulling on my right rear riser and hope for the best. The ground came i hit very hard with both legs first and rolled, and then i remember thinking "i can move my toes, my legs, so my back must be ok i can move my arms, my head..i think i'm OK !!!" and i was ; i just can't beleive i walked out of it . Pure luck, i hit a very very soft muddy field. So now, i must admit i've been thinking 2 close calls in the last 2 months i love skydiving, but since sunday i realized it is possible to be in a situation where there is not much to do to save our skin ....and not being in control at all is very scary. The good thing of it is we found the problem in my pilot chute so we know why it happened and it shouldn't have happened in the first place, but all in all i m pretty shaken up and i just wanted to share it with other skydivers . Any thoughts , comments i would appreciate, i think at this point i am a bit confused But damn i love this sport! S-
  7. well if weather permits i 'll definetly come by. Anybody freeflying coming too ? i can use lots of advice Live the sky S-
  8. Hey a bit late too!!!!! Happy Birthday my friend, hope you beat that last Cuervo bottle i have a few good shots of you under the influence... (can't attach them here though, the files are too big...)
  9. Happy Birthday Kath! have one of these B-day beverages and Cheers to you!!!
  10. SkyOCiel

    It's Friday

    i'm going to costco and getting a big bottle of the stuff right now.....
  11. SkyOCiel

    It's Friday

    Thank god for that, i've been waiting since monday Now i need some good ol' Jack Daniels
  12. Quote i will be forced to have a romantic evening at home with an adorable red head And adorable he is!!!!! you guys have a good night see you this WE!
  13. i gotta get my beauty rest before saturday NIGHT!!!!!
  14. oh come on you can't do that my mouth is dry too......