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  1. I know who DIDN'T make the first cut... Now, back to my regular scheduled programming... Blog Clicky
  2. Yours is the first request since last year. I am planning a one-off for the summer, with X-braced and 9 cell categories. I'll post the dates when I know. Blog Clicky
  3. My Vengeance 150 was a great transition between my Stiletto 170 and my Velocity 120. Great all-around canopy. I put 500+ jumps on it, and now ground launch with it. Don't knock it till you try it! Blog Clicky
  4. I love cracker jacks, but I gave away the prize... Blog Clicky
  5. Headline News said Snohomish. Is that incorrect? My thoughts with all involved... Blog Clicky
  6. The one idiot is my district supervisor, too... This pic is from Alcatraz a few years back. Blog Clicky
  7. I think the tattoo and facial hair restrictions are a bit much, as well... Blog Clicky
  8. Not THAT new, Ed! I was (obviously) a little more fired up about it back then, but I thought it was still a mildly relevant response... Blog Clicky
  9. I do agree. People quit during the pre-course instead of failing the actual course. With a ton of realistic practice jumps, you are better prepared for the eval jumps, as well as real world AFF to follow. If I went in cold, I would not have passed. AFF flying is WAY different than all other flying I've done. There may be SOME evaluators who make it easy, but not all. There are some AFF-I's out there who were certified when it was "hard" that I'd rather not do work jumps with! Do not attempt to cheapen the rating that some of us actually worked very hard for. Here was my response to a similar comment a while back. [clears throat] Yeah, these kids have it so easy these days with their 8-tracks, their Zima and their polyester pant-suits... Back in the day, you didn't "earn" an AFF rating. You had to wrestle the mystical stone tablet with "AFF" etched on it from the mouth of a dragon... by torchlight... I know back then you had to ride on the back of a pterodactyl to get to altitude. And, only jumped in loincloths. And, your canopies were made of animal hides and sinew. So when does "these days" begin? Immediately after you got YOUR rating? Come on.... Andy AFF-I Blog Clicky
  10. You still have to pass a background... and a psychological... and the "oral"... Blog Clicky
  11. Tough choice between CPC and Nationals in Chicago. I'm leaning towards Chicago... Blog Clicky
  12. Due to the UNDERwhelming response, the final CPC this weekend will postponed and/or cancelled. I needed to have enough competitors CONFIRMED to make the event feasible, and "two' does not a comp make... Bummer. Blog Clicky
  13. I'm planning on it, if I can get the .pdf schedule to actually open! Does anyone know the actual dates? Blog Clicky
  14. Thanks for digging that up. It should almost be made "sticky" for every new discussion on this that seems to happen every few months. It's actually eerie reading the words that were typed by the deceased. They didn't learn, but maybe someone else can... just maybe... Blog Clicky
  15. Due to lack of participation/response, this weekend's CPC in Davis is postponed until further notice. There can be potential make-up dates as long as folks let me know in advance if/when they'd like to compete. The next scheduled event will be in Byron on 8/12. Blog Clicky