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  1. Wow...I recognize people in this thread! just popped on to say hi. i'm in the middle of selling all my gear. movin' on
  2. i wouldn't declaw my kitty...we trained her where she is allowed to scratch...and when we noticed her scratching the new couch we bought nail clippers. now i spend 5 minutes, once a week or so clipping. she doesn't mind it, and it keeps our apartment in good shape!
  3. darn it...i'll be in Italy...oh wait...that's actually a good exuse to miss this bash... i'll toast to everyone with a bottle or five of chianti have fun...drink...get naked...woo hoo!
  4. hmmm....i could be up for playing...but can't do april fool's weekend... i'll be getting married in vegas that really...i will!
  5. what's up people? are a crazy fool ya know...
  6. i'm a norcal chick...i live in San Carlos, but usually jump in Hollister...sometimes in byron... but i'm a don't want to hang out with me
  7. they are so cute! i gave mine the bed already too! she needed her she wouldn't always try to sleep in our bed!
  8. i'm getting my kitty a kitty bed and a kitty condo thing...she needs something to scratch and play with besides the new sofa!
  9. ah, exactly...personally you would encourage your daughter to carry the baby to term...but by outlawing abortion, the government would make that choice for you and your matter what...even if your daughter of one of those that the "life of the mother" argument could be used for
  10. sure...adoption is an alternative in SOME cases, but not in all. there are times when the pregnancy will cost the mother her life. pregnancy can be the result of brutal rape. carrying that child to term can have SEVERE psychological effects on the mother. what would you say if you had a 12 or 13 year old daughter who was raped and became pregnant (this can and does happen unfortunately) not all abortions are just because a child is "inconvenient" or a "mistake".
  11. yes they have, before roe vs. wade they took place in the form of sticking a coat hanger into your uterus or pouring bleach into the uterus... umm...if the average american is male is suppose. as a young woman i don't know very many of my female peers who haven't had a pregnancy scare in the past 5 years. every single one has as least had the thought of abortion cross their mind...regardless of whether there was an actual pregancy...the idea that it might be something they would need to do has crossed their minds. in 1 of these cases it was pregnacy from rape...she got the abortion. my point is that abortion, or the thought of it, has probably affected A LOT of women...more than you would think honestly...a much easier thing for a man to say... sorry...this is a very emotional issue for me
  12. 45 minutes for me...long line at my polling place...the actual voting took me 5 minutes
  13. sounds like saturday was a blast...i'm sorry i missed it. i was feeling a bit under the weather vinny...nice artwork!
  14. Hi paul! see everyone this weekend...i am outta here!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!