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  1. Look at this one , , much better than DPMS .
  3. Costco . $1.50 a 8x10 . Printer profiles for all Costco printers is found here . Download the profile and convert to the profile in Photoshop and when ordering prints turn off color management and you get dead nuts on prints every time . Profiles change every six months so keep them updated and you are good to go . A lot of the big money pros use Costco for contact sheets .
  4. . Have fun and go get them . Complain to e-bay before this guy sells them .
  5. Convert the entire image to B&W . Select the history brush . Back up a step in the history/actions box and then click on the little box that is next to the bar where you converted to B&W on the left. Now go back and paint the area you want B&W and you are done . You do not need to waste time with the eliptical tool or selecting parts of the image , just do it this way and it is fast .
  6. You should try that again but add the .50BMG round to the test . I think a 7-800grain bullet would seriously do some damage .
  7. Get some Amdro from home depot . Treat today and they are dead by morning . Amdro is the pesticide used for fire ants so it will do the job .
  8. "So the AK is superior? on what fucking planet does this occur?" On planet earth . The Ak is one of the most durable weapons ever built . They run and they run and they don't stop . I own full auto AK's and M-16's . With a M-16 as designed at the sixties along side a AK designed in the same era , the AK will run better and is less likely to fail during use . The M-16 will fail before a AK does . I have AK's that have survived 50-60,000 rounds and keep on going without cleaning , try that with a M-16 .
  9. Damn skippy I survived , but then again I am special . Looks like I have been downsized as well .
  10. Quit and enjoy the money . The problem with country is not enough time for vacation . I am amazed how much vacation time people overseas get per year . I have seen vacation times from 4 weeks a year to several months and Americans get hosed with 1-2 weeks average and really good companies do 3-4 weeks a year . Tell them to get fucked and have some fun . Life sucks when all you do is work .
  11. A 5.56 round does not fit the chamber for a Ak-47 properly as the Ak is chambered for 7.62x39 . If you fire a Ak with a 5.56 round in it , it could get interesting if the round actually fires . Now if you have a M-16 that has been chambered for the 7.62x39 round it would be a perfect fit but the U.S. military uses 5.56 for their M-16's . There are AK's chambered for the 5.56 round but they are rarely encountered in military hands as it was a marketing ploy by Norinco to get the AR-15 shooters to buy a Ak . The round he was holding in the video was a 7.62x39 round and it looked like the designation for the round they were "testing" was the 7.62x51 according to the text in the video . If you are firing 5.56 rounds from a AK chambered for a 7.62x39 round I want to see the video .
  12. This will solve the problem . Cat will never do anything like that again .
  13. You missed a couple . 7 No non citizen will be allowed to own or operate a business withing the US . They are starting their own companies , paying ZERO taxes , and making lots of money . 8 Cap on income until they become a citizen .