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  1. But if god tells you to do it, that offers all the justification and cause you need. "Thou shall not kill*" * - Unless I tell you to. ---------------------------------------- 6.8% - Almost there!
  2. Reading about walking as a fat burning tool. Essentially the claim is that low-medium exertion + long duration + high aerobic = best fat burning Anyone have any knowledge or applicable experience to contribute? ---------------------------------------- 6.8% - Almost there!
  3. Yesterday I was thinking about how it must be to listen to be a woman and seeing the world from that perspective (After re-reading my post in Women Only). And I just had this imagination of something so incredibly different from my own.. I dunno it was just cool. I try to imagine what it's like to be on the receiving end of my words and so forth. Anyway, what you were saying is pretty consisten I imagine. The whole "getting bored" syndrome. Life just isn't meant to be mundane. And if ya want it that way, there's something wrong with you. ---------------------------------------- 6.8% - Almost there!
  4. Speaking of stepford... having a wife like that in the movie (Stepford Wives)... I cannot imagine. One of the driving forces in life is conflict. With conflict comes the chance for resolution. With resolution comes satisfaction. With satisfaction, comes happiness. So conflict, loosely and not always, results in happiness (among other important benefits, see: growth) I think many would agree, part of what makes a marriage interesting is the act of using your relationship and strengths to overcome challenges and accomplish goals. The notion of a stepford wife is a notion of bliss. Bliss is terribly fucking overrated. ---------------------------------------- 6.8% - Almost there!
  5. Just taking your lead on good and evil. It's subjective, right? Speaking of posts that don't make any sense... Here is the nature of subjective morality. Actions themselves do not have a moral polarity. That is to say, that no action is good or evil. An action is an action, nothing more. But the thing that makes one say "Well that was evil" or "Well that was good" are: A. the consequences and how they affect other people, and their perspective of the consequences. B. your personal position on whether an action is good or evil based on your ideas/beliefs/convictions/emotions/thoughts. Both of these things are what frame an action in the context, and ultimate the context of the action dictates whether people say the action is good or evil. If you don't believe morality is at least, at it's root, subjective, the simplest way to explain it is with killing. If a man walks into a house and kills the wife of a couple who he doesn't even know, for no reason other than a psychotic rampage, that would widley be regarded as "evil." So in retaliation, the husband of the murdered wife kills the man. In the context of the stated scenario, the man who killed in retaliation is justified and most would see what this man did as "good." So in the period of a minute of time, we've had two people kill, and one of them is evil, the other is good, or at least justified. We, at this point, have established a line of subjectivity. One man killed for a reason society sees as evil, the other man killed for a reason society would see as good. The action is the same, but the context is different and as a result, we have established that the action has no polarity in and of itself. To put it in a christian perspective. God told the Israelites to take the land of Canaan and kill every man, woman, and child as well as their livestock. God essentially said, "Eradicate this group of people so you may take the land I've given you." And what happened when they didn't? God punished them by not allowing them to take the land of Canaan and forced them to wander around the wilderness for a few more years. Why? Because god explicitly told them to do something, and they didn't do it. So we have a dilemma. Were the Israelites evil for killing the Canaanites? Were they evil for not killing (presumably for their own selfish reasons)? Evil in action? Evil in inaction? The 10 commandments states that man should not kill or, for semantics nuts, murder (yes I know the difference, I'm getting there). So here we have god telling his chosen people to kill a bunch of "not so chosen" people so they could take the land god promised them. Let me restate this. They killed a bunch of people for land. Lets restate it again. They killed a bunch of people for self-gain. They were explicitly told to kill everything and everyone, children included, for land that god promised them. In my opinion, that's pretty fucking evil. But you would say "The will of God surpasses our understanding so we can't judge the situation from the holy perspective that god holds since he is righteous. We are to follow his will and if you step outside of his will you are sinning." You're telling me, it's evil to not kill when god tells you to kill. Right? What The Fuck!? Regardless of this atrocity (and others like it that followed, see: inquisition) it again shows that actions aren't evil unless they are framed in context that shades the action as evil. Here's all I can say. Morality is anything but subjective for christians, so you are in no position to be making subjective statements or taking subjective positions about anything. Your only position on the morality of an action should be the position god takes. I don't know how god feels about abuse or torture, but if there is any christian that gets a chubby about it, I don't want to deal with them. Laughing at Abu Gharib and the other incidents at our interment camps is, in my opinion, just as indignant, disrespectful, and unnecessary as a bunch of middle eastern men laughing at the world trade center. I'd rather just beat both their asses. Whatever though, just put in your Jesus ear plugs ---------------------------------------- 6.8% - Almost there!
  6. If I still smoked, I'd have to light one up to understand all of that. maybe I can remember my mantra and do a little TM. It's just english man. Sorry if my train of thought is overly-elaborate/complicated/eloquent/convoluted. I just do my best to help make sure people read what I wrote as I intend it. It's probably a good idea to pay attention to the commas. Just sayin. ---------------------------------------- 6.8% - Almost there!
  7. See. Told ya. ---------------------------------------- 6.8% - Almost there!
  8. How many of us have you met in real life to know how we really are? Admittedly it was a sweeping generalization based on no actual knowledge, experience, or anything worthwile or substantial, with a slight (*hah*) hint of provocation. Let it be known, even the best that is imaginary falls short of the least that is real. ---------------------------------------- 6.8% - Almost there!
  9. If god created the world, this... life is worthless to god, and thus worthless to humanity, as it's only purpose is to serve god. Humanity is an afterthought in the "greater scheme things." Your only purpose is to live a life for god so that you may spend your eternal spiritual existence, again, serving god. I further reemphasize the fact that this life is worthless because christians even believe that the things of this world will pass away and you won't think of your life in the world unless, i guess, it's a prelude to your next exaltation of god's great mercy on your soul. The christian agenda is to forego this life so that you may have a blissful eternity. If there is no god, and there is no afterlife, then this life becomes infinitesimally more meaningful and worthwhile. This is all there is. The life you lead, the people you meet, the things you do, all these things become the highlight of your great story. While not all lives led are has high profile as others, no life is any less for its worth. Everyone born has the opportunity, the chance, to live a life NOONE else will ever live. Your love, your hate, your pleasure, your pain, dance on the stage of your life's experiences. From moment to moment, day to day, year to year, you grow and learn and become this person that no one else will ever be. Everything you do has a strengthened effect on the people around you. The life you live is defined by how you live it. While people may look down on you, it matters not because ultimately, you are responsible for you. And you know what the best part about a temporary life is? Closure. The fact that when it's all said and done, you don't have to live anymore. You don't have to do anything else. You get to rest. Nothing else matters and you don't have to worry about anything. Let me say this. A god that would have me live a life of hell to have an eternal life in heaven is no god I want to serve. A god that would have me forsake all I love, whether it be a wife, or kids, or other family, or my happiness, my health, whatever, to prove his "point", I just find to be so absurd. I wouldn't lose a moment of my life, my love, or my pain, for anything. It's made me what I am today and that's something no one else will ever be. I have no regrets except the mistake of not doing more in life. ---------------------------------------- 6.8% - Almost there!
  10. I've never been known to be charming, suave, or smooth. And of course, it's not like her character was real. I just spent a good portion of the movie thinking one of two things. "Yeah she's pretty hot" or "See, people just don't behave [respond to the situation] like that in real life." Although I would say there was something about that character specifically that i felt was inspiring. Of course the movie in general was inspiring. True is that. But it's par for the course as far as I'm concerned. ---------------------------------------- 6.8% - Almost there!
  11. Oh yeah BTW, Kate Beckinsale makes all you ladies look bad. On a few different levels. The wife that's too good to be true. ---------------------------------------- 6.8% - Almost there!
  12. Good point. There are ones that are more funny than the others. ---------------------------------------- 6.8% - Almost there!
  13. What. I just said what the 2nd half is where the serious/cry-worthy stuff is. Like I'd cry in public. ---------------------------------------- 6.8% - Almost there!
  14. Worth seeing. Not a comedy and the previews don't really do the movie justice. The 1st half isn't so much funny as it is just playing the role of the exposition with a few light laughs. The 2nd half is where the movie is for the serious/cry-worthy material. All-in-all, a good movie, if you like movies that are emotionally moving. ---------------------------------------- 6.8% - Almost there!
  15. I know we shoved the first cats we had around for the cat door through it a few times and once in the garage we put them in the cat box. Just make sure they can see where you are putting them so they don't fear the cat door. Ever since then the younger cats have learned from the older cats. ---------------------------------------- 6.8% - Almost there!