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  1. sartre

    Holy shite was that fun!!

    Your instructors should be helpful in that arena. Congrats!
  2. sartre

    When to do tunnel time

    I have been told by many people that my experience in the tunnel should help me immensely when I start AFF. As a matter of fact, I have scheduled my AFF, and told my coach I'd like to work on the elements I will need for it. He told me that I'd already gone beyond what I'd need to pass AFF. I did feel that I understood the arch much better during my tandems because I'd worked on it in the tunnel. I had a difficult time getting stable in the tunnel and my arch was terrible. I've been able to focus on that and really improve it, and I think it's given me more confidence that I will be able to get stable during solo freefall. Still, why not do both? (Some before, some during?)
  3. sartre

    SkyVenture CO Good Times Great People

    I second that! I live in the area, and whenever I go there, to fly or just watch, I am greeted by nothing but friendly faces. And excellent coaching.
  4. sartre

    Starting AFP next week (most likely)

    Don't know much about the area you're talking about, but I can tell you that I have heard of a few people completing their AFF in a weekend or just a few days. It can be done, and by those standards, you've got all the time in the world. Good luck, and I'm totally jealous!!
  5. sartre

    Blue Sky Virgin

    ya know, if it's your own birthday present to yourself, why can't you go early? Tomorrow is never a your DZ and book your tandem!! I'm making mine tomorrow morning!! (First for me as well.) Why delay any longer? Blue Skies, Yvonne