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  1. I'm sorry I was away the last weekend he was out at the DZ. I'm sorry we were training so much that we couldn't get on his jumps when he asked (sometimes). I'm sorry I couldn't be at the service. As much of a character as Conway was... he was almost always the first to say "hello" and shake your hand when you came to the DZ on a weekend. It will just not be the same. Blues skies, Conway.
  2. Trent

    Sigma Tandem Canopy

    "Misdelivered" by UPS in the Henderson, NV area. May show up in pawn shops or at a local DZ.
  3. Trent


    Sounds like a shitty way to sell a suit to me! Firefly Suits are great, last a long time, and she's really good about getting things right. Ouragan seems to be really nice too. High quality, slim fit, but more expensive.
  4. Trent


    This is an OLD Deguello rig. Parapack Javelin J1, stolen with related reserve and black and white Sabre.
  5. Trent

    Skydive Spaceland Houston

    I've been to quite a few DZ's and Spaceland ranks up there with the best. Great crowd, nice plane with new engines, and a huge landing area. (Not to mention the view from downtown Houston to the Gulf!) I think Spaceland is doing a great job so far and I think it really has the potential to grow and become a premier DZ worldwide. Definitely the best place in Houston!
  6. Trent

    Skydive Arizona

    Skydive Arizona is AMAZING. There isn't a thing that you could want that isn't already there. I spent a week there and I have NEVER felt more comfortable, safer, or welcome anywhere... not even my home dropzone. The facilities are great, the staff is the BEST (much love to the manifest ladies!), and the jumpers are willing to jump with anyone, regardless of experience. Skydive AZ is truly what skydiving is all about.