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  1. Trent

    Hurricane Ike

    We're all good. My neighborhood, Westbury, lost a ton of trees and fences... and power.... and water.... but all the neighbors got together and cleaned up. Water pressure came back yesterday so we can clean our swampy butts. No power though and it's looking like that may last a while. Might be time to lock up the house and head out while we still have gas. Spaceland (where I am now) is fine. Power's on, internet's on, planes are back and ready to fly. Good thing we don't have to fill up the planes at the local station, everyone's OUT!! Oh, hello again!
  2. Trent

    Hurricane Ike

    Like all the typical gulf coast morons out waving to the cameras as the waves come up past the seawall. "Naw, we're -a- stayin' cuz it t'ain't gone be that bahyud. We kin hannel it. Wooooooo!" Even dumber that they have their kids out there with them! Assclowns. Anyway, not much news here. Cable is kinda out, some channels work and so do all the *ahem* on-demand channels. Strange. Obviously the internet is still up. Heard a few more transformers go, but we're still okay for the most part. LOTS of wind... thinking that some of my trees will be coming down. We'll be sleeping in the living room away from most of the trees. Most of my neighborhood's streets are blocked by fallen trees and branches. The first band of seriousl storms haven't even gotten here yet. Gonna be a ride! Oh, hello again!
  3. Trent

    Hurricane Ike

    Just to check in with you dz.dorks... Half my neighborhood in SW Houston has the power out. Ours has been flickering so we don't expect it to hold out too long. Winds have really picked up and my trees are looking like they want to join me and Jed in the house. No good. Aki and Stevie are on their way here since their side of the street lost power. I happened to be outside when the transformer blew. Impressive. Lots of sirens and crap all around. Don't relly know what that's all about. Hope our hanger hooligans stay safe over there! Oh, hello again!
  4. Trent

    Shannon Neal 6/6/90 - 8/26/08

    If there is anything your fellow Texans can do, please let us know. Nothing I can say will express how sad I am for you and your family. Just take heart knowing that she is a part of something much bigger and much better. All of you will be in my prayers. Oh, hello again!
  5. My rant about the incidents forum: Often times the people that DO have information are the ones that work for the dropzones and were part of the response to the incident. Given the litigious nature of pretty much everyone... this prevents them from posting anything in a public forum until all is said and done with the legal bs. That could take years. Inevtiably, some over-eager dz.commie will demand to know why everyone from the DZ is being quiet and claim some sort of cover up. That is the furthest thing from the truth in the cases I've seen. It's just too bad that sharing information that others may learn from can get us individually named in a lawsuit. Just keep that in mind. Oh, hello again!
  6. Seems like its getting more common. That video is one of 3 VIGIL misfires that I've heard about from Brazil. My friend there has mentioned that they're considering a ban on them as well. Interesting. What is his wing loading? What kind of speeds is he getting in the swoop. We have lots of instructors that have Cypres2's and swoop on almost every landing, including myself, even a fun jumper who is pushing the wing loading that I would be uncomfortable swooping with an AAD not made for swooping, and have had no fires on swoops. I put up the video because I saw this post and was sent the video at the same time. I guess watching a Vigil2 fire on a pretty weak swoop will still somehow equal "Vigil rulz, Cypres droolz" stuff though. At my dz, we're slow to adopt new technologies... and in the AAD market, I'm thankful for this. Oh, hello again!
  7. Yes, I'd like more too... but that's all I've seen. Was forwarded to me by a friend with connections to the Brazilian jumping scene. Oh, hello again!
  8. oops... Vigil fires during a not particularly fast looking swoop. Oh, hello again!
  9. Trent

    Shopping Around-Is it frowned upon?

    How many times have I heard this when people come complaining that so-and-so's prices are a hundred or so cheaper??? It DOES cost more to offer good service. You can find some dealers on the internet that will sell you gear at just over cost. What will they do for you? Forward your order to the manufacturers and take your money. What do local dealers do? They measure you, advise on options, hook you up with demos, help you pick colors, help you save a few bucks on the stuff you don't need, point you towards gear that may be better for you than what you originally wanted, help you with any issues you may have with new gear, assemble your gear, repack it, hold it for you, look out for it when you're gone, let you pay in installments, hook you up with cheaper rentals once you've ordered, help you sell it when you downsize... but that's just one or two things. There was a time when everyone was some kind of dealer and was just hooking people up so they could be "the man". Manufacturers have worked hard to cut that kind of thing out, but they're still out there. Dealers who follow the rules abide by the manufacturers low-price limits. That lets them offer gear under MSRP, but still make a bit of money. Once people go under, or way under, those prices... your local store will not be able to compete. All that being said, I'm glad that most of our customers here have seen the value of doing business locally. I've only had to tell a few people that they should buy their gear elsewhere when their prices were lower. They usually buy their next rigs from us... strange. Edit: But yes, shop around. Get to know what gear costs. Usually it's not THAT much different that it worth sacrificing the extra service. Oh, hello again!
  10. Trent

    GA User fee's

    Yeah, that's for sure. Watch though, the government will give them tons of money to take it over, a-la Lockheed Martin and FSS... only much much worse. That could be the new way to disguise airline welfare. Oh, hello again!
  11. Trent

    GA User fee's

    Here's my conspiracy theory if they pass the user fee BS: Thousands of GA people and flights will stop using ATC services since they'll be charged if they do. Airlines will have more "close" calls than normal and piss and moan about how these uncontrolled GA aircraft (who are still following airspace rules) are getting in the way since they're not in contact with ATC. This will be a safety hazard to them as well as cost them money for the maneuvering they'll have to do. Joe public and the morons in congress will buy into every word the airlines say and GA will disappear, unless you can afford to pay for ATC, which will shortly be in airline hands and all but unavailable to the GA pilot. I've already written my senators and congressman, but I left the conspiracy part out! Oh, hello again!
  12. Trent

    USPA - Jan Meyer Impeachment??

    I understand that, but if someone is suing the USPA, aren't they in effect, suing us? I guess my thinking is that if the USPA exists only because of us, and it is OUR organization, no settlements should be made without being put forth to the membership via their ND-RD's. If WE decide to tell the suing parties to piss off at the expense of bankrupting ourselves, that should be our right. AT LEAST, we should be told how our money (or whatever the conditions) is being spent to settle something we never agreed to settle. How can OUR organization be asked, or on their own, keep secrets from us? Seems like it defeats the whole purpose of the organization. Oh, hello again!
  13. Trent

    2007 US Nationals video

    Tamara Koyn has done several world event videos, and is a judge at most events. If she's not doing the nationals one, she might know who is. I think that the dropzone has rights to the footage as well, so maybe SDC is doing something? Oh, hello again!
  14. Trent

    USPA - Jan Meyer Impeachment??

    Quick question... How can the terms of settlement in Skyride's lawsuit against the USPA, which is funded and composed of US, be kept secret from US? We aren't just stockholders, we ARE the USPA, are we not? Oh, hello again!
  15. But now I have the knowledge that I made you guys do something. Like remote control skydivers! Muuahahahaha. Oh, hello again!