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  1. 3500? I get nosebleeds up that high! :) -- Arching is overrated - Marlies
  2. That isn't the case in Oz. A pilot's licence cannot be endorsed with any condition limiting him or her to flying within a specified distance from an aerodrome -- Arching is overrated - Marlies
  3. In Australia you need a PPL with at least 10 hours on type as pilot-in-command. If you have a D license (200 jumps), then you have at least 120 hours total flying time, with at least 70 hours as pilot-in-command. If you don't have a D license (200 jumps), then you have at least 200 hours total flying time, with at least 100 hours as pilot-in-command; or you have a commercial licence for that aircraft. APF OpRegs 3.7 -- Arching is overrated - Marlies
  4. Look up Xtreme Recall -- Arching is overrated - Marlies
  5. -- Arching is overrated - Marlies
  6. Although, watching GT swoop his canopy in and score a 10 on the accuracy tuffet is pretty good... :) -- Arching is overrated - Marlies
  7. I asked them about the AV cables for the PC105... -- Arching is overrated - Marlies
  8. For manifesting? -- Arching is overrated - Marlies
  9. With regards to contractions.... What does the manual say about the use of the full stop (or period)? In Australian (British) english, if the last letter of the word is the last letter of the contraction, then no full stop, else yes. eg Doctor -> Dr Professor -> Prof. -- Arching is overrated - Marlies
  10. There is an instructor at York who did some coach jumps with a newly licenced jumper. She was light, so he wore a camera suit! -- Arching is overrated - Marlies
  11. easy simple piece of piss ... -- Arching is overrated - Marlies
  12. Turn the question back at them "How should I flare?" "There are lots of ways. How were you taught?" demonstrates "If that's how you were taught, sounds good to me. I grip my toggles differently (or whatever), but it's still as secure. If you want an opinion from an experienced guy, see blah" -- Arching is overrated - Marlies
  13. I've also emailed Brian about this. Apparantly PD wished they had made that restriction... -- Arching is overrated - Marlies
  14. -- Arching is overrated - Marlies
  15. Talk to your instructors. General things: Buying new first off is probably a bad idea, unless you're abnormally tall or short or something. Talk to your instructors. You need to factor in the weight of the gear. Your 190 plus the gear's ~25 = 215. So you're looking at a ~220 for your first canopy. Talk to your instructors. Wait until you've finished your AFF. I didn't buy my rig until jump ~70. That way, you've done your initial canopy progression, and you're probably going to keep your rig for longer. Take all advice on here with a grain of salt. Talk to your instructors. -- Arching is overrated - Marlies