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  1. So Friendster reminded me that it was Shannons birthday coming up.....i forgot as ever and now im even celebreating it late! Had a look through some pics of her..always makes me giggle :) Theres always things I want to share with her, something funny or fucked up that she would be just the person to share it with...the stories are just gonna have to wait. Sometimes im just looking at her MSN addy and willing it to go online just for a second so i can say hi! Never far from my thoughts and its nice to see everyone back here thinking the same.
  2. Hi Have these guys gone out of business or something? I have emailed them like five times over the last month but no reply? Getting tired of waiting, anybody advise another company that makes similar supplex freefly two peice suits? Ollie, cheers guys.
  3. What training programs (if any) do they offer ? Quote Certainly AFF is on offer. Im sure as it gets busy youll see coaching for experienced jumpers. The DZ is featured in next months BPA Skydive Mag, so youll get more details then. Just to clarify, I dont work for them or nowt; just letting others know theres currently a good deal to be had there.
  4. Ownership; I think the whole gig (belongs) to the guy who owns the planes. Carl Williams is involved as CCI etc. (Belonging in the sense that the dropzone is part of an existing active airfield, complete with decent cafe and usual facilities). The TurboLET owners name escapes me sorry even though we flew back with him (big mad guy with glasses owns planes and used to skydive)! Basically he owns both the Let's, one of which youll have seen flying at South Cerney. Curently he only has one pilot and one in training, so Cerney and Swansea are sharing a plane until the other has his hours. So in short, your looking at another month I think, of potential flights to Swansea from Cerney. Currently, the plane is active at Cerney Saturday morning, then it leaves about 1pm for Swansea. Swansea jumpers get to jump Saturday afternoon and Sunday morning....I got 5 jumps at Swansea during that time. Sensibly, the plane is staying in one place if the other has shit weather. So potentially you could end up having to get a train back from Swansea, or catching a lift. On the plus side, it means you could get a sweet 40 minute flight to clear skies for the whole weekend like we did! Re. How long will it last? Well we put the same question to the LET owner. He seems up for using a plane as a taxi from Cerney even after the other plane gets underway. Not a great deal for Cerney, but as they are both his planes theyd not have much choice! As far as he is concerned; you guys fill the plane, I will pick you up and drop you after the weekend. So, potentially it will continue all season. I certainly hope so, it was way cool to have our own private turbine to the DZ!
  5. Hahah..well i wrote the post containing the Flossy reference. To clarify; flossy is slang for sheep as in; Flossy the Sheep. ..its a bit of a long story regarding the welsh and sheep! All fictional of course!
  6. hahahahah...you know, flossy; flossy the sheep baaaaaaa!!!!! mint - sauceeeee
  7. Cool...let me know when you decide to head down....car should be fine down there....its not like that at all. Probably not safe to leave flossy lying around though.
  8. ....actually Im a bit of a 'sicko'...does that count, can I have soup???
  9. Theres nice and then theres £15 pound to 15 grand bet your gonna pop over quick sharp now! Admittedly it wouldnt have been on my list (it being a long way to watch rain fall), but we got a plane ride from South Cerney. Its located right on the Gower (summer surfing) coast so great views....was peachy and clear down there Sunday morning and I think it will be a cracking spot in the summer.
  10. No....it doesnt; dont panic!!
  11. As you well know,,,you wont be perfroming any of these stunts until it is killed, I mean cleared by the BPA.
  12. Just spent the weekend at Sydive Swansea (it's in Wales, UK for those who dont know!) Basically had a great expereince down there; got any questions let me know.
  13. Copland i tell you ...that broken wing, skysurf to death is so passeee!!!! Man up and start doing some action sports will ya???