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  1. acro jumky, how come all your posts are either extremley stupid and dumb or just a waste of space??? to anyone reading this, before you flame me, have a read of all his previous posts. .Karnage Krew Gear Store .
  2. how is your student gear that you hire coming along? oh that's right you dont trust it. i got a xlarge swoop tour t-shirt if you want to try swooping it? i mean it doesn't fit me so i dont mind you trying to fly it. .Karnage Krew Gear Store .
  3. Kujo from finland broke the red bull record of 106meters or something like that? i am curious as to what the swoop world record is. does anyone know this? thanks. .Karnage Krew Gear Store .
  4. well you better hurry cause summer is nearly over. well i am in the uk and am from new zealand. i am being told that you need to fedrate in what ever country you go to. you are federated with america. you are not federated with any other country so why should you be able to jump in their country without paying them money for third party. You turn up here(any country) with your license and your log books. you then pay about 60 u.s. dollars in wjhatever country you want to jump and then you are fedrated. a bit of advice though, get your jump numbers up and make sure you have have your own gear because the u.s. dollar is weak and the euro is stronger while the pound is very expensive. i have not been to finland but have a good mate 'kujo' over there and he tells me the jumping is fantastic. here in uk it is shit weather. they have the mtv sky day in austria at the end of august and then there is the go fast boggie in switzerland. there is some great events over here but this part of the world is not cheap. hope some of this helps .Karnage Krew Gear Store .
  5. no disrespect to you dude, i am glad you are okay though, even after a fast reserve opening but dude, that was the funniest thing i had read in a long time. i got to ask, what did you pull?? all the best to you, please dont flame me for finding this funny but i can't help it. .Karnage Krew Gear Store .
  6. you will find the 105 has shit stills on the memory card. what i do sometimes is i edit my videos on imovie and when i see a photo i want i click a button that say create still frame. then i send this to my iphoto and i burn it to disk. you will find mac excellent for quick good editing. .Karnage Krew Gear Store .
  7. congratulations!!!! the first one that left our country thought it would try swimming over. .Karnage Krew Gear Store .
  8. get back to basics, the first thing you need in the air with anyone else is a good track, and i cant belive you have a good track on 19 jumps. learn your tracking. learn a bit of belly relative work first. learn how to fly at 120mph before you learn how to sit fly. Learn to be safe with others in the sky. learn how to dock on to someone. learn how to track away from people. just a few ideas. i reackon they are survival ideas as well. for you and others around oyu. good luck on your sit flying but maybe you should not rush it. .Karnage Krew Gear Store .
  9. i was taught that if you have your hands on your handles you pull them. cause if you have your hands on them when your main comes out you could jolt your pin out. .Karnage Krew Gear Store .
  10. if you pull at 10,000ft you would ride it in would you not? right hand turns? i doubt i would cut away a good canopy at any height. .Karnage Krew Gear Store .
  11. always worried as you would be but when i realised at 1000ft hanging off the door to a cessna that if i get off this door i will be having to cut away i chilled. while freefalling to 4000ft and clearing my lines i actually thought okay so here i get to practise that other part off aff i learnt. you know the part you always practise but hope you never need it. well i was quite calm. i actually opened my main and looked at the mess and put my hands on my handles took a couple of deep breaths. then thought i would have a look on the ground and see what i would hit if this did not work. then took another deep breath looked up at the canopy just in case i could fix it. took another deep breath cut away, arched and kicked like a swimmer a bit pulled reserve. counted to 3 in about half a second strated worrying and bam there was the reserve. am glad this happened as i know it works now. one important thing. keep calm and do not drop your handles. talk to your instructor about different emergency situations. ask him to give you verbal tests about different scenarios. blue skies. sorry for the long post. .Karnage Krew Gear Store .
  12. before you ever do anything physical you stretch, no matter what sport you do. always stretch. .Karnage Krew Gear Store .
  13. good stuff mate, you will never forget that 'clink' sound you heard. i felt kind of relaxed as you did and also remember thinking my reserve was not opening up. the secon cutaway seemed longer. just one comment for next time....when i cut on my first mal i too could not pull my handle cause of the velcove. a few jumps later i asked my dzso and he said to peel the handle from the bottom up as you pull. sure enough 20 mins later i am under a mal. i tried what he said and it worked perfectly. i could feel the strngth of the velcrove but it came off easy by peeling it. just something to keep in mind. blue skies. .Karnage Krew Gear Store .
  14. pay a packer!! can not go wrong there. .Karnage Krew Gear Store .
  15. good to see you can take critisicim. With your little experience(not dissing your jump numbers)you should not be guessing the correct pin size. you say it looked short and then you say it looks fine. if he is not going to listen to you refuse to do his gear checks. he might need the load master doing his checks. Always restrict movement in the plane. i have been taught that there is no movement in the plane until the last 1000ft. this works well. He is lucky to be alive and when you have an inflated, square parachute above your head you always have time to think about your reactions. i have had lines tied around my body in freefall and had time to think about how i was going to get out of this. he needs to go over some safety drills with your safety officer and needs to be verbaly tested on so me emergency procedures and scenarios. I like your friend use to think you chop on a bi plane, i also thought if not you control it a way it is not to be controled. i only learnt different when my safety officer quized me on scenarios around jump 40. It is not embarrassing to ask for more teaching. it safes your life. Make sure the both of you talk to a safety officer about emergency's. Just because you think you may know how to handle this situation next time does not mean you know the others. do you know how to handle a horse shoe mal? or accidental deployment at 10,000ft? go and ask to go over all these situations again to make sure. Do not ask here or jumpers, ask your safety officer. good on you for taking critisicim. peace, Bigway .Karnage Krew Gear Store .
  16. in an ideal world you would check both pins but i am pretty sure that harldy anyone checks their reserve pin before exiting the aircraft. i check my own main pin by a feel of the loop and the pin. i use to have someone check my reserve pin when i was a student but now only check both pins when i pack and before i put my gear on and have it checked before i get in the plane. i doubt many people check their reserve pin before exit. I am curious as to if many do. i know students do as that what you are taught. The key is NOT to move in the plane until you get on your knees at the last 1000 feet. glad your mates alright but he doesn't seem to care much about your opinion of the short pin in the reserve. Maybe he had a hard opening that jolted the pin. Maybe if he is getting a pin check he should listen to you. or maybe you should have told him not to jump it. .Karnage Krew Gear Store .
  17. you need to get a clue...and a riggers ticket by the sounds of it. If i was a rigger, your rigger, i wouldn't go anywhere near your gear, you are insulting these guys by presuming how they do their job. I bet you anything that you would only write this in the forums and would not be talking like this around any riggers you know. good luck .Karnage Krew Gear Store .
  18. one other thing in new zealand, there is about 200 people who work on a DZ. most dz;s, there is ony 12 will do around 80 to 130 tandem passenger a day to all the back packers who come to new zealand just to skydive and bunjee jump as new zealand is the adventure capital of the world...home of aj hackett, black water rafting. camera men at good dz'z there get 50 dollars a jump, they get paid the same as tandem masters in auckland. you will do 10-20 jumps on a jumping day getting paid 50 bucks a jump. if you only do 5-7 jumps in a day that is classed as a bad day. that is still 250-350 nz dollars a day. sure there are dz's that arent this busy as well. at taupo and queenstown and auckland there is anywhere from 5-12 camera men at each dz. but you still do a shit load of jumping. this course will set you up if you want it to. remember at most of the dz's they provide free accomodation for workers. if not a room in a flat will cost you 50 dollars a week. in new zealand you need about 150 dollars a week to live cheaply. i have been on this course and know new zealand skydiving well as i have done alot of marketing in the skydiving industry. i have good and bad things to say about this course. if you want honest answers pm me. .Karnage Krew Gear Store .
  19. by the way wirlwind, dont speak out of your ass, most of the jumps are NOT solo's. after your aff you do 10 coach jumps and then your jumps are all with anywhere from 2-10 people formations. I did this course and only did a solo when i wanted to. this course also has one of the best free flyers in new zealand. francis b jackson, he is the freefly coach and pete corbett, great safety officer is an excellent jumpmaster. dont say what you dont know. .Karnage Krew Gear Store .
  20. alright, what is being said about this course, problems being ironed out/? well i was saying that when i was on the course and i was on the first one ever! we only had 16 students so there was not to many of us. during our course there was only i class for the whole year(16 of us). 25k to 45k per year. well if you go to taupo you will earn 500-1000nzdolaars per day! this is every jumping day. if you are a tandem master. christchurch you want get this, queenstown you will get a bit. I take it the guy that one of you were talking to owns a dz, well that must be howard, and he is a dickhead. I would like to know what dz you were talking about. i tell you waht the students that come out are well trained and trained ecspecially for commercial dropzones so who ever said that can piss right off. we go to class and learn meteorology, and have an exam on that and 40 other lectures. you get your first aid, you learn how to deal with the media and when you come out of this course you are extremley safe in the plane, you learn alot about safety. The course is 7,500nzd for a kiwi but the course also gets an extra 5000nzd from the govt. per student. This is a rip off but you do get a student loan. if you complete the course well you will get a brilliant job at the end of it. If you owe them money they WILL kick you out. They can be real money hungry assholes but on the flip side the prople that run the course i think are really nice people! i dont get on with them but they are good people if it is not about money. at this course you will make some great friends and do more jumping in a year than some people will do in five years, i mean you wake up to go to school every day to jump out of planes. I hear they have a new turbine, well this would be great. If you want to get in the debt for skydiving and want a carrer well this is the course for you. but if you have the money in your pocket and want to do it for a sport well got ot your local dz and pay for your jumps. When you come out of this fast-carrer path to skydiving you are ashamed to say you were on the course. I will reccomend this course if you want to get indebt with student loan and can put up with politics but if you cant handle this, do not go. Buy your own gear do not buy it from them as they make money off you whenever they can. You will love this course and hate it. These problems that are going to be ironed out......well stop dreaming, they have been there since i was there. Once again It is a great course but watch your money and dont piss the owners off as they can make skydiving in new zealand impossible for you, a couple of the guys from my course can not jump anywhere in new zealand they owed them money and have stoped them from getting licenses. these people are very connected in the industry of new zealand. Good luck to you if you do the course and i trust one thing, when you come out of it you will be able to earn alot of money and you will be a very safe skydiver. On my 60th jump they took me through my high altitude course and then took me to 18,000ft over queenstown, this was awesome!!!! peace all! .Karnage Krew Gear Store .
  21. just a quick post, no big deal but does anyone know any skydive CLOTHING websited? i would like to buy something that kind of says skydiving but in an indescreet way. you know something that does not say skydive to the whuffos. thanks. .Karnage Krew Gear Store .
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    i am starting to adopt new superstitions from just reading all these posts...aaaarrrghhhh stop it! i must stop reading these posts, now i will never high five with my left, i must close my eyes, god this is scaring me. .Karnage Krew Gear Store .
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    oh, an aussie may know it as a walkabout but a kiwi would say i am off to travell the world and party for the last eight years. You are a strange one. Yeah the movies, huh, yeah that's not where i really pick up skydiving lingo, so to speak. Go the skydiving movies. denzel, keanu, charlie sheen, yeah you got too hate those movies, even though you have to watch them .Karnage Krew Gear Store .
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    you are considering killing yourself??? "i aint even going to quote what you wrote. Dont worry about it we wont let that happen as a quick email of your license number around the dropzones and you will not be jumping anywhere. I think you should rephrase what you just wrote.....All this over a fortune cookie? .Karnage Krew Gear Store .