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  1. well I was showing her alot of videos and explaining them to her on she really liked jeb's base videos and the swooping wingsuit ext ext. She liked the sport and the people because of the fear that they lacked I.E she likes the mood of no fear. but what really got her interested was the segment on O.L.N about Dwain and Jeb when we whatched the segment she had a real eye opener about death and for only eleven. so for all I know she will end up to be like Jeb or like her older brother . And she thinks that jeb is hot somthing about the a man in black i dont know???????????
  2. I did she just ment it to getting women into top ranks in the P.S.T. I mean like some girl showing up and smoking Jay Moldelsky , luis cani. You know big names like that.
  3. PORN IS ONLY GOOD FOR SO LONG. [Most Recent Entries] [Calendar View] [Friends] Below are the 2 most recent journal entries recorded in facingfear01's LiveJournal: Saturday, December 25th, 2004 11:54 pm i AM GOING TO BE A SKYDIVER. OK THIS IS LONG BUT PLEASE JUST READ IT ALL THANK YOU. I've decided that i am going to be a skydiver. I want to be a skydiver because when i listen to skydivers talk they are such an imspration to me.They aren't afraid of death and they cut things as close to the core as possible.One skydiver said "were all going to dye thats one thing in this world that will always remain it can't be stopped like taxs or anything it just IS" i love that man his name is Jebb his friend Dwain got killed hitting a bridge.But the thing is that i'm tired of woman being in the background. I'm tired that there are no woman in the USA in the olympics in Tae Kwon Do that have not gotten 1st place. Stevan Lopez has gotten them all i'm tired of looking at him winning all those medals.I'm tired that no woman run for president, who don't step up to the plate, that are afraid of getting beatin down,that think that staying at home having a family and cooking is what there calling is to do.Bullshit that is not there calling at all. So I want to be a skydiver and do canopy swooping cause all the world champions are guys and no Ladies are stepping up to the plate. I want to get out there and be the world champion and prove to guys that THERE WAS A GIRL OUT THERE THAT COULD BEAT ALL OF THERE ASS'S AND WASN'T AFRAID TO TAKE THEM ON!!!!!!! THE THING IS THAT THEY TAKE CHANCES AND THEY FACE FEAR WITHOUT A SECOND THOUGHT,WITHOUT A DOUHT,WITHOUT EVAN THINKING ABOUT IT.I want to be one of those people that in history someone looked at my picture and said "wow I want to be just like that lady" it is just adrenaline rushing and if you want to be a skydiver,base jumper,canopy swooper,or just a plain old camera person please just email me at Current Mood: determined Current Music: Techno (Comment on this) 11:52 pm Hey different name hey everyone i'm stomachmonkey93 the account was fucked up so i got a different one so i'll type clickity-click away later Current Mood: blah Current Music: rock Well that's my little sis after watching all those skydiving movies with me and I like that she took Jeb to be her roll model.
  4. yo dog if this happens again give me a call and i'll send my boys over peace firizall.
  5. i say buy his rig and and when it comes refuse to pay because he is endangering all of us and this practice needs repeat needs to stop.
  6. It's hands down true bigger is better. More wing=more lift=more distance and less wing=less lift=less distance=but more speed.
  7. I think i speak for everyone here when i say take it offffff aaaaa sory i mean put it onnnnnn
  8. Kid your wasting your time. Nobody here wants to read about your accomplishments take it from me you wont get reginition by beating a dead horse. wait it out till you can get on the P.S.T then show them who they called crazy. I think jump numbers don't matter but the quality of training does I also think that if someone you don't know tells you to take your time , Don't rush things , hell you got your whole life to learn oooooo ya right . Well I tell them see you at the finish line. ooooooooooooooooooooooo that felt good
  9. With regarding having them built in no clue. But I did try tracking with flippers one time after reading about it in one of these forums it kinda hurt my back and was really hard to try and keep the track flat but mabe if you try this with a wing suit or even a P.F tracking suit i'm sure you will get a better outcome.
  10. thanks the swoops and openings are what i needed info on in this canopy class i'll try to get ahold of beezy and PD and work somthing out but still thanks for the review.
  11. I have taken intrest into the blade and nitro and some people say it has better performance than the katana or any other non X brace nine cell out there im intending to get a demo on one or the other but im interested were the winglets are placed on the wing/ do they really have alot of slow speed lift and if anybody has a blade of nitro could you post it so I could get a idea of what to expect thanks.
  12. as a option at this DZ we offer multi purpose team rooms and a saran rap'd pack area and don't forget to get your latex up front at manifest and for load priority be shure to see the jump pilot before hand.
  13. well I remember a video on some show and some guy wanted to fly to five/four feet and cut away on the flare really close to his family and freinds to impress his freinds and scare his wife a little but it was planned for 5 feet so he wouldn't get hurt well he comes down and everybody is like ooooooo aaaaaa thats soo cool ext ext well he's at like 20 25 feet chop's it all of usuden oooooo no just when he hit you could here both his legs snap ten feet away and his head put a dibit in the ground weird part of it all is that he lived and in the hospital his budy got him a skyhook as a get well present dum ass