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  1. Where were all these hotties when I was in jail? OMG talk about sexy as hell. There is nothing more hot than a chick that knows how to be down for a lil grand theft here and there. And attempted murder chick looks like she only tried to kill an old man by giving him a heart attack with her good looks. If I was the Judge I would call em' into my private quarters and discuss their punishment in there.
  2. Jump it and find out! Take the pilot chute and pull on it... can you pick the rig up off the floor without the container opening?
  3. F'ing bad a**. THE best helmet EVER! I'm sure everyone will back me up and give you the "helmet of the year, if not decade, and probably century award" This is hands down the coolest helmet I have ever seen and would love to have one myself. It is the most unique. The hard work was worth the effort! Good job my friend!
  4. Awesome clip man!!! I think everyone did a fantastic job and I can't wait to get out of the USA and join everyone in the mountains!! I will stick to proximity flying my soft white poofy clouds for now!!
  5. I am a fan of the 170ish size Diablo. I had one and LOVED it! The triathlon as well. That would always open quick and on heading. I have the bad habit of pulling low sometimes and the triathlon was always reliable. The Diablo is the same way. EASY Nay... SUPER EASY to pack and good openings! If you don't like your diablo or triathlon give it to me!!!
  6. Thanks Packing is fun for me (at times ) I like to mess around and do different things to see what it does. I am all for someone showing me new tricks. I would LOVE to have someone let me pack them a mal. I know it is very hard. I agree with that. Aside from sewing things together it is a hassel but why not spice up my life? If I didn't have to pay for a repack I would be having fun on my own rig.
  7. NOTICE TO ALL WILLING SKYDIVERS If you are willing to let me prove that I can cause a malfunction on your rig I am more than willing. How much fun is a guy allowed to have?? Yes all the pack jobs will be free Reserve pack jobs are your responsibility though.
  8. I am not on anyones side so don't feel like you won with me saying double stows can work. So.. no I do not agree with you NOW I never said double stows cause malfuctions. I said they CAN cause malfunctions. They certainly increase the risk of malfunctions. Shitty pack jobs CAN work. Why in the hell would you double stow when you can just put on a smaller rubber band and eliminate the chance of anyone even possibly being lazy or sloppy?? The way the malfunction was packed like I previously described was not as exaggerated as you point out. Small errors can cause malfunctions. It doesn't have to be as you put it.
  9. I have not been on the internet since I posted last. I will take on all bets. I am not afraid. Just to prove you guys wrong though I will pack it for you and since you guys are so confident we will just disconnect the cutaway handle since you guys think it can't cause a malfunction. I am a packer and have thousands of pack jobs. Once and awhile I double stow and like I said.. yes it can be done if you do it properly. I am kicking myself in the ass for not taking pictures of the cutaway we had at our DZ two years ago from a student packing his rig with double stows. He let too much line get inbetween his stows and did not overlap the rubber bands right dead square on top of one another like they should be. Ask anyone at Central Michigan Skydivers that was there. Scott Schlosser, Rick DeShano (S&TA), Warren Cleary, Myself and a half dozen other people. It can be done a thousand times, sure.. if you do it right it will not cause a malfunction but we are not talking about if you do it right. I bet PD would even say that if a double stow were done wrong it could cause a bag lock. WE ARE NOT TALKING ABOUT ALL THE TIME PEOPLE!!! I AM TALKING ABOUT CERTAIN CIRCUMSTANCES. IF DONE UNPROPERLY IT CAN HAPPEN.
  10. I'm not sure you got the riding skillz
  11. You and all those other girls can ride me anytime
  12. False!!! I have personally seen bag locks caused by double stows. If you double stow carefully... sure. You can get away with it BUT I HAVE SEEN IT FIRST HAND! DO NOT DOUBLE STOW IF YOU'RE SLOPPY OR JUST PLAIN LAZY! IT CAN HAPPEN! I WILL PUT MONEY ON IT THAT I CAN CAUSE A BAG LOCK WITH REGULAR RUBBER BANDS DOUBLE STOWED.
  13. Thank you! I currently have about 10 jumps on a jonathan 136 with my wingsuit and about 10 as well with my nitron 135. The Nitron is way easier going than the Jonathan. That Jonathan is a beast. It wants to out fly me and I can't even unzip my legs without diving it into the ground. I only load it up like 1.25 to 1. So the 120 is scary huh? What did you load it up at again? Hey people with the 135 and wingsuits... SPEAK UP
  14. If anyone hates their Nitron I'll buy it