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  1. That was bullying? It is not there. I did not say you should be banned, I said you deserve a warning for a personal attack. Perhaps I do too. This thread is really unattractive. This nastiness is so wrong to be in this forum.
  2. I think you are severely overreacting. You should somehow find it within yourself to acquire a much thicker skin. Everything that was said to you in the above quote was absolutely appropriate. Maybe the mark twain quote was unnecessary, but that is all. I am certain that 100% of experienced jumpers I know would agree. You expected to get shit, you admitted it in your first post. When you got wise advice, you lashed out in a way that should get a warning from the moderators. You might as well have warned us to be extra gentle with you. Too bad, this isn’t tiddlywinks,so man up and own it. Please consider that we’ve seen bad things happen. Being blunt is a good thing.
  3. I would figure that easily changed batteries would be a design goal for e-planes. Whether the cost would work out to have multiple batteries getting recharged and swapped, I hope it will.
  4. I always knew to get on loads with John and Valinda, fun is always accompanying them!
  5. If you click on accessories-helmet additions, then scroll down, there is a link to service/refurbish Z1 helmet $40 for the skirt installed:
  6. This company used to advertise on their website that they would replace the skirt, maybe they still do. I tried the new skylight lens, and the weird distortion they warn of was more distracting than I thought it would be and is not worth trying.
  7. Just to confirm, you are nearsighted, correct?
  8. Those orange soft plastic knives are indeed the models that have a well deserved, bad reputation. They are the only knives I've heard that were actually known to break. An example of a good small, light, inexpensive knife from Square 1 is linked below (I jump with 2 of these):
  9. In theory, friction is proportional to the force normal to the surface, not the pressure. However, that theory would prevent drag racing from achieving the amazing accelerations they do in fact achieve, so there is more that can go on besides the simple friction model. That is why I say that it may be a more complicated relationship that defies simple analysis of what the theoretical coefficient of friction is for the different materials.
  10. I would guess that much of the design/engineering that is done by skydiving equipment manufacturers is by people that do not have a engineering degree. This is just my opinion, but it might be worth considering.
  11. You stated that you were looking for a jumpsuit. That sounds like it would likely happen some number of jumps in the future. You mentioned that your pullover and shirt were snug, tight fitting, you asked if it looks like the shirt is loose. That sounds like someone that thinks the problems with wearing a t shirt are related to whether it is loose or not. That doesn't solve the problem, and it is quite reasonable to think that you don't get it, even if you didn't explicitly reject my advice. It is common for newly aspiring jumpers to not at all realize the myriad ways things can go wrong. Those that have been around a long time have accumulated a lot of first hand, and much more anecdotal experience that can keep you from being a statistic. You can see plenty of people jump in t shirts, and of course they usually are ok. You are a novice, and should not be violating this safety practice. I don't care if some DZs let students do it, it is a real risk that is easily avoided. Perhaps some others here on the site will convince me otherwise, I'm open to being convinced, but I don't think it likely. You are past the formative assessment stage. That was when you were a complete newbie. Now everything is most definitely an authentic, summative assessment without the opportunity for re-takes to achieve mastery status. If you are surrounded by lots of old timers (almost everyone is an old timer to you), they may grant you bits of wisdom, and that wisdom may come as they just walk by you doing something and blurt out some advice. That advice may not be delivered with a positive, supportive tone, scaffolded based on your prior knowledge, differentiated for your own learning style, to impart understanding by design. No, it may be possible to be offended by their delivery, but they wouldn't be giving you their advice if they didn't care about you. If it isn't clear why their advice makes sense, then first assume their intent is not to offend, but to help, stop them, thank them for caring and talk about it. I think that in our profile on this site, if you are a student, your "discipline choices" should be limited to just one - staying alive, made more likely by making all efforts to not repeat the bad stuff others did. I do understand how my earlier post can be seen as rude. I apologize for that. I understand how this post can be seen as rude. I don't care about that, I am intentionally being blunt. If you're in Ohio, or if I go through Colorado, we should definitely jump together.
  12. You are not the only one that has figured that because a shirt or pullover is tight fitting, or because you have it tucked in that it is OK. You are wrong. Please stop trying to find a reason for the advice to not apply to you. It is dangerous, and we know that because others have proven it. Your instructors should not allow you to jump like that.
  13. The relative stretchiness of dacron lines I believe is fairly well known, and important. I think there is something about the friction between dacron lines and slider grommets that is "just right". Ever since I've had my Pilot relined with Dacron, it has been "just right". I don't know if it is as simple as coefficient of friction or if it is a more complicated relationship with other properties, but I think dacron lines make it easy to get nice openings. I think that slippery line types, such as spectra make it more uncertain because of their different frictional or other properties. I have no experience at all with other types of lines, perhaps they also provide that just right interaction with the slider grommets. I think more of us that jump larger canopies should consider dacron when a reline is needed. Dacron's ability to not get snagged on velcro or other such similar natural or synthetic materials is also really nice. I always felt like I was destroying my lines when they would get snagged on some velcro from my jumpsuit wrist cuffs, or some vegetation that would get snagged... Anyway, I think early canopy designers benefited greatly from the good characteristics of dacron rubbing against grommets, and we would be grateful if other line types had that just right relationship, even if they weren't stretchy. Just a random ramblin, what do you think?
  14. Beware of shirts that can cover handles. The risk should not be ignored, and tucking in the shirt is not enough. Your instructors should have something to say about that.
  15. I think it was my Para-Flite Astrobe that got me in the habit of grabbing toggles so early. It would snivel until I unstowed the brakes.
  16. Isn't all of that true for std toggles with the webbing-nose? I don't see how the metal pin avoids any possible failure scenarios.
  17. Of course, a big difference for me is that I have wide risers and no interest in pulling the slider down past the toggles.
  18. Because I started on rounds, and because I'm weird, it is likely my formal training/what I do is not SOP.. I always, always grab the toggles right away, after opening shock. sometimes before it completes sniveling. I cannot remember a time when it seemed that I ever missed cleanly grabbing even one of them. I don't need to look at the toggles to get them, they are nice stay open type and they just seem to fall into my hands. I often go into deep brakes immediately, reducing speed for a few seconds to identify other canopies and other, later groups in freefall, and I like having that level of control without any delay. i understand scenarios where things could go bad compared to grabbing rear risers. It kinda hit me in the last couple years, figuring I'm kinda unusual in this regard. Or maybe not so? Please let me know what you think, Of course I want to discuss, but don't try too hard to get me to change my ways.
  19. The Firebolt from jumpshack/parachute labs I believe is also low bulk due to hybrid fabric construction (at least it used to be). I believe they make them in larger sizes.
  20. I found the Z1 to be the best fit for my large head, and I used it for about 10 years. Even the largest G3 would not allow for the width across my ears. The audible pocket on mine also got stretched out over time, and I did not like the distortion from the updated visor, which I used for one season. I've never had either visor on the Z1 open during freefall. I sold my old Z1 helmet with both visors and a nice helmet bag, which was in really great condition except for the drawstring cord being broken. There was no interest in the helmet until I eventually lowered the price down to $80. I really like my new Kiss helmet, no visor distortion, easy to use, love that audibles are securely held, not just in a pocket, and camera accessories are available. Only the price is bad.
  21. Therefore, when in the low basement and wanting the reserve out, throw out the main pc and cutaway in one smooth motion...problem solved
  22. Looking farther out doesn't have to mean really far. All things in moderation...
  23. I think keeping this earlier thread going would be better: A thread I started about chinmount alterrnatives
  24. go to The guy makes really high quality parts. The design is well thought out. I had to get one with a greater possible angle "upwards" than normal. Apparently I fly with my head tilted down more than others.
  25. Many, including myself, have found that an audible is easier to hear with earplugs. The Optima works very well in a KISS. I consider it to be internally mounted, but externally accessible.