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  1. Thanks for the input. I figured before I started blindly calling around, I would throw it out there and see if I got lucky. Regarding the video, they don’t share them or allow copies. But this is less about me not understanding how I’m falling short, and more wanting to see someone my size approach every aspect of the jump, and pick their brain.
  2. Yes I am trying to move through AFF to get my A license. First my problems began at level 2, which were basic arching and leaving the cramped space of the door, Because I was much larger than the 2 instructors they couldn’t get control of my body and when I went to check in I saw terrified deer in the headlights and urgency I never anticipated seconds later they pulled for me to keep it together. My fault entirely. A few days later, I drove 300 miles round trip for 30 minutes of tunnel coaching and went back the next day much more confident and excited. We get into free fall, and I think I’m doing good but my instructor wanted my legs more extended, and a deeper arch. Which my back would NOT do. I have a herniated disk in my lumbar so that may be it. But looking at other skydivers whose BOC ends at their sacrum I feel like have an advantage. My container ends above my kidneys, and the effort involved with my legs extended to hold that super deep arch while lifting the rig instead of sort of bending around it is intense. I’m 6’4” 212 and am in good shape in case you’re wondering if it’s just a lack of fitness. When I was in the tunnel I NEVER once arched that far or with my legs fully extended unless I was trying to move on a vertical axis. Another frustrating thing is that the DZ I went to (super, super cool people, please do not think I am speaking negatively of them) operates on the “your instructors of the day is whomever doesn’t have a tandem” principle so I just keep hearing what I’m doing wrong not how I evolved, which is another thing that would help me personally, as well as consistency is important when learning anything new. I very much want to be a skydiver, the only thing I can compare it to was seeing my sons born. I still dream and flashback to the utter exhilaration of exiting that first time. It was like taking the red pill and seeing the possibilities for the very first time. But I’m also pragmatic enough to want a proper education.
  3. I wasn’t trying to be funny, and I’m not blaming anyone but myself for my lack of progress. I’m a visual learner and something is not computing. I would love to see someone my size demonstrate certain aspects that I’m apparently failing to grasp. I walked away from my last jump confused and lacking the knowledge of how I personally could overcome my mistakes, and if that’s the case I’m not going to pay for another dive just hoping it will work out.
  4. Hello, I am about to give up on this because I can’t seem to find an instructor that doesn’t make me feel like a square peg going into a round hole. I’m not under 5’8” like every instructor at my DZ, and just want work with somebody who can offer real insight, and help me achieve and learn instead of Just hoping I don’t fail.