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  1. The 30 minute video I posted covers a wide range of topics, not just those mentioned in the title. He even gets challenged on the comparison to socialist regimes that have killed millions. It is a positive that so many leftists demonstrate the awareness of this socialist tendency to kill so many of their own citizens. It would be even better if they didn't think it an anomaly.
  2. This is a reasonable starter:
  3. I remember a “Viking” from way back. Welcome back. I suggest not asking a DZ what will be required to jump again until you are actually there on the day you’ll jump, and bring video/photographic evidence of your prior skills. Some might say it doesn’t matter, the only way to get back means a very expensive way, but I think the person that actually makes the call is much more likely to be less strict in person. Be humble but confident in your abilities and they might just require you do a normal jump with an instructor, not be treated like someone that has forgotten how to fall off a horse. That was my experience when coming back.
  4. Never mind, the specifications say there is an activation delay of 5 to 7 seconds.
  5. Please don’t pretend to be certain to know what I think. The term “stunt” can mean different things to different people, of course. It is telling that the left seems to not realize how badly their reaction makes them look to the deplorables. Trying to win the votes of deplorables isn’t likely when they are so often reminded what the left thinks of them. It matters infinitely more what people do than what they think. Was there any reporting from residents in the area complaining about the very gracious act being a stunt? Maybe I missed that.
  6. That sounds like paraphrasing that is not an accurate representation of his statements. Many people will only be exposed to what others summarize about such statements. He is quite careful with his wording and explaining his reasoning. For instance, it wasn’t just “pressure” to use chosen pronouns. He made it clear he would call someone by their chosen pronoun, but not when forced to at the point of a gun (which is what laws do). I’m paraphrasing also. When the government tells you what you must say, the comparison is reasonable.
  7. I had forgotten about that version. It seems like it would be prone to activating before leaving the aircraft, as there can be significant time after the pin is pulled before exiting.
  8. Ok, the Baltimore Sun didn’t know their motives, however it appears you do. Since agreement appears not possible, clarity is quite valuable (borrowing from Dennis Prager).
  9. My understanding is that even the ACLU opposed that.
  10. Please elaborate, it should be easy to point out what is so awful since he’s being called a nazi by the left.
  11. "Whatever he says his motives were, Scott Presler’s presence in Baltimore reinforces the tired image that the poor people in this city can’t take care of their own neighborhoods," the Sun complained. Nicely summarized by one of the comments after the article: The Left: if limited government is so great, how come people don't actively help each other? Also The Left: picking up 12 tons of trash is racist.
  12. I think you meant to write that the volume of a parachute is a cubic function, and that you meant to say volume vs area. That is true, but not relevant.
  13. There was another thread a little while back, should be searchable. My guess is that it has less value as experience increases. I also psycho pack every time because it is so easy.
  14. I would expect it to be some variation of what are generally called 5 point harness releases.
  15. Also quite unusual for a fuselage mounted pusher on a tail dragger. the article is a bit loose with mechanical details, such as claiming about 10 moving parts for a 6 cylinder internal combustion engine.
  16. Excellent, I was equating screaming with the last alarm, I should have known better. It is great to see more choices and innovations
  17. I think that the last alarm, which I presume is what you meant, should be used to remind you that it is time to stop messing with a malfunction, not that it is time to deploy your main.
  18. On some analog altimeters you can change the background graphic. On all digital altimeters you can choose feet or meters, don’t avoid digital models for that reason.
  19. This is a decent little (still current) thread about landing technique and how we think about it and describe it.
  20. Single vs 2 stage technique involves managing the interests of simple procedures for overwhelmed students vs effectiveness. Start trying to think of responding to your canopy during the flare, instead of pushing a mental button to initiate flare stroke part 1 now, part 2 practice flares up high where you can appreciate how much feedback can be perceived. Don't stop flying the canopy!
  21. Perhaps I'm just being cynical, but it seems that the cool angle from under the formation was just too awesome to not fully explore. You hinted at it in your original post. It is really dangerous to just do that stuff without a plan. From the video, it seems that there was no effort to get a best direction to track, which is still not what that jumper should have been concentrating on. When low, spend the entire rest of the jump trying to get back up, or at least minimize the vertical separation while keeping sight of the group. That might mean being off to the side of the formation so you can see while on your belly. This puts you in the safest position to eventually track away with the rest of the group, being off to the side and with minimal vertical separation. Perhaps some can fall slower while on their back, but this one didn't try to fall slow. On the subject of good separation on opening, there was one person that fell past, and it is hard to tell how close they really were, but it was somewhat close. More concerning is the large vertical separation that existed. I think it is likely that the jumper that fell past on opening had to actively monitor and adjust their track to achieve the horizontal separation (fortunate that they had enough of that skill), and it should be emphasized that you really don't want to be in either role here.
  22. If I'm taken out by a "meat missile" and that makes me go low, it is absolutely the wrong move to intentionally go lower. The flying style of the one with the grey rig is something I've never seen. The elbows close together in front of chest - is that a new thing? It looked like it was being done on the whole swoop down I think.
  23. Looks good, but your track ought to be less of a dive and more horizontal.
  24. If the folks making the Dekunu don't get hold of you for an advertisement, they are missing out!
  25. Please consider that you acknowledged advice, but I suggest it is reasonable for some to conclude that it didn't/wasn't going to make the impact it ought to. Please consider that you're not the first to show this trait. You are showing the ability to disregard the advice of your jumping elders repeatedly, despite paying lip service to how it is valuable. Don't blame others for the derailment. You were not bullied. You got worked up about next to nothing.