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  1. As the prop turns ...... Jay Epstein Ramirez
  2. Just got mine in the mail.... looking forward to a busy week before our next level camp at mile high. Jay Epstein Ramirez
  3. Retarded awesome !!!!! Jay Epstein Ramirez
  4. Reminds me of the argument of Skis VS Snowboards. The line gets blurred more and more as the equipment and terrain become more and more similar. Since skydiving occurs around the world.... and the uspa doesn't have the last say everywhere.... I think many aspects of WS terrain flying and canopy-terrain flying are beginning to crossover. And like it or not..... most people that come out to a dz to learn how to skydive these days are very interested in both Wing-suiting, and BASE. Talk to any tandem master or AFF, or just listen on the plane ride up..... it's what 70% of new jumpers are inquiring about. Like all activities that evolve and grow.... the average "new" jumper is very interested , and should be informed of just what is happening out there these days with humans and human powered body flight. I understand that some people don't want "Their Sport" affected or categorized with all of the WS proxi fatalities, but unfortunately the fact that we are all free-fallers and gravity pilots kinda groups us together. Its like being a traveling American, and trying to convince people that you personally didn't vote both of the Bush's into presidency. Just my .02$ Jay Epstein Ramirez
  5. Blue Skies were a true devil in the air. One who really "got" it. I'll miss you dearly . I don't think I'll ever be able to put on my WS without thinking of you. Even though earth is now a little more lacking .... I'm sure heaven is a much more fun place, now that you are their to show those that are lost the way of the Ash-Man. Blue Skies Brother, Jay Jay Epstein Ramirez
  6. I started flying Samurai's at about 600 jumps. I've cut away a 135,a 120, and a 97. The last one was so terrifying(the reserve had multi line twists). I was determined to fly them with larger wing-suits. A good friend looked at me after the last scary chop and asked me if I'd had enough yet. I still own my 97 , but rarely fly it. I can fly my sabre 2 almost as hard and have as much fun on it. Just my .02 cents. Jay Epstein Ramirez
  7. The Best burn Brightest, but not always longest. Alex was one of the good ones. I remember meeting you two standing on the Royal Gorge, with the biggest shit eating grins on your faces . Attached to those grins was a couple hundred feet of rope. After Troy asked me to climb under the bridge to inspect your rig........I climbed back over that railing impressed with Alex's and your rig. When I asked how long you guys had been parachuting........and Alex blurted out..... "That comes next!!".....I knew you two were............. the right kinda people.............. our kinda people....... My deepest condolences..............I hope that in your time of sorrow that you know how many friends close by you have in the neighborhood. Don't hesitate to call....... Jay Epstein Ramirez
  8. Unfortunately ..... the pilot of the glider tow was a local Skydiver/Basejumper/Wingsuit Pilot, and friend to a ton of people on this forum. See you on the other side little buddy ........ We'll all end up there eventually. Jay Epstein Ramirez
  9. :( We'll tear it up for you..... Jay Epstein Ramirez
  10. My first time in clouds...... I have about 37 jumps. I'm down in Chile skiing for the summer. I have my first rig that I just purchased from my DZO in Colorado. I lad in Santiago and call up the local Skydiving Guru. He invites me over... fondles my gear and logbook, and tells me to show up the following day to catch a ride to go make some jumps. I show up the next morning, and find out that due to weather, we are not sure where we are jumping. The locals have a mobile DZ . They just fly the plane to whatever part of the country has the best weather. We head out to grape country. A beautiful valley with monster jagged mountains on both sides. We arrive and the Cesna is sitting waiting for us. The clouds are solid. Like Seattle solid. At 1-2000 ft its like soup. We hang out for about an hour. Finally I get told that we are headed up. With an air of confidence, I am told the weather is breaking.... by the time we reach altitude, it'll be crystal :) !!! I bored the plane..... the first thing I notice is the the interior walls are missing. I can see all of the cables/plumbing that I never knew existed. Franken-plane.....I ask about the pilot, and get told... oh this guys new...... we get volunteers that only hang out for a few weeks at a time. I'm thinking..... it's all good if I can just make it to a grand.... After we all squish in . The pilot tries to turn over the engine. Woooga wooga woooooogaaaa. Dead battery....... one of the other jumpers swears , jumps out of the plane, runs to his VW, pulls it up to the door , pulls out jumper cables and jump starts the plane. I'm really starting to get a little nervous now. We taxi down to the runway..... and I realize.... this muddy rutted out mine field ahead of us is our runway...... off we go . As we climb up to 1000 ft we hit soup. The plane is so full of cloud you can't even see the wingtips. We fly fly fly fly forever. We finally come out at about 8,500 ft. The view is incredible. Andes Mountains on both sides with an ocean of clouds below. I'm a little freaked out. I've never seen clouds like this. At 10,000 ft the more experienced guy starts giving heading corrections..... a little to the left..... a little to the right......... I ask him..... is there a GPS on this heap ???? He looks me square in the eye and says..... when the prop is lined up with that mountain over there, and the wing is lined up with that one over there.... we are over the DZ. He gives a 10 second call and jumps out with everyone else. I am left alone ... I'm terrified.... I decide thats it... I'm riding my first plane down. The pilot looks at me and smiles . For the first time I realize that this guy is missing most of his teeth . I look around at Franken-plane, and re-evaluate my situation. I immediatley exit the aircraft. As I approach the cloud I fly into my own corona/shadow. It's such an incredibly out of body experience. I watch my alti. 8,000 ....7,000...6,000...5,0000........... and then it hits me.... could this be a bad spot?? I saw Alive. Crashing into a mountain in freefall is not a good idea.... I deploy at 4500. After I deploy I look up to make sure my canopy is big and square. Of course... my lines dissapear into cloud. I'm so freaked out, all I can do is un-stow my brakes and watch my alti. I finally come out at about 2000 ft. I am facing the wrong way, and have bee flying away from the DZ the entire time. I land in cow pasture, and am chased off by some angry cows. I actually tear my canopy jumping a fence to get away from the cows. The moral of this story..... a light spiral would have allowed me to stay over my designated LZ. Out landings are out landings...I've made my share. As an experienced Demo and BASE jumper.... I have a fair amount of faith in my ability to land a parachute in a harsh/unfamilliar/hostile environment. Out landings should be treated with respect. They have the potential to throw some nasty curve-balls at you. I have more than once gone out to pick up fellow skydivers , and found seriously injured friends. Just my .02 .... Jay Epstein Ramirez
  11. I Kinda feel like the DZ mascot...... I only got one thing to say..... THE ONLY PEE TEST THEY GET FROM ME IS A TASTE TEST !!!!!! Jay Epstein Ramirez
  12. Print out this thread..... and IF your still jumping in five years pull it out and reread your posts. I doubt you will feel the same. In all of the other sports I've been into(cave diving, heli skiing, climbing/mountaineering/iceclimbing, DH mountain-biking, ect) could take the number of people I've personally even met in my entire life that have died, and count them on one hand. In a bad year skydiving..... I can count 5 + in one season. Wait till you get around. Wait till you have some extended friends that you've shared some special times with. Wait until you are the one holding their canopy over them to keep the sun off as EMS sirens drone off in the distance. Cause I got news for you.............. you won't be waiting long !!!! Not if you actually jump 2-300 times a year. Don't forget to print out your'll appreciate it a bit more once you've got a little more time in . Believe me..... I thought some pretty silly shit until I was the one calling 911. Jay Epstein Ramirez
  13. You might...... most normal people question lunatic antics performed via the internet. Having said that..... I probably have 50-100 sub 1000 ft openings from an airplane...... have cut away a perfectly good canopy to unpack my reserve(Sorceror packed slider off reserve) .......and played chicken with friends ..... all of course in southern countries that allow such antics. To each his own...... if you wanna go bang some hooker without a raincoat..... who am I to tell you it's raining cats and dogs??? Who are you to tell me anything???? Jay Epstein Ramirez
  14. Hell I don't think it's a pissing contest.... I think it is just plain good old history. I mean if people are going to intentionally chop... hum it down below a grand, or go for low pull contests.... they get what they deserve. You can't save people from themselves....... Jay Epstein Ramirez