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  1. good job man , ive personally seen that happen twice and im sure it wont be the last. U walked away and all that matters ! "Never go full retard"
  2. HELL YES !! Please,please .please get us some balloon jumps!! Ive been dying to do one. "Never go full retard"
  3. Love my Z1,keeps it nice and quiet,never opened on me in freefall(not that i have a ton of jumps)and puts a hault on snot rockets! Plus i think they look badass.Also never fogs up on me, and very easy to open once under canopy just takes a few times to break it in. "Never go full retard"
  4. i did 3,4,5,6,7 in 1 day and i was exhausted mentally and physicaly for 3 or 4 days, but it was all worth it when i bought my case and got wasted !!! "Never go full retard"
  5. Congrats girl,those altitude withdraws really suck don't they? "Never go full retard"
  6. Best advice i got was to try and "stick your dick in the dirt while in freefall" helped me out a ton. "Never go full retard"
  7. Jump #6 I nailed my exit and then nailed my backflip, huge moment for me 1st time i think i actually relaxed a little in freefall it was also my 4th jump out of 5 that day and went on to finish AFF and of course bought my case of beer.
  8. Its fun,i'm addicted,the beer drinking,the challenge,and last but not least women skydivers are sexy as hell !!!! "Never go full retard"
  9. For some reason on my first 10 to 15 jumps i got congested and HAD to hock up a bog ole loogie and let er rip. "Never go full retard"
  10. Thanks to all the guys and gals that posted ideas,some bad ass videos, and one hell of a sexy schoolgirl pic Ill eventually figure out what to do !! peace. "Never go full retard"
  11. My 100th jump will be here soon and im definetly getting it filmed, im just wanting to get some ideas and or your stories of your 100th. (probably an 8 way or so) Im not into freeflying yet but possibly be part of the base on a hybrid? "Never go full retard"
  12. Anyone know of a place that i could do a balloon jump in the tampa area ? Willing to travel long distance if needed. Thanx "Never go full retard"
  13. AFF 6 when i nailed my exit and then nailed the backflip, that moment my confidence went sky high and i haven't looked back. "Never go full retard"
  14. I 3rd that !! Thanx to all that put that day together,had a great time and learned ton.