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  1. tasmanianjumper

    Tasmanian Jumper

  2. tasmanianjumper

    Skydive Delmarva

    On my AFF grad dive I had an extremely positive experience visiting skydive del marva. I really like the DZ but think that the DZ area should be delinated better as with a grass Airfield and farmland surrounding it could be marked better with paint on the roof.. VS-17 panels.. Something! All that being said thier professionalism and dedication is superb.. After a dusk skydive I asked one of the riggers if he would minds giving me a on the spot class. He had no issues discussing the finer points of rigging unt 930 pm... This DZ is truly outstanding and well worth the drive even from Baltimore!! Great group of folks who love skydiving.. As a matter of fact.. I have only 12 jumps but was corrected for the first time about my boots with hooks on them being a no go due to getting caught in suspension lines if I am in an unstable position after parachute deployment. Was never mentioned before at any other DZs. If they had warmer weather and less wind it would be my year round mecca for skydiving on the east coast.
  3. tasmanianjumper

    Kapowsin Air Sports

    Over at Sanderson Airfield in Shelton, WA Kapowsin Air Sports / Skydive Kapowsin delivers! There are great facilities and outstanding staff! The only somewhat of a Bummer is the rain (but being a Native Washingtonian we are used to these things) and even so there a PLENTY of knowledgeable folks there and plenty of good times to be had in the Hanger (in case of rain delay). Family owned and operated. If you are not from their family they will welcome you like family anyways. 1-800-SKY-DIVE
  4. tasmanianjumper

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