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  1. tasmanianjumper

    Not Another downsize Question?

    I am NOT going to make people roll thier eyes by asking "Is it okay for me to jump a blah blah blah.. or a blah blah blah" I have some solid and sound advice and feel it's time to downsize. I feel comfortable with my 240 and completed all of the USPA CP card.. and my next available rental rig is a 200... That will be a HUGE change in wingloading.. Pulling early to do some practice turns to see how it handles high up is probably a good idea... Practice flares, ETC. I know my forward and downward speed is about to slightly increase losing 40 square feet of canopy (or maybe going from .96 to 1.2 wingloading it will definately be a big increase) When you DO on your first "I'm going to feel this out for my first time" and if you've been caught in a "Holy Crap, I'm screwed situation" other than prepare to PLF.. Any Ideas? You can roll your eyes with that question ;p... Thanks!! Blue Skies!!! Taz
  2. tasmanianjumper

    Main Riser Covers Not Opening

    I have had my risers partially caught in my container after my canopy released (it's kinda hard to tell behind my container) but anyways I grab the riser that is out it popped free... that only happend to me once though so far. Taz
  3. tasmanianjumper

    New to Skydiving

    SMH... Selling everything you own???? How silly... you can sell yourself too... I look damn good in heels for a dude, just kidding. The truth of the matter is that I am downsizing all the crap I don't need around the house... what I NEED is my house to be at the DZ :p Blue Skies!!! Taz
  4. Also BTW your Altimeter is NOT accurate below 1,000 Feet.... if you were trying to track your legs using that exclusively... you are setting yourself up for a funeral. I reccomend that you try a Tandem jump with an experienced instructor who can help you dial in your accuracy and talk the landing through as you go so you get a good "hands on" feel. At only 36 jumps and only an A License I am not as experienced as most but it worked for me. Take Care, Blue Skies! Taz
  5. tasmanianjumper

    Traveling with Gear

    EXCELLENT FIND!!! I will START using that starter pistol.... That seems like a fool proof solution! Taz
  6. tasmanianjumper

    Traveling with Gear

    Yeah, I don't think the TSA guy will have anything in the Pocket of Concern about paying for a repack... To use my line "Bill the President and he'll pay for it" anyways it always pays to be cool to the TSA Nazis! Taz
  7. tasmanianjumper

    B License questions

    Well that sounds like that's that in a nutshell!!! Thanks!!! Taz
  8. tasmanianjumper

    B License questions

    Say... here's a quick question I was wondering as I was checking out my B card... The requirements to make 10 group freefall formations... that seems ambigious - is there a set standard number of RW jumpers (2 way, 4 way, whatever) and how many formation shifts / points. 2nd Question - Live Water training (just need one AFF-I, IAD-I, Coach, or what?). I will also ask when I go back to the DZ next weekend just wondering if someone knew offhand... Thanks! Taz
  9. tasmanianjumper

    Traveling with Gear

    All very excellent points... The real issue is when your the last individual on the plane and you have people with like 15 damn carryons and all the bins are full though :( Taz
  10. tasmanianjumper

    Skydive Jamaica - Does it Exist?

    I had my own DZ but then I got high!!! That sucks!! Taz
  11. tasmanianjumper

    Traveling with Gear

    So here is the question: Why should they be carried on? Is it because of the fact that luggage personnel just don't give a damn how they handle stuff? Taz
  12. tasmanianjumper

    Rental Rig

    So here's a question: As a A license jumper I can rig my OWN main parachute but when I rent a rig and jump it.... it would have to repacked under a supervision of a rigger, correct? That is of course... unless I jump said rig until I repacked it for the last time under the supervision of a Senior Rigger, Correct? Any thoughts folks? Taz
  13. tasmanianjumper

    Tasmanian Jumper

  14. tasmanianjumper

    Missouri Skydiving

    I will be in Waynesville, MO Taz
  15. tasmanianjumper

    Missouri Skydiving

    Is Adreneline Air in Vichy, MO closed? Skydive Missouri in Mt. V along with Freefall Express in Mt V. Free Fly Center in Festus... Anyone here got anything candid to say on any of this stuff... will be visiting MO soon for two months!!! Thanks! Taz