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  1. Has anyone selected a custom cut from Flite Suit and have it put on a RW suit, specifically with booties? I've tried searching around the forums but got nada. Just looking for some pictures just to get an idea of how things turned out.
  2. There's Skydive Milwaukee, in East Troy, WI. There open on weekends only, (Sat/Sun), throughout the winter months. You can go to www.skydivemilwaukee.com for all the info. Just call before you come out to make sure it's jumpable.
  3. How much is the boogie fee, jump tickets, and all that fun stuffs?
  4. There's your answer. Listen to your instructors, there smart cookies
  5. Yes, I think the best way to go would be some sort of small microwave energy weapon. Something that would boil water from a distance, in a fraction of a second, and allow it to cool as much as possible whilst still having the bubbles within to cushion the impact. Like one of those bubble machines they have in the diving pools. But you wouldn't want to be falling into boiling water... I think I heard a story once of a construction worker who fell from a bridge and lived because a spanner falling below him broke the surface of the water. Probably bullshit though. I Know Mythbusters tried that theory, but they were chasing down a myth about a construction worker that threw his hammer right before impact, blah blah blah. I forget the outcome... it might have been probable death. Anyways, If you do decide to fling yourself off of the golden gate bridge, don't forget video
  6. Rig, canopy and reserve all under 300-400 jumps for $1200 and all of it manufactured in 97
  7. It's a 170, I mixed it up with my Tri 175. And in conclusion, I'm legal as far as the TSO, but the manufacturer strongly frowns upon 230 lbs leaving the aircraft. And due to it's age there is no way of truly knowing if it can safely deliver me to the ground, from deployment to flare.
  8. I need to start shopping then, that, or drop the twenty pounds.... I could do with losing some weight. In what little defense there is, I weighed significantly less when I bought the gear. dumb question, what does CFM stand for? porosity? I'm guessing... So what some are saying, the difference between me violating the TSO with my old ass Tempo, (leaving experience out of question for a second), and a guy of the same weight or more violating the TSO by flying a much newer reserve smaller than my comforter is the currency of the design, which goes with out saying, the improvement of the structural integrity?
  9. Thanks for the info. Another question though, my exit weight exceeds the TSO by around 20-30lbs... what would that mean if I were to deploy it in a high speed mal?
  10. My Tempo 175 reserve, (manufactured in 2000), is certified under TSO C23c according to the FAA website database of TSO's. http://www.airweb.faa.gov/Regulatory_and_Guidance_Library/rgtso.nsf/0/ADA30BAEF3A7B0F085256E5900556A49?OpenDocument I've done some reading from this source. http://www.butlerparachutes.com/everythi.htm and I quote, "TSO C23c (issued 1984) refers to SAE Aerospace Standard (AS) 8015A for the minimum performance standards and has Categories A (130 KIAS at 225 lb.), B (150 KIAS at 254 lb.) and C (175 KIAS at 254 lb.)." It's an old source, but the sources in the appendix at the very bottom of the page seem pretty well rounded. Even though the majority are no longer in existence... I think. So my question is; if there are three different sub categories to TSO C23c, with each sub category more rugged than the prior, what sub category of TSO C23c does the Tempo 175 reserve fall in? I guess I could check on the mfg label of my reserve, but my next repack isn't for quite some time. Even so, I don't know if it would list the sub section of the TSO. It wasn't to long ago where I didn't even know what the hell a TSO was, so the more info the better.
  11. Welcome to a journalists world. The five criteria for libel 1. The statement must be published. a. Libel law is not statutory law-it varies from state to state. As a rule of thumb: it may be libel if more than 25 people have seen it. 2. The plaintiff in a libel case (the one who’s been libeled) must be identified. a. You don’t need to use the name, but if you identify them by some other means it is enough. 3. The plaintiff must be defamed. Things that could hurt your credibility: crime, sexual conduct, illness (mental), addiction to anything, organizations (ex: racism) 4. The statement has to be false. a. Truth and accuracy are two different things. b. Attribution is not a defense in libel. (3 and 4 run hand in hand) if a statement is defamatory but true, and can be proved as true, it is not libel; and vice versa. 5. Fault: it was/is the fault of the defendant, (writer, publisher, editor). a. Negligence (private person): fair comment law. b. Malice (public person)
  12. Hmmm... Good food for thought. My lineset only has maybe a 100 jumps left on it, and I need a new slider. I've toyed around with the idea of just getting a different used canopy... I figure I'll start asking about the matter around the DZ when the time comes.