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  1. Skydive sebastian has their March Madness event during that time. They have a different event going every weekend throughout the month. I was at zhills and sebastian last winter and it sebastian seemed to be more catered for freeflyers than zhills. But Zhills is awesome too. Either way you can't go wrong.
  2. Yes! He is an awesome guy. I was down for the christmas boogie last year and my friend had a cutaway. A week and a half later there was still no canopy. A fews days after we got home, she received the call saying he'd found it. From everyone we talked to, he is regarded pretty highly. Hope this helps!
  3. I had used open face through most of my student progression. While at a new drop zone they had a z1 for visiting jumpers and i tried it once and never looked back. I had the z1 for about a year and i recently got a g2. Full faces rock especially when it's cold outside. But there is something to say about the wind in your face every once and a while.
  4. Hey guys, I have a racer right now so i have a 2 pin cypress. My cypress is up after the +/- 3 months at the end of april. Im looking buy a new container towards the end of next season. But i'm looking at getting a mirage which would call for a 1 pin aad. My question is, can you modify a 2 pin aad to a 1 pin? I've seen on here where people have suggested putting both cutters on one closing loop or hiding away the second cutter. I'd rather not test to see if that would work. Thanks guys
  5. Ya that is larry in the picture. Thanks, guys for the suggestions, they'll help out nice in the coming boogies this winter.
  6. I'm new to the sport( 38 jumps), but i have been fortunate enough to visit 5 or 6 DZ's. Every time i went to a new DZ i asked for a tour, the best outs, landing area and turn patterns. At more than one the answer i got was "whatever you feel like" or "there isn't one just watch the traffic". Is this normal? At my home DZ they drilled turning patterns into us and told us to ask when visiting DZ's. With USPA focusing on canopy safety i thought this would be a good thing to know.
  7. Ok cool. Is it like a call a week or so before kind of thing?
  8. If it is clear and the winds are not to high. The cold isn't that big of an issue. We jumped at Skydive Chicago on saturday for the closing weekend. The temps were the in the high 20's low 30's. It's cold but its always worth it haha. And i'm jealous you have CA. Never been there, but i plan on heading that way sometime soon
  9. I know a group of jumpers,my self included, who want to jump as much as possible in the winter when we get a "nice" day. We usually can get up in Mt. Pleasant and saginaw. Are there any other places in the area flying this winter?
  10. Awesome thanks guys. I know it's a pretty broad topic thanks for starting point!
  11. Hey guys, This past season was my first season of skydiving and i've seen in para gear and some parachutist articles, people talk about the differences in lines. I know absolutely nothing about lines and was looking to learn as much as i can in the off season. Thanks in advanced!
  12. Hey txhoss, I know this thread is a little on the old side. But I too am looking to build a rig rack. did you end up building yours, if so what and how did you do it?