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  1. Jump 0-30, various student canopies, Mantas, Navigators, sizes 280 and 260. After that I started learning classic accuracy on a 260 canopy, as well as jumping Raider 220. When I was close to 200 jumps I did a couple of jumps on a Vengeance 170 (WL was under 1, I was 155lbs out the door back then), decided I wasn't ready for it, so I waited another 100 and something jumps before I tried Cayenne and Stiletto 150, I felt pretty confident, so I ended on Springo 120 a little before I had 400 jumps. Wingload at that time was 1.29 (exit weight was still 155), nowadays, at 700+ jumps it's the same canopy, only the Wl has changed to 1.47 (managed to grow some muscles in the meantime). Doing a lot of classic accuracy, I had my doubts about my progression (difference in size, in performance, in flying tehnique), but since I do spend a lot of time under canopy, some things are quite natural for me, like braked turns and aproaches and stuff like that, so I never felt like I'm pushing things with the 120.
  2. Hey man, if you don't mind flying more "alternative" canopies, I'd suggest you go and try Springo. Great openings, short recovery arc, pretty responsive (not as much as the Stiletto though).
  3. So, do you think the software Jeb was using on his "Flying dagger" project could be used to simulate a swooping course up high? So people would have 2 or 3 "landings" plus the real one at the end? :) Here's the video of the simulation.[url]
  4. Try here. Sorry, don't know how to make it clicky.
  5. Thanks for your advice phoenixlpr, I'll practice these things. Hopefully I'll become better at it.
  6. Hey everyone, Could someone explain aerodynamics of oversteer? I'm flying Springo 120 at 1.3, and when I practice different types of input up high, I noticed that it can oversteer really, really much. For instance, if I make a 360 degrees front riser turn, without counter input it can turn for like another 360. I learned to stop it with proper counter input in the harness, but I'm wondering does it have something to do with this type of canopy being trimmed too flat (Stiletto type of a canopy, with really short recovery arc)? Thanks.
  7. I'll take a look in your posts and video, thanks a lot.
  8. Ok, thanks for answers everybody. Saskia, I saw one of your posts somewhere in swooping and canopy control forum where you said that Springo collapses very easy in turbulence, can you descibe your experience please?
  9. Hi everyone, can someone tell me is it true that PdF Springos are sized one size smaller than PD canopies? Like, a 120ft Springo is equal to 107ft Stiletto? A friend of mine heard this, but I'm not really sure. Thanks.
  10. No thank you Drew, I'm not into getting wild and hurting myself. Besides, I fly a 120ft canopy loaded at 1.3 for style jumps, and it's pretty exciting for me. Straight in approach, 5 meter turf surf, and giggle for the rest of the day (or until next jump). It's not very SoFPiDaRF, but for some strange reason, I don't like pain.
  11. Find a new dropzone. I'm into classic accuracy, and outside of competitions, it's not that exciting.
  12. So, is there a canopy pilot, who is considered a good pilot, maybe even top-of-the game pilot, that doesn't have rods, plates and screws in his body left from the learning process? Is it possible for someone to become a good pilot with his bones intact? And if possible, are there any living examples? I'm just curious...