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  1. What do you think would be a reasonble price to pay for a two year old used N3 audible altimeter?
  2. I haven't reay any of the Stilletto thread. My activity here is somewhat spoty. I have a lot going on and I don't always get to catch up on this site. The Stilletto thread looks way to long for me to even start. I'd really like to hear what Brian has to say.
  3. OK so I did a search on comparing the recovery arc of a Sam vs a Sabre2 but did not have any luck. Will someone with some true knowledge please tell me how they compare. PM me if you're afraid of me being a troll. It seems yelling "troll" is the popular thing to do when someone doesn't have any information to provide. I'm just trying to learn here folks. And maybe help my freind.
  4. He's just your average guy out of college. Didn't play sports other than when he was young. He's in OK shape, nothing special. He's not over weight. He had never been in an airplane until his first jump. He made about 50 jumps and then took six months off to finish college. Started back up the first of the year. He makes about 4-5 jumps per weekend. He's been doing front riser approaches and lately some 90s to final. He seems to be turning too high for a swoop. He jumps a Sabre 2 170. His landings are OK but nothing any better than others with his numbers. He told me he wanted the Samuari because he heard he could turn lower due to a quicker plane out. I told him that's a bad idea. I don't know anything about the Samurai because no one jumps one around here. The intructor did not own or jump the canopy. I was asking because I want to know more about the canopy and maybe give this info to my freind.
  5. I was told that at one point Brian Germain would not sell a Samurai to anyone with fewer than 500 jumps. A friend of mine just bought a Samurai. He only has 100 jumps. He also downsized from 170 to 150. He was just under one-to-one on the 170. An instructor sold it to him. Does this seem OK?
  6. I have a friend who has been to Skydive Iowa but won't jump there anymore because of the dogs. He said the last time he was there he counted 11 dogs running around and none of them were on leashes. He said people would yell at them but the dogs just ignored them. They evidently have a drainage ditch nearby where several of the dogs get wet and muddy and then come near people and rub against them and shake the excess water off. He watched the airplane have to stop taxiing suddenly because a dog was running around it barking at it because the dog's owner was on the plane. Yikes................ I love dogs but I would never take mine to a drop zone.
  7. I'm going to respond to your post because it seems reasonable. I simply wanted to find out some facts about the incident. People claim they want noobies to learn but when we try then we get chastised. And the double standard for the more experienced is quite evident. I hate the word Skygod but I'm starting to understand why people tag others with it. Had this guy stated that he only had 150 jumps with a camera, he would have been pummeled. It's hypocracy at it's greatest. I was a bit surprised that no one thinks that maybe the handle puller might be in over his head with the camera and all. My family had a close friend who died after he got a premature deployment during a climb out for a linked exit years ago. Those involved believe it's because of someone who took a grip on his harness instead of the gripper like the plan called for. When you've buried someone who likely died because of someone else's mistake, you take on a perspective that most will hopefully never have. I guess I'll just let this go. No lessons to be learned here.
  8. Who cares? ... or more importantly, why do you seem to care? Why do you care why I care? A statement was made that people are judging with out all the facts. I just asked the poster for some facts. I wasn't mean about it. I wasn't accusatory about it. It was just a simple question. So why are your panties all in a bunch?
  9. So provide us with the facts. How many jumps do you have? And how many with camera?
  10. Did this happen at your DZ. Do you know these guys? If so what was the response from the dude who got cutaway?
  11. It sounds like you know who shot the video and pulled the handle. I admit it is a funny video. But all the humor aside. How many jumps does he have? And do you think it's ok for him to continue jumping with a camera? I realize he may be a friend, so we may get a less than candid answer.
  12. You may be right. How about it "Docjohn", who took the video? Do you know the guy? Is he from your DZ? And to everyone else..... considering the lack of situational awareness, should the guy who shot the video be jumping a camera?
  13. I'm going to have to agree with Sangi on this. Not one person so far, has come down on this guy for pulling this guy's cutaway handle. How do you know that the guy with 3600 hundred jumps "knows what he did wrong"? Why isn't anyone yelling for him to get rid of the camera until he has the where-with-all to focus on mutiple tasks and be safe? There seems to be a double standard by many of you. BTW: I know for a fact that I saw another video from this guy (maybe last year) (maybe youtube) where someone funneled a formation and pulled someone elses PC or reserve as he was funneling through the formation. The canopy just missed the camera. This group of jumpers (or DZ) seems to be grab happy wiith other people's gear.