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  1. For heavy smokers, it can stay in your system for up to three months. If you're just an occasional toker ...very occasional ... then generally 7-14 days. If you're interviewing for a job that will test you, go to Walgreen's and buy a UA test to check yourself. There was a story a few years ago about a disabled guy (quad) in Colorado working for Dish who had a medical license to smoke, but got randomed and subsequently fired. The firing held up under appeal, which isn't surprising given federal law.
  2. None of these are dogs, but I'll add: Queensrÿche - Operation: Mindcrime
  3. As a native Coloradan, I'm fully on board with Ryoder and Phillbo's routes - 100% on point. If your route also happens to take you through Kansas, my uncle and I accidentally found this can't miss gem in Dover, KS while my father was in the hospital in Topeka: Best pie in the United States, certified by GMA, and you'll be hard pressed to disagree. It's maybe 10 miles off the Interstate in a one-stoplight don't blink or you'll miss it rural America town. Makes my mouth water just thinking about it.
  4. Sweet Jimminy, what rocket scientist developed that shit show of an asking for a false alarm interface?
  5. Still, I'm incredibly impressed by the investigators of these fires in how often they are able to track back the cause of these massive fires. It's a science unto itself.
  6. I had never heard this story, nor seen the video. Impatient waiting for the OPs video to load, I found this on YT: Pure awesomeness!
  7. I saw a dust devil take out a small two seater (side-by-side) experimental airplane in Colorado one day. It threw the aircraft sideways, which then cartwheeled a few times before coming to rest. Pilot died, passenger had serious injuries.
  8. They will just give him his own "bridge to nowhere", some ridiculous nugget for his home state, and he'll fall in line. Politics is bribery in sheep's clothing.
  9. Also there's the fact that you've now posted this question to the interwebs, and it will never, ever truly go away. 30 years from now you'll have a legitimate claim and some dweeb at the insurance company is going to dig this up and reject your claim.
  10. These are all great comments. Another point I would make is that a coach rating has to be renewed each year for $30, plus there's getting someone to sign and verify that you've met the annual rating renewal requirements outlined in the rating manual. If you're a working coach, this all makes sense and is easy. If you're not actively coaching it begins to be a pain in the ass the second or third time you go to renew. I ultimately let mine lapse. All that said, I had a blast taking the course and learned an enormous amount.
  11. 40. Girlfriend at the time surprised me with a weekend at Ocean City and a tandem skydive Saturday morning. I was not thrilled, more terrified, but did it anyway. I loved it, GF hated it. I signed up for AFF, GF spent every weekend alone thereafter. Obviously I'm still doing one of them ...
  12. I do technology for large law firms. Three years ago the shit hit the fan when one of the firm's partners opened up a new matter to assist a Nigerian prince with a $40m money transfer. Moral of the story is that just because you're smart enough to get a Harvard law degree does not mean you're intelligent.
  13. I found a $100 bill one time after a particularly windy night.
  14. I don't use a safe by my bedside, no kids in the house. Every other lock I've seen would be just silly to use on a protection weapon, but this seems to make a lot of sense. Brilliant if the alert goes out fast enough. Too bad it's Bluetooth. If you get one please let me know what you think.
  15. My opinion - Into the Blue has the better vibe, MH has better lift capacity but at the end of the day it doesn't matter since more people go there. Both landing areas are adequate, with MH's being ginormous. Try them both. I live ~I-25/C470 and both are about the same distance for me. I personally prefer Into the Blue.