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  1. Buy a new helmet your life is worth more than the price of a new helmet
  2. give ralph hatley a call he usually has some od ball gear.
  3. squirrely in turbulence is what injured my friend. I watched from above and knew she was hurt.
  4. They have a bad rep for hurting people. A girl i knew jumped one and was badly injured and that is why they did not last long on the market. I would not jump it.
  5. I disagree replace the ripcord and housing rsl and rsl guide rings then wash the container and it would make a great first rig for a new jumper.
  6. From what i have heard parachute labs makes most of the ripcord pins for most rig manufactures. jaco metals aka parachute labs.
  7. I made 30-40 lumps on a 210 sqft hornet and it was fun to fly and was loaded 1.2:1 wing loading. The openings were usually quick but soft except for a hard opening. I pitched and instant opening but i have had far harder than that. It flies like a like a silhouette it has that thick rubbery zp fabric.
  8. Show some respect Jerry has more knowledge about the sport than you could ever have. And for the record he has jumped.
  9. USPA does not have the authority todo anything only the FAA has the authority.
  10. Seek out rigger mick i believe he is the maker of the reflex.
  11. Okay i'm not trying to be a dick but what does that have to do with this thread?