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  1. Russ was a very nice and welcoming person in El paso and a dam good jumper. Russ you will be remembered. BSBD
  2. Thats not it either Jim tyler did a chutless jump that he jumped from one plane wearing just a harness and another person jumped from another plane. Jim hooked his harness to the other jumper and when close to the ground Jim was dropped from the other jumper on about 15ft risers and they both landed together. I have the video from Norm kent and he tells what was going on. You can watch the video on Norm Kent,s film ride a cloud
  3. if you would bother to read he said the aerodyne rep told him that
  4. You need a real rigger. A rigger that puts a 20 year life span on a reserve is a rigger to run away from.
  5. your right there is no way of knowing who or if anyone jumped after i jumped. I am not trying to pick on the op just trying to keep him alive. Sorry if i made it seem if i am a know it all and knew everything that happened in the plane just that i could tell you if anybody jumped before me is all. so for that i am sorry.
  6. it does not matter if you are belly flying or any other flying you should know what is going on in the plane. Even on my first jump i was aware of everything going on around me in the plane. you think i am not trying to help? i am most certainly trying to keep you alive. and you have not answered my questions how many jumps and why did you have to go to another dz? like i said in my last post i am not trying to be mean. be honest and answer my questions.
  7. How can you not be aware that other people have or have not jumped? I am not trying to be mean but you seem to have no clue as to how bad your decisions are. You said this is a new dz? I am very suspicious that you have been in trouble for bad decisions before at your old dz. I would bet on that and yet here you are in trouble again. There are reasons for lights on a plane for telling jumpers when it is safe to jump. How many jumps do you have and be honest. The way you have responded to a few posters is very confrontational and i get the idea that you think you know everything and you don,t. once again i am not trying to be mean i just don,t want to read another fatality report because of someone,s arrogance.
  8. ck needs to be strung up by the neck for disrespecting the flag and the veterans that died so a piece of shi? ck can act like duche.
  9. call the manufacture and get the right answer instead of following advice of joe jackass on
  10. This is a wings and why i would not own one
  11. skyderrill66


    only when it comes to protecting the sport i love. This thread in no way threatens skydiving. Get over yourself. Ok i will get over myself. i will be reading your incident report on you bouncing because you were high on drugs. moron