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  1. I made 30-40 lumps on a 210 sqft hornet and it was fun to fly and was loaded 1.2:1 wing loading. The openings were usually quick but soft except for a hard opening. I pitched and instant opening but i have had far harder than that. It flies like a like a silhouette it has that thick rubbery zp fabric.
  2. Show some respect Jerry has more knowledge about the sport than you could ever have. And for the record he has jumped.
  3. USPA does not have the authority todo anything only the FAA has the authority.
  4. Seek out rigger mick i believe he is the maker of the reflex.
  5. Okay i'm not trying to be a dick but what does that have to do with this thread?
  6. Why are you refusing to answer what the metal object falling out of the container is. Like i said you obviously have a bone to pick with Aerodyne.
  7. This was not directed at you it is directed at carrier louis paul
  8. You obviously have a bone to pick with aerodyne
  9. I give up there is no reasoning with you. You continue to argue and only see what you want. Go ahead and do what you want as no one can get through to you and you have all the answers. You know you are not only endangering your life but possibly the life of others if you skydive with a shoulder injury. With your attitude to defy what great advice others have given you will likely be on the incidents board. I hope not. Good luck and be smart.
  10. You are missing the whole point. If you wait 3 to 5 years and get your degree and don't have to worry about loan payments you will have the skydiving world in your hands. The money you don't have to pay for tuition can go to skydiving. You are not quitting anything you are setting yourself up for a much nicer life than if you have lots of bills
  11. You have an answer for everything don't you? You have an injured shoulder and yet you are trying to get back before you have healed completely. You need to step back and look at your situation. The tuition for college is likely well over 100k and you have the opportunity to get a free college education by simply not skydiving for 3 years. Take the 3 year's and heal. I wouldn't go to any dz in the mean time and get tempted. Study work and save your money. By the time you graduate school you will have money for gear and skydivers. Go to a physical therapist and find out how to strengthen your shoulder . 3 year's may seem like a long time but it will be over and you will have an amazing degree and future