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  1. skyderrill66

    Bought a new container and reserve

    You need a real rigger. A rigger that puts a 20 year life span on a reserve is a rigger to run away from.
  2. skyderrill66

    AFF Level 1 with one instructor?

    And they are the face of safety
  3. skyderrill66

    Wings Vision This is a wings and why i would not own one
  4. skyderrill66

    Video: Pilot Chute in Tow on your Reserve?

    The pilot chute mainly. I know Henry(sunrise rigging) builds a good solid system. I just have zero confidence in the pilot chute otherwise a great system.
  5. skyderrill66

    Video: Pilot Chute in Tow on your Reserve?

    unless you have a death wish or your a total moron. Wings website quote: I pack them often and would jump one any day. I am not a moron. You should not buy gear you do not feel confident in. sorry and you are right i would not jump one as i have zero confidence in a wings.
  6. skyderrill66

    Video: Pilot Chute in Tow on your Reserve?

    unless you have a death wish or your a total moron.
  7. skyderrill66

    Mr. Douglas needs you jumper's support !

    no Mark sold mr D to the Mr Douglas Society a non profit org to restore mr d to back to his former glory. Mr D was sold for a dollar.
  8. skyderrill66

    Good skydiving songs

    rare earth freak brother aka(big brother)
  9. skyderrill66

    Cheapest DZ in the dallas area

    "and always watch the horizon" Batter make sure the laundry is packed (or folded properly)
  11. skyderrill66

    m2 AAD? Worth it, or go with a different brand?

    I would be afraid to buy one and end up with a$1,000 paper weight like the argus. i would only consider something that has been around and is proven and accepted. I know SD arizona wont let the argus on their aircraft and i am sure their are more dz,s that won,t allow them. It would suck to go to a new dz for a big boogie or just to have fun and be told you can,t jump because you have brand x aad in your rig.
  12. skyderrill66

    Any SAFE full-face helmets out there?

    I was not trying to jump down your throat.Sorry it came out the wrong way. I just dont want to see another brother/sister skydiver injured or worse from doing to much to soon. BlueSkies Derrill