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  1. Might be a bit premature to pop the cork considering numerous states are reintroducing lockdown measures.
  2. tonyhays


    57,236 per worldometer.
  3. tonyhays


    "You have to carry him to term"
  4. tonyhays


    Exponential growth back in the equation, and its hitting the south, the diabetes/obesity capital. The death toll is going to go through the roof
  5. tonyhays


    33,539 new cases today according to worldometer. The virus clearly didn't get the Trump/Pence memo. Edit: syntax
  6. Burnout is a cunt of a feeling. In my 15+ years of doing this full time(year round, I followed the summer over the globe) I've had it hit more than once. On one occassion it was so bad I took six months off, had no job, and lived with my parents. Another occassion I flat out refused to do anymore AFF(I kept getting all the problem students 'cause for some reason people thought I was good at it). Other times it's workplace politics. Even if you get over this, be prepared for it to happen it again. Maybe for the same reason, maybe something else. And above all else, don't worry about walking away, even if it's only for a small time. The sport will be waiting for you if/when you come back. I started working in the sport doing tandem vids at around the 250 jump mark. From jump 1000 on it's been over 95% work jumps. Looking back I'm amazed that I've lasted this long, but I've been blessed to work at good dropzones with fucking amazing people. No one needs to work as much as you are doing. As a wise man from Skydive New England once told me(here's looking at your Mr. Pot).."even porn stars get tired of fucking everyday" edit: der spelling
  7. What's ironic about it? The "good book" promotes it.
  8. Only 25,000+ new infections. On a Saturday.
  9.’s douchebag
  10. "It's better to burn out then fade away"
  11. 30,000+ infections last time worldometer updated. They had Michigan numbers in the 5000+ range until it kicked over then it disappeared altogether, then it went down to 25000+. It's going up, surprising no one with two pieces of grey matter to rub together. As I've said before, wait for it. It's going to get so much worse.
  12. Sadly, no. Just regurgitating comedy. Speaking of which... Gravy seals Vanilla Isis Yokel Haram Talibundy Yeehawdists