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  1. tonyhays

    Skydiving With Full Detures

    I've taken a lady on a jump that lost her upper set five seconds out the door. At the time I had no idea what had just flown past my head. Upon opening she informed me what had happened, I replied "If you told me you had them before you jumped I would have said keep your mouth shut" The next day the cops arrive. The GM called me asking what the hell happened, after I told the story he just laughed. I can only assume a police report was needed for insurance purposes???
  2. Tandem Refunds * Please bring a valid photo ID with you. * Deposits are refundable until 24 hours before your jump. Cancellations within 24 hours will forfeit the deposit. * Persons that attend Tandem One class and decide not to skydive immediately following classroom training and prior to boarding aircraft will receive a full refund minus $50.00. * Once on the airplane, no refunds or transfers are available. * No refunds on Rain Checks, but they are transferable minus a $50 transfer fee. * Tandem Level 1 and 2 jumps are transferable (minus $50 fee) but nonrefundable. * No refunds or transfers on $99 tandem (second tandem purchased the day your first jump is made). * Gift certificates are transferable, but nonrefundable. * Video and photos are nonrefundable. * No double coupons. Bold emphasis mine. It implies that a refund is available if you don't board the airplane. Looks to me like the customer can dispute this with his CC company, if he paid that way.
  3. tonyhays

    No backstrap on tandem student harness.

    You could argue statistics....with the older style harness, zero people have fallen out of them. With the new style, aka back-straps, two people have fallen out.
  4. tonyhays

    Do you jump a full-face on tandems?

    Yep, I wear a factory diver with the visor removed and don't have any problems with it. Occasionally the student can bump his head on the chin part but so far it's been pretty rare. It's a nice helmet to wear when it's extremely cold, OTOH it isn't so nice when it's a 100 degrees out.
  5. tonyhays

    Camera work in Australia

    I was there a couple of months ago..Sydney Skydivers (picton) went to all hand-cam, Simply Skydive (penrith) openly advertises for nothing but hand-cam. Wollongong was doing the same. Try "Just Jump Skydiving" in Hunter Valley...they advertise an outside cameraman will video the experience. could just do tandems!!