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  1. Both suits I've had needed additional alterations done, even being measured by a dealer. Ask folks at your DZ how their experience has been sending suits back for changes. One company took a week(BevSuits, and they are very nice FS suits) and the other took 6 weeks. I won't trash the other company here for what may have been an isolated customer service experience but I'm really happy with my BevSuit and the experience working with them.
  2. Brian, Would regular spray silicone lubricant on a cloth work the same as what you are showing? Thanks!
  3. I made the mistake of throwing the weights at the bottom of my bag once, it made them have to look at everything in my pack and took quite a while. I'd make sure that they are in the belt or in their own bag as they'll have to swipe it all down.
  4. Your dog is likely reacting out of fear. He thinks it's his job to protect you from the giant things he's never seen before. You can condition him to change his reaction but you are going to have to put a lot of hours into it, starting with letting him see canopies from way off, and rewarding when he chooses to look away. Then you get a little closer and start over. This book goes into quite a bit of detail and I can tell you from experience that it works. http://www.amazon.com/Behavior-Adjustment-Training-Frustration-Aggression/dp/1617810509 All that said, I'd personally keep my dog away from the DZ for all the reasons others have stated, plus the fact it's likely going to be more of a challenge than fun for him.
  5. I just bought a Safire 2 from them about 2 months ago and the total import/duty taxes I owed C.O.D. was $38.
  6. I found the tunnel to help a lot during my A license training. Make sure you have a coach in there that knows your objectives and can help correct body position issues on the spot.
  7. Since I started skydiving I've gone from a more gym based workout to more yoga. Flexibility, especially in the hips and back, is pretty important to good body position. A long day of jumping and packing is more about stamina than strength so running, cycling, hiking, anything that keeps your endurance up will be helpful.
  8. I ordered a new Infinity last summer. They said 8 weeks and that's exactly how long it took.
  9. I do it all the time with polarized sunglasses without issue. I pop the visor open under canopy so they don't fog up.
  10. I did the same as you, with that video and another by Nick Grillet. After about 5 really frustrating practice pack jobs at home, I asked an instructor to do a 1:1 session with me (helps to be generous with some beer money on this one). After that it got way easier.
  11. Put the rig into a rigsleeve or a backpack and carry it on. You can still have another small bag if it fits under the seat in front of you.
  12. I use a Rigsleave that I ordered from ChutingStar, it encloses the rig and covers the handles. I've both worn the rig while riding and strapped it down. It definitely can get uncomfortable wearing it for an hour, but it works.
  13. randyb

    Cookie G3

    I wear a medium in every other kind of helmet I've ever bought (mostly motorcycle) but the G3 chart put me in an XL. I couldn't believe it so ordered a Large...ended up having to return it for the XL, which fits perfectly. Your mileage may vary but that was my experience.
  14. Thanks all. I'm on the list to demo a 188 zpx.
  15. According to the infinity canopy compatibility chart, you have to go a size up from the I45 to fit the Pilot 188 but can use a Spectre/Safire/Sabre 190. I'd like to consider the Pilot 188 to put in this container and wondering if anyone has done it and how it's worked. I-45 397 ci Sabre 190, Safire 189, Spectre 190, Fusion 190, Pilot 168 I-46 425 ci Sabre 210, Safire 209, Spectre 210, Fusion 210, Pilot 188