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  1. I just missed a great opportunity above to say "blew this discussion straight to hell." But then the question would be about hell...............?
  2. I enjoyed the first couple of pages of this thread. Didn't take long for the same people to blow a good discussion out of the water.
  3. Depends on what you mean by "take money from my IRA." You cannot if you wish to keep the funds qualified as tax deferred. But you can if you wish to take the money out of the IRA, pay taxes and penalties, then invest in your own company.
  4. "That allowed investigators to collect evidence to conduct a DNA profile." Talk about a shitty job.................................I'm sorry, I just couldn't resist.
  5. If your there Friday afternoon or before 4:00PM Saturday, just ask for Jeff Kalous (I am better known as "Don't screw it up Jeff) and I'll introduce you around to the fliers with your skill level. Looking forward to meeting you Jeff
  6. Got to tell you, I went thru the same thing. I think what helped me the most was to get really, REALLY familiar with my gear, take your time packing, understand the safety features like your RSL, AAD etc etc and understand and PRACTICE PRACTICE PRACTICE your emergency procedures and when to use them. Become so confident that if/WHEN something does go wrong that YOU are prepared to execute the moves YOU have to save your own life. As for how many jumps before the apprehension goes away, mine was probably around 50. BUT, I don't think it all ever goes away. Example, my last jump was late September of 2016, I live in Eastern Washington and the DZ closes down for the winter. I haven't had the opportunity to travel to an area where I could jump this winter (Damn life gets in the way a lot). And I won't have the opportunity to jump again until late this month at the earliest. I am not ashamed to tell you the butterfly's are beginning to "stir" again. I believe it to be normal, but I still laugh at myself because of those nagging butterfly's. I have around 150 jumps and the first one this year will be about like the 30th jump I ever did:). Still will be on point until the moment I'm "flying" again. You are normal:) I think!!!!!
  7. OK, not my story, but my brother-in-law's (he is a farmer). Always wanting to help out the local high school kids during the summer months, Bill would hire kids "who could use the work and some extra money." First day on the job for a kid and Bill tells him to dig ditches a "foot" deep from the head water (small irrigation canal) to the irrigation ditches between the rows of grapes. These ditches will be used all summer long and need to be a "foot" deep and about the width of the shovel.................. Bill leaves the kid and tells him he will be back to pick him up for lunch (figuring that would be just about enough time to complete the job. Bill shows back up at lunch time to find the new help setting under an apple tree. Bill is happy to see that "if the kid is setting down relaxing, the job must be done." Bill walks over to him and notices all of the ditches are only about 3, maybe 4 inches deep. He starts to question the kid with why aren't all of the ditches a foot deep? HONEST TO GOD, Bill said the kid never said a word, just looked down at the ditch right next to him and stepped in it.............sure as shit, just deep enough to get his foot in it without any of the top of his tennis shoe showing at ground level. Bill just turned and walked back to his pick up, with the new hired hand, and went to lunch.....................figured it was his fault for not recognizing there could be a communication problem with this young man.
  8. OMG!!!!! You really can't find a (humorous) ray of sunshine thru all of those dark clouds that seem to follow you around all day???
  9. You people can go round and round about this all day/week/month/year if you want!!!!!!!!!! You are all missing the most important thing of this debacle of an election!!!!!!!!!! LOOK AT THE NEW FIRST LADY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! DAMN!!!!!!!!!!
  10. I just cross my eyes, put my fake buck teeth in, and ask them if they know where I can get some drugs!!!!!!!!!
  11. I'm the only one that doesn't think I'm an asshole:)
  12. The left side......................I'm left handed...................you figure it out:)
  13. I am looking forward to the whole thing being over and not having to listen/see the crap being spread on TV, Print, Dropzone.com, etc.. We, the people, of the United States of America are screwed no matter how it turns out. But I digress, I think the comics of the world will have a hay day of fun with either one of the scum running. Sorry, I think I just offended a shit load of people by crapping on both of the scum.....................dammit, I did it again. Back to the cave for me:(
  14. I'm embarrassed, but I have to ask also:(
  15. Not just the BMW. I have 3 other vehicles on his "Jerk list." And only two on the "Good" list. I just can't catch a break today. I'm going to take a beating on trading all of my Jerk cars in for Non-Jerk cars. I don't want Kallend to be upset.