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  1. Que Tom Petty: "The waiting is the hardest part . . ." Thanks for all of your replies folks! What could possibly go wrong?
  2. Silliest thing I've ever seen in the sport. But it looks good on you! What could possibly go wrong?
  3. Thanks. I didn't realize that they listed the current wait time estimates. Mine says 6-8 weeks. Ill keep my fingers crossed. What could possibly go wrong?
  4. No promises were made. I'm hoping for ~ 2 months, but I can imagine that it takes a lot of time to hand manufacture and test a custom rig and realize that at different times of the year they're bound to have more or less in the queue in front of mine. I'd rather not say which I ordered - I'm just curious. and don't want to influence the manufacturer of my gear in any way. Thanks for your reply BleuCiel. What could possibly go wrong?
  5. I've just ordered a new rig and I'm curious. How long did it take for your rig to be delivered after you ordered it? Please list the manufacturer and model as well as the year you got it. Thanks! What could possibly go wrong?
  6. crwslut

    The Legend of Roger Nelson

    Kindle edition is available now - on sale for ~$3.
  7. "I believe!" What could possibly go wrong?
  8. Absolutely correct. Especially in larger formations like diamonds etc. What could possibly go wrong?
  9. >Position yourself ahead of and below the base >and let it come to you after it builds NEVER fly in front of a CRW formation. If you are slightly below your burble will affect the formation, and you will not be able to see them well enough to avoid causing a wrap when they catch you. Instead, anticipate that any stack formation of 4 or more will be descending. Position yourself slightly below and behind the formation, and it will come down to you. If it is out-driving you, it will also be out-sinking you and you will rise in relative position to the formation. You can use smooth front riser input to catch it while moving downward. If you just need to sink lower but not move forward, you can "warp" your canopy by smoothly pulling one side front riser while gently applying the brake on the other side. This will decrease the performance of the canopy and it will sink. (I recommend practicing this technique on a seperate jump by setting up next to a buddy, then gently warping and observing what occurs in relation to your input.) What could possibly go wrong?
  10. BSBD brother. I highly recommend saving up for and attending a Mike Lewis or Jim Rasmussen CRW camp. Or jump with Wendy. This investment will not only quickly improve your skills exponentially, but will help you to survive your transition to the dark side. Welcome to the CReW! What could possibly go wrong?
  11. Although I don't know him, the picture of him in the article shows him in a Wings rig, so I assume that he was a skydiver. "BROOKSVILLE -- Someone outside the bar heard a sputtering sound followed by a crash. He ran inside to tell everyone. A group of them stood in the parking lot and watched the black smoke rise higher into the sky. Bob Villari immediately hopped into his vehicle and drove north along Anderson Snow Road. He parked as close as he could to the crash site. A Hernando County Sheriff's deputy arrived almost simultaneously. Both he and Villari walked into the woods about 50 feet. The grass was on fire, he said. The smell of fuel was palpable. Both men could see the red and white fuselage. An explosion followed. "I felt the heat," said Villari. "It was a big pop … The flames shot up in the air." Both men walked backward. Moments later they heard a second explosion. Deputies eventually sealed off the area and told the arriving spectators to go somewhere else, Villari said. The pilot, Scott T. Tezak, of Minooka, Ill., was killed, deputies said. His 2010 Czech, Piper Sport single-engine aircraft crashed within a mile of the Suncoast Parkway north of County Line Road, according to the sheriff's office. The plane went down shortly before 11:30 p.m. Friday. Villari was with his girlfriend, singer Rusty Vitagliano, who had just finished her set at the nearby Spring Hill VFW Post 10209. Vitagliano's performing partner was outside loading equipment into a van when he heard the aircraft falling from the sky, Vitagliano said. Based on the sounds and the way the aircraft was falling, he assumed it was a helicopter. "We all went outside, looked up at the sky and saw the black smoke," she said. The sky was dark, but they could see the smoke because of the reflection from the lights along the highway and nearby park. Someone later noticed piles of debris along the front lawn of the VFW building. Vitagliano said she saw a large plastic bag filled with the pilot's personal belongings – a change of clothes, a pillow, a pair of shoes, etc. A flight pattern booklet also was found near the bag, she said. Villari, who by that time had driven to the scene of the accident, called his girlfriend on his cell phone. She told him what she found. More deputies arrived and put up a strip of yellow tape around the area of the VFW building. They collected the bag and all of its contents. "We kind of figured he had jumped out," Vitagliano said of the pilot. "It looked like he had tossed out all of his things before he jumped." Hernando County Commissioner Dave Russell, who flies planes in and out of the nearby Hernando County Airport, said he drove as close to the scene as he could Saturday morning. He said he spoke to at least one deputy, who told him the body of the pilot was discovered roughly three quarters of a mile from where the plane crashed. Sgt. Donna Black, a sheriff's spokeswoman, sent a media release Saturday afternoon confirming Tezak's body was discovered in the road in the 2200 block of nearby Fairview Road. "The pilot actually landed on his feet," said Russell. "It's obvious it was an intentional bail-out." Other clues at or near the accident site also indicated the aircraft had malfunctioned. There was a strip of debris leading up to where the plane had crashed, said Russell. "It almost looked like it came apart in flight," he said. Black said the 24-year-old pilot had flown Friday night to Fort Myers. A couple hours later, he took flight again so he could return home. The plane was in a "flat spin" and apparently had lost a wing before it went down, said Russell. Deputies and Hernando County firefighters had most of Anderson Snow Road blocked Saturday morning and afternoon. Traffic was redirected north along Spring Hill Drive and south near Edward Noll Drive. Deputies were driving to and from the crash site using all-terrain vehicles throughout the morning. None agreed to speak to the media. Black said her agency was maintaining the scene and referred all additional questions to the National Transportation Safety Board. She also said the Federal Aviation Administration also was assisting in the investigation. A message left with an NTSB spokesman in Washington D.C. was not immediately returned Saturday." What could possibly go wrong?
  12. If you attend any of the Mike Lewis seminars or boogies - usually in Florida but all over the world at times - you will be guaranteed to get the safest and best learning environment for CRW offered anywhere. Mike is one of the most experienced CRWdawgs in the world, and an excellent teacher. Safety is always top of his list, and he carefully debriefs each jump with video to help you learn. Highly recommended. The boogies are always well attended, so you'll be on big ways before you know it. What could possibly go wrong?
  13. Paolin is such a studly man! What could possibly go wrong?
  14. Many of us have taken Lightnings to terminal with D-bags and mesh sliders during the CF records. 8 to 10 second delays were common. I strongly recommend against this practice. But if you must, be sure to roll and tuck the nose etc. and be in a good position (i.e. sitting up) just in case you do get kissed by the Goddess of Whack. What could possibly go wrong?
  15. You are correct. I (and my previous post) stand corrected. Here's the straight dope from "PD's Sequential line set trim: Line lengths for the given sizes are listed in the chart below. Canopy Line Size Length (feet) 113 8 126 8 1/2 143 9 160 9 1/2 176 10 193 10 1/2 218 11 " What could possibly go wrong?