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    Alan Homstead

    Al was also one of the survivors of the Great Lake Erie Tragedy jump. He was onboard the plane but elected not to jump. Good decision Al!
  2. deadwood

    Alan Homstead

    Al passed away on Jan 8th 2019 at 4:01 AM at the age of 83 Al was one of the sport's pioneers and started jumping in the late 50's. He was a fighter pilot in Vietnam with over 300 combat sorties in the F-4, 1000 hours aircraft commander in the C-130 and spent 16 years as a crop duster pilot. He was Chief Pilot at the National Parachuting Championships and started the jump school at the Air Force academy. He was also an aircraft mechanic and avid motorcyclist and we made several long-distance motorcycle trips together. I'll miss you my friend. BSBD He who hesitates shall inherit the earth. Deadwood Skydive New Mexico Motorcycle Club, Touring Division
  3. deadwood

    PG Cutaway System

    Why not just unhook your PG harness and roll out of it? I've seen it done a few times.
  4. deadwood

    Tandem main canopy open at 9,000ft

    What type of rig?
  5. deadwood

    Moyes handglider

    Do you know who made the canopy?
  6. deadwood

    Singer 7-33

    Table or no table? For reference, I picked up a nice Consew 733 with a reverse and a large table for $2000 last year.
  7. deadwood

    Stolen Gear

    QuoteIt was a Flik 266, gold with black, Multi and V-Tec With multiple patches, I might add.
  8. deadwood

    N.C. government auction sewing machine class 7

    careful, the codition code indicates it needs repair.