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  1. Which it may be, in very rough terms, ....for a main parachute, including typical operational factors that don't involve the design itself. Reserve parachutes are probably an order of magnitude more reliable. At least that, I hope. Reserves don't get packed in 5 minutes before the next load, with lines with 800 jumps on them, so there are operational reasons for improved reliability. That's in addition to the much more conservative design than used for the faster main parachutes. That still doesn't get to the one in a billion you were talking about, but whatever the stats are, it is regarded as safe enough. Especially when there are so many more ways to die, so many more things to watch out for, that failed reserves are a tiny, tiny fraction of all skydiving fatalities. That makes sense. Thanks!
  2. Thanks Jeff! I was not even aware this kind of design existed.. I can imagine how challenging it would be to operate them in the right sequence in an emergency. Certainly don't want to cutaway reserve #1 when the main fails The belly design however, has always been around, so that is why I asked about it. I am certain using that requires special training too, but in my opinion it could be worth it. But that's just me.
  3. Hi all, I am new to skydiving and this might be a silly question.. Why don't skydivers usually carry a second reserve, like the belly mounted kind those test jumpers use when doing intentional cutaway demonstrations? If the fail rate of a parachute is 1/1000, then the chance of all 3 failing would be one out of a billion, which I think is minimal. Wouldn't that make us more comfortable? I know I sound a bit paranoid here thinking about double malfunctions but I think having a 3rd parachute would give me more confidence in the case of a necessary cutaway.. Is it that the altitude would not allow the use of a second reserve, or is it the belly mount being really cumbersome, that prevents its widespread use? And btw I don't think the fear of being called a wussy is a valid reason for not considering this practice