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  1. There are several series 2 tivos with lifetime currently on Ebay. I have had my series 2 going on 8 years. I love it.
  2. Lisa Thank you for providing a positive influence in the sport. you probably don't remember me but I was greatly influenced by you as a new jumper years ago. http://flic.kr/p/kgroY
  3. Damn, I like the way you roll
  4. Closing loops are cheap and plentiful, and should be inspected on EVERY pack job for chafe and proper closing tension. I don't see the value in doubling them and possibly adding risk of a container lock.
  5. Simply put, we are a dumping ground for Mexico's social issues they will not deal with themselves.
  6. It might go away, it may not. It may be best to try to condition yourself to disorienting situations another way and see what happens. Spending time on carnival rides would be cheaper than stepping up for AFF only to find out the nausea is with you to stay. Or, just get used to throwing up a lot.
  7. dunesurfer

    Sit Fly Suit

    Evo's suggestion works well for me, exposing less thigh to the relative wind. Or fly yourself in an "X" form using the distance between your feet to regulate speed.
  8. Get in contact with the "Dealer Principal", the individual that owns the dealer. You may get further than speaking to a Service Manager or General Manager of the dealer. Damaging the ABS in a vehicle mod could be construed as a safety concern. Said dealer could be liable in event of a collision.
  9. Enjoy your mushrooms AFTER you skydive, not before
  10. I keep telling you I don't swing that way. No means no!
  11. Don't waste your money. Although the envrionmental symbolisim throught was good for a laugh. "You Deserve This"
  12. The anxiety and fear you feel is a normal response to your body shifting into "fight or flight" mode. Your response will evntually be retrained through the process of completing successful, exhilirating jumps. Your "learned" response to this state will eventually be arousal instead of panic. The amount of time this will take is different for everyone. As you gain confidence in your abilities and in your gear you will enjoy the experience more and the anxiety level will diminish. Visualisation of successful jumps and relaxation techinques before and during the ride up will help with the process. Different things work for different people, this is something you will want to experiment with and see what suits you best.
  13. I can't make it any of the days listed. Guess I will have to be satisifed with what you can find out and share with us
  14. LOGIN CUBES L can be made into CLUES IN BLOG Performance designs webpage has a blog with an article about one of their employees. All the crossword answers are in the article. I havent figured out the meaning of the riddle, but below that you find 34.7924 -81.189 It is the coords for Skydive Carolina